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Project • By SpY StudioUrban Green Spaces


Natural grass circle of 70m of diameter installed in the center of Madrid's Plaza Mayor. 400th Anniversary of Madrid's Plaza Mayor. Ruben P Bescos The main idea of this Project is as simple as recognizable. It consists of a 70 meter natural grass circle (3500 square meters in total) located in the center of the Plaza Mayor (Madrid) commemorating its 4th centenary. Ruben P Bescos Given the simplicity of such Project, both locals and tourists were immediately surprised by the decontextualisation of the Plaza and the invitation to new ways to feel pleasantly and comfortably embraced. Ruben P Bescos Over 200 thousand people enjoyed this artistic offer, along the 4 days that it lasted, that was also echoed by the most relevant... More

Project • By SpY StudioExhibitions


“REFLECTION” Action and effect of reflecting.  or Action and effect of reflecting or being reflected. “Reflection” comes from Latin. reflexus 'action of moving back', ‘withdrawal'. but also; Action that occurs involuntarily in response to a stimulus.    Ruben P Bescos In “REFLECTION”, SpY makes use of such common elements of street furniture as convex traffic mirrors that are used in surveillance and security, to present this hypnotic kinetic sculpture in movement. Ruben P Bescos Made up of 20 convex traffic mirrors, this kinetic sculpture generates a replicated universe that evolves with the different variations of movement and position of the spectators through reflectio... More

NewsNews • 19 Jan 2022

Center for Maine Contemporary Art engages in a dialogue with the urban realm while recalling an industrial seacoast past

Located in the City of Rockford, the new Center for Maine Contemporary Art (CMCA) by Toshiko Mori Architect is a mixed-use complex of galleries, public space, and educational spaces that aims to provide a larger platform for contemporary art dialog in the city. The new location completes a cultural triangle comprising the Farnsworth Art Museum and the Strand theatre.  Iwan Baan With refined detailing and precise control of proportions, the overall form and materiality of the building recall Rockland’s industrial seacoast past. Iwan Baan Entering the building through a courtyard, the building’s proportions echo that of a large two-storey gallery space complete with sawtooth skylights. By connecting the exterior c... More

Project • By SpY StudioExhibitions


A luminous red sphere caged inside a structure In “Tierra”, SpY presents an artistic project made up of a luminous red sphere caged inside a cube-shaped structure, constructed with the type of scaffolding normally used on building sites. These 2 simple geometric elements (sphere and cube) form a large-scale construction which stands almost 25 metres high and has been installed in Plaza de Colón in Madrid. Ruben PBescos This powerful visual statement is accompanied by a bright red light emanating from inside the sphere, from which one can almost feel the heat transmitted by the concept of the work. In this work, SpY asks us to reflect on the way in which our home makes up a whole of which we form part, and in whic... More

NewsNews • 14 Oct 2021

Christo realizes the vision of a wrapped L’Arc de Triomphe

As part of a temporary exhibition for the City of Paris in the Fall of 2021, Christo & Jeanne-Claude wrapped the Arc de Triomphe in 25,000 square meters of a silvery blue recyclable polypropylene fabric. The stunning wrapping was tied with 3,000 meters of red rope. Yohan Zerdoun After their initial meeting in Paris in 1961, Christo and Jeanne-Claude began their creation of art work in public spaces. The Arc de Triomphe has long been an attraction for the pair, with earlier works including a photomontage of the Arc de Triomphe wrapped and, in 1988, a collage. After 60 years, initial visions were realized. Yohan Zerdoun Throughout the construction and duration of the installation, the Eternal Flame, situated in front of the To... More

NewsNews • 7 Apr 2021

POAL Car Handling Facility doubles as a blank canvas for local and international artists

In Auckland, New Zealand,  the POAL Car Handling Facility is a functional piece of architecture designed to maximize port operations efficiency while engaging with the public as a canvas for large-scale contemporary art display. Designed by Plus Architecture, the recently opened building is set to become a home for large scale installations in the years to come. Simon Devitt The Port of Auckland forms the backbone of freight logistics and transport for most of New Zealand’s Upper Island. This 35,000 square meter, 5-storey project greatly improves car capacity and movement at the port, reducing the amount of space taken up by imported vehicles on the harbour by stacking vehicles vertically. Simon Devitt Beyond its imme... More

NewsNews • 23 Sep 2020

Camille Walala transforms East London street into vibrant public artwork

In a transformation of an entire East London Street, renowned artist Camille Walala has teamed up with art collective Wood Street Walls to introduce one of London’s largest-scale public art projects to the streets of East London.  Credit: Tim Crocker Community funded, the work entitled ‘Walala Parade’ adds colour as well as as a spirit of joy and creativity to an otherwise dull and pedestrian East London high street. In addition, the project aims to be fully accessible and engaging to the public it serves. In fact, Londoners shaped the final design by voting for their favourite scheme online before it was painted. Credit: Tim Crocker Walala is well known for her work in transforming urban environments arou... More

Project • By CROXSculptures

Ship Smoke

“ Engine is roaring, ship starts to vibrate, and sail swells out in the wind. Ship smoke · curl upwards. Adventure is going to start! ”   Ship Smoke is selected for Harbor City’s Worldwide Public Art design competition. The jury concludes Jean de Loisy, director of the Palais de Tokyo Museum, Andrea Schlieker, director of commissions and special projects at White Cube, independent curator Fang Zhenning, art director Fram Kitagawa, government recommended experts and client’s representatives. Ultimately, 17 out of 500 artworks were officially selected to be made and located on the Shanghai Lujiazui Harbor City street in 2020.   Currently, under the globalization situation, we wish each place... More

Project • By Walala Studio (Camille Walala)Streets

Walala Parade

Camille Walala transforms East London high street into vibrant public artwork - Community-led £40K crowdfunding campaign backed by Mayor of London- Camille Walala to enliven East London high street and boost local community- Londoners vote on final design   This summer, as the capital starts to get back on its feet after lockdown, internationally renowned artist Camille Walala and art collective Wood Street Walls have teamed up to create one of London’s largest-scale public art projects – the transformation of an entire East London street.   The artist’s first community-funded project, ‘Walala Parade’ unleashes an explosion of colour, creativity and joy on an otherwise grey and unremarkable... More

NewsNews • 6 Sep 2020

TAOA Architects explore the intersection of art and architecture with ‘Void Garden’

Part of the ‘Expanded Theater/2020 First Public Art Exhibition in Nanhai,’ TAOA Architects explore the intersection of art and architecture with their space installation entitled ‘Void Garden.’ According to the curator of the exhibition, each contributor was asked to create a public art installation that engages participation from the audience. Credit: Tao Lei Located at the edge of dense forest in the city park of Foshan (China), the proposal from TAOA is a single space – void except for water and air. The architects explain that in a relaxed state, viewers will experience a different world from within the installation’s freeform walls, one of rhythm and space decomposed to the most basic elements.... More

Project • By TAOAExhibitions

Void Garden

This is a space installation of outdoor public art group exhibition, which is exhibited in "Expanded Theater /2020 First Public Art Exhibition in Nanhai". As the only participating architect in this exhibition, TAOA first tried to cooperate with artist Wu Didi in public art projects.According to the outdoor environment specified by the curator, each creator need to create a public art that can be participated by the audience.The whole project has only eight days to complete the construction on site, and the construction cost and all expenses must be controlled within 160,000 yuan.   Design starts from the specific environment. As the largest city park in Foshan, Qiandeng Lake Park is an important leisure place for Foshan citizens. Th... More

Project • By MASK ArchitectsArt Galleries

Hole Zero + Timeless Kinetic Art Sculpture

Mask Architects developed a proposal for a public artwork to be located in Nuevo Polanco, Mexico City " Hole Zero + Timeless Kinetic Art Sculpture" has been selected one of 5 finalists among  340 international projects and Artist for MassivArt and MIRA  investment and real estate development company in Mexico.  Designed by Öznur Pınar ÇER, Danilo PETTA " Hole Zero + Timeless Kinetic Art Sculpture" is the first spiral interactive movement and rotated lattice loop structure in the world which has filled easily controlled rotatable kinetic art panels by human movements where human are interactive and environmental data according to the location of the structure on the site. Inspired by spacetime curving/bending whic... More

Project • By HMA2 ArchitectsUniversities

American University of Central Asia (AUCA)

A new college campus for AUCA breaks new ground in designing college spaces and in transforming Kyrgyzstan, a former Soviet republic. The design nods to liberal arts colleges of America while integrating the colors, patterns and hospitality of Kyrgyz nomadic culture. Like the indigenous yurt, the large academic building is a multi-use and flexible structure for learning, dining, gathering and playing. The dense weave of interior spaces aims to spark spontaneous and creative interactions, and takes extra advantage of every square meter. Framed between the architecture and mountains the welcoming entry quad recalls both the historic campus at the University of Virginia and the tree lined parks of Bishkek. A sustainable geothermal system utili... More

Project • By penda chinaApartments

Life Island

Penda China’s New Work “Life Island”: A Dream Mansion between Mountain and Sea The isolation to curb the COVID-19 epidemic has confined us quietly at home for quite some time, allowing us to rethink the relationship between life, living space and nature. Here we present a design proposal for a residential development which may hopefully trigger off some new ideas about our future home.   Life Island is located in Shenzhen,overlooking Hong Kong across the sea. As a major gateway adjacent to Shenzhen Bay Bridge and the cruise homeport anda key node on the urban development axis of Shenzhen, it represents unlimited potential for future development.  The site backs onto few Mountains, enjoying an unblocked view o... More

Project • By ayami takada architectsParks/Gardens

Zo-no-hana Symphony

Using the paint (photochromic paint, retroreflective paint, and luminous paint), which changes its appearance depending on the environment and time of day due to the chemical reaction, we demonstrate the future of Zo-no-hana that changes with the passage of time. Various scenes emerge on the shore according to changes in brightness. The changing landscape involves visitors and triggers a variety of events, which will play out in the future with street furniture and artworks. More