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Office Hybernska 1

The reconstruction of the originally Baroque Hybernia Monastery. The building, a cultural monument, was rebuilt in the early 18th century in the Classicist style to a 3-storey two-aisle building with a gabled roof. The refurbishment scope includes restoring the building\'s listed features and creates new functions corresponding to the 21st -century standard. The sensitive reconstruction project respects all the values of the monument, simultaneously removing inappropriate interventions in the building. The facades on the ground floor reverted to their original window modulation. Václav Novák Václav Novák The extensions at the rear of the building towards the square were removed, basically retaining th... More

Project • By studio AEIOUHousing


The aim of the reconstruction was the reconstruction of a family house into a multi-family house. The basic idea of the design is to obtain the original and new parts in terms of form, operation and material. Jakub Holas Jakub Holas   New volumes "grow" in and out on each floor of the house, including the roofs. The horizontal and vertical constructions of the built-in parts are designed from a wooden building, lined on the outside with larch slats in the oblique direction and in the interior with spruce boards in the vertical direction. Jakub Holas Jakub Holas The various surface finishes thus underline the concepts of the original and new parts.  Jakub Holas Jakub Holas More

Project • By studio AEIOUHousing


The building modifications respect to the maximum extent the character of the First Republic house, originally designed with small flats (1936). New interventions and materials underline its period values. The design repeats straight and rounded lines, original materials such as terrazzo, parquet floors and metal railings. The new functional use envisages the location of offices and facilities on the ground floor of the house. Caption Caption Caption The layout here is based on one open space, divided by the inserted volumes. Each has a different functional content (call room, kitchen, cloakroom, toilet, storage). The layout with separate kitchens and sanitary facilities allows you to rent the space as another office if the... More

Project • By studio AEIOUHousing


The reconstruction includes building modifications and the overall modernization of a historic house built in the 1930s. Emphasis is placed on a new layout that meets the requirements of a modern family of four and with the possibility of a multi-generational layout in the future. The main modifications are to move the bedroom to the annex of the house, which is in a quiet garden courtyard, and to connect the two living rooms into one generous one. Caption Caption Caption This creates a large social space across the house with a kitchen, dining area, relaxation respirator and living room, connecting garden and street life. In addition, this space is complemented by a new cubic volume with hygienic and technical facilities, w... More

Project • By 3h architectsExhibition Centres

Esterházy Castle - Reconstruction of the West Wing

When visiting Eszterháza and catching a glimpse of the castle, a visitor’s first impression will be the symbiosis of unity and grandeur. The majestic inner court and the median risalit that can be seen from the park almost entirely mask the characteristics of the previous building eras. The challenge of design was of interest to us from the aspect of clarifying the relationship with this property and the question of heritage which, when considered more closely, raised a series of questions. The entire west wing hosts exhibitions, where it is primarily the high standards and wealth of a bygone era which are exhibited. Spaces are used in a different way which free us from some restraints: we were able to abstain from attempting t... More

Project • By georges batzios architectsOffices

Office Building in Attica

The historical building was constructed in 1972 at the northern part of Athens. An earthquake-active region of Greece. 12000sq m in a 30.000 sq m pine tree forest. It was designed by one of the most accomplished Greek architects Alexandros Tombazis and it’s one of the rare cases of the brutalist movement in Greece. The building was built under a private command of the largest Greek reinforced concrete company named Aget Iraklis that was recently bought by the largest reinforced concrete company in the world (Lafarge Holcim). Thus it was a flagship for the company for the obvious reasons. In 1978 a Third floor was added in the construction. In 2000 and after the deadly 1999 earthquake in Athens the buildings structural elements were re... More

Project • By KARMAN SrlPrivate Houses

Private Home Bare

In a decorative lighting project for the home, it is necessary to select the most suitable creative designer lamps for the furnishing context. That is because creating a balanced synergy between furnishings and lighting design solutions is fundamental to achieve a final result with a great visual impact.For this design, studied ad hoc for a refined private home in Tel Aviv, some of the Karman lamps with greater aesthetic appeal and technical performance have been chosen. Caption   An airy, spacious and naturally bright home enriched by the unmistakable presence of Karman lamps: solutions with unparalleled charm, extremely versatile and capable of interacting with their surroundings, integrated perfectly with the furnishing scena... More

Project • By BAUMITApartments

Erfurt Oil Mill Apartment Building

The multi-family residence combines historical and cultural aspects with the possibility of contemporary living. Clinker bricks were placed on the insulation. The challenge for the craftsmen: The reveals were sheeted and had to be clinkered against the sheeting. More

Project • By AlkiOffices

Gide Loyrette Nouel

New Gide’s offices are located in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, a stone's throw from the church of Saint-Augustin. The stone building erected at the end of the 18th century for the French Guard Regiment was metamorphosed by the architecture studio PCA-STREAM. Separated from the heritage building by a vegetated courtyard, and another more mineral, a fully glazed building of over 1,400 square metres houses offices, a gym, an auditorium, a restaurant, and a library rich in ancient books. Our Laia, Egon and Koila collections furnish different spaces in this incredible place. More

Project • By BAUMITHotels

Gasthof Post Hotel

Tradition meets contemporary. The newly erected hotel with an inn is located in the centre of a Kneipp health resort. The warm colours of the walls are accentuated with individual design elements, such as stone veneers. These are combined with the harmonious colours, giving a distinctive note. More

Project • By iGuzziniApartments

Design Club Real Estate

This renovation project by Iosa Ghini Associati, a studio with vast experience in high quality residential design, has transformed a historic 17th century, Renaissance-style building in the heart of Bologna for Design Club Real Estate.The 2000 square metre building was completely renovated following a concept that focuses on design as a synonym for liveability and quality. Each apartment includes features of the great classic Made in Italy design masters like Le Corbusier, Sapper, Jacobsen, Mollino, Castiglioni, Sottsass, Magistretti and right up to contemporary designers like De Lucchi, Starck and Grcic together with a wide collection of artists’ drawings and lithographs.Inside the building, 33 branded apartments have been created fo... More

Project • By AshariArchitectsHousing

Dena Villa

Dena villa project, actually built 20 years ago. It had a complicated and closed plan, the owner of which wanted to make fundamental changes and general reconstruction, due to the age of himself and his wife. We have followed two main goals for the improvement and reconstruction of this villa: 1-     Using the maximum natural light For using the maximum light, in order to create visual transparency and connecting the interior spaces to the yard, we increased the number and area of the windows. Also by using some skylights, where there was the possibility of construction, we illuminated the dark spaces.  2-     Integrating the separate spaces in order to create spatial flexibility while maintaining the character... More

Project • By ŠA atelier (Šarkauskaiarchitectureatelier)Apartments

022 apartment

Apartment is located in city of Vilnius, Naujamiestis district residential house dating end of 19th – beginning of 20th century. In our project, we tried to reveal the advantages of the construction solutions of that time and at the same time adapt the premises to contemporary way of life.   Proposed plan and spatial solutions opened up greater shared space and gave the rooms more daylight. The apartment has two functional area separated by an internal load-bearing wall.  The first one is the day zone represented by transition of the premises, multifaceted space layers and light. That for it has windows facing southeast. The second area is dedicated for bedroom, storage and utility with windows facing courtyard. The bathro... More

Project • By Vizdome SpaceWorkshops

Studios and housing for artists «Up»

Creative process is a way of creating something new and unique. Achieving the pinnacle of his /her skills an artist constantly moves up and forward. The project slogans are «painting on the walls is allowed!», «be yourself (crossed out) better version of you», «you are unique individual!» The Big Idea is the idea of white box. Nobody knows what is inside. Maybe it’s a gift. Or a package. Or… It is a building-box. The box where ideas and products of intellectual labor are. The entrance to the box presents itself half-raised curtain. One can look inside and see the process of creation. The facade of the building is framed with bright perforated metal panels that look like curled sheets of pap... More

Project • By CERAMICHE KEOPENurse Housing

Health Residence - Lanzo Torinese Italy

Through an extensive restoration, Picco Architetti has transformed a former nineteenth-century college on the outskirts of Turin. Built by San Giovanni Bosco back in 1870, today the building consists of four floors and accommodates a hundred beds.The ceramic collection Code, Taupe color, shows its high affinity with the architectural rhythm of the structure. The 30x120cm, 20mm thick, format dresses the main entrance and the external courtyard with the purity of the stone and the force of the cement.The same Taupe tone from Elements Design, a resin-effect line with an R10 finish, decorates the bedrooms as well as the meeting and relaxation areas on the ground floor, where a porch with large windows blends past and present in a single, lumino... More