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Project • By AB+PartnersRestaurants


The interior design of the restaurant is a special subject in the field of interior design. The personalization of these premises depends on several factors such as: location, kitchen and target audience. In the case of Blue River restaurant, the inspiration came from the view that opens behind the window. Oleg Bajura Located on the bank of the Dniester River, the restaurant borrows the colour range and decorative elements of the interior from nature. The panoramic windows contribute to an ideal fusion with the entourage. To add to this feeling, we personalized individual elements of the interior as much as possible. The colours of the finishing materials are strongly related to the natural framework. We opted for calm hues levitating... More

Project • By Chain + SimanRestaurants

La Acuarima

La Acuarima is a restaurant immersed in a lake located in Rancho Avándaro, Valle de Bravo. The project is elevated by a concrete platform that hovers over the body of water. Its circular design allows for an almost 360 degree view that encourages a permanent relationship between diners and the landscape. Onnis Luque The main access is composed of a rectangular brick prism that creates a stark contrast with the circular shapes of the concrete platform and the wood cover. There’s also a secondary access that is diametrically opposite to the main one. Both access’s dispositions create a circulation axis. Onnis Luque The architectural program consists of a main saloon with a bar at its center, a perimetral terrace... More

Project • By BergmeyerRestaurants

Shake Shack

Like an ideal dining experience, an ongoing design partnership thrives on delivering fresh, high-quality menu offerings with consistent service. Caption Shake Shack's restaurant expansion has been a savory opportunity to introduce the Shake Shack brand experience and serve up its delicious menu items to a growing list of locations all over the USA. Our collaborative project approach and trusted partnership with the fast-casual chain has allowed us to take on many roles with their internal team over the years, including prototype design, implementation, interior design, and project architect, to name a few. Caption While every location consistently delivers on Shake Shack's brand and food service standards, the experiences are un... More

Project • By Alumil S.ARestaurants

Culinaris Canteen

Mind Park is an industrial and technological center in central Serbia. Among its various buildings, there was a need to construct a modern restaurant – multi-space for its employees and visitors.    Caption Culinaris Canteen, designed by Bina Studio architects, is a building that reflects the vision behind Mind Park. Clear and straight lines, sharp angles and an impressive roof that seems like it wants to “touch” the sky.  Caption In the interior, the building is divided into zones. Thus, it is more flexible and functional depending on its different uses and needs. It has a ground floor, an exhibition floor and a partial basement. The exterior is dominated by grey color, which brings a premium se... More

Project • By Aaksen Responsible AarchitectureRestaurants

McDonald's Kiara Artha

Sitting amidst a newly open park in the heart of Bandung, Indonesia, McDonald’s Kiara Artha opens an unlimited boundary for people to experience the rare presence of open space in a bustling city. Merging with natural surroundings, the façade uses composite timber in a boxy shape where the bold geometry speaks as a standalone building, that shows direct functions of the buildings itself. Leonard Kawun Leonard Kawun The use of glass around the wall corner gives a depth of experience for the customer from inside-out, both inviting customers to come, while also gives a sightseeing for the customer inside the store where people do sports activities such as jogging, running, and biking around the street as it becomes the... More

Project • By yellow office architectureBars


A neighborhood restaurant is being refurbished. In search of a new image, the design of the restaurant has completely changed. The design is cozy, with lights set to create an intimate atmosphere in various scenarios.  vladimir mindru vladimir mindru   The bar remains the "heart" of the place, with a design dialogue between hard metal and glossy ceramic. Level differences and changes in floor material create playful "frames". vladimir mindru vladimir mindru More

Project • By yellow office architectureBars

mamizza II

The story of the design and the nature of the space revolve around the conceptual character that generated the project: Mamizza, mother of all pizza. yellowoffice yellowoffice yellowoffice yellowoffice yellowoffice yellowoffice   More

Project • By AshariArchitectsBicycle Stands

Urban Bridge

Urban Bridge is a proposal for designing a new bridge connecting two significant parts of Isfahan city. Isfahan being both the capital city of Iran and its growth into Zayandehrud, the largest river of the Iranian Plateau, multiple bridges were built in this area in the past, all of which served as socializing places and cultural hubs for Iranians and visitors alike. These bridges were originally designed to connect two or more cities or villages. Still, new uses have been integrated to create a proper context for social interactions in addition to creating a link between the Zayandeh River's two sides. Due to the rising need for vehicle traffic in the recent years and the transformation of urban spaces, the spatial quality of bridges began... More

Project • By Banker WireRestaurants

Raiders Tavern & Grill

The M Resort, located near Las Vegas, Nevada, is home to the Raiders Tavern and Grill. This restaurant and bar combination showcases a wide range of Raiders memorabilia and décor. Boasting over 45 HDTVs, the dining space is a perfect place to spend game day, especially for Raiders fans. Inside the entrance, a floor to ceiling space divider made of wood and wire mesh panels support two large TVs for waiting patrons. Rectangles of varying size frame Banker Wire’s woven wire mesh pattern M22-37, displayed in a stainless steel finish. The combination of materials in the accent wall pays homage to the popular team’s colors; dark stained wood and black metal frames paired with the silver tones of the metal mesh. The metal spa... More

Project • By KARMAN SrlRestaurants

La Biglietteria

“La Biglietteria”-a 160 square meter restaurant and American bar--is located inside the old ticket office and foyer of the historic Kursaal Theater on the Bari seafront. The former Kursaal Theater is one of the iconic buildings in the center of the Apulian capital.The building, designed in late Art Nouveau style and inaugurated in 1925, was subsequently renovated in the late 1980s by Paolo Portoghesi, who opted to insert particular decorations in curved wood on the three glass doors, facing the sea. Priscilla Tangari Later, with the aim of respecting the late Art Nouveau style of the original structure, the Bari-based design studio SMALL - Soft Metropolitan Architecture & Landscape Lab opted to revisit the New Dé... More

Project • By KARMAN SrlRestaurants

La Ménagère

La Ménagère in Firenze, now a concept restaurant, was founded in 1896 as the first Florentine home store (not by chance, the name means “housewife" in French). Today this large room of 1500 square meters, divided into two floors, looks like a real treasure chest full of curious objects, plants and flowers with bright colours, special furnishing elements and Karman designer lamps.Almost wanting to recreate the atmosphere once reigning in the shop: the full shelves, tints and shades of the walls, images hanging on the walls, illumination and decorated spaces, coexist in harmony and make this place unique and inimitable. Caption The architecture and interior design studio Q-bic thought to illuminate the main areas of... More

Project • By AlkiRestaurants

The Alpinist

The Alpinist serves up a contemporary take on traditional Alpine restaurants featuring authentic raclette, fondue, crepes, soups and salads. The interiors are created around the idea of an alpinist having set down roots in Japan with all his climbing knick-knacks and paraphernalia. Caption Clean lines and contemporary furniture including our Heldu collection mix seamlessly with a crackling fireplace, a lot of timber and a selection of climbing artifacts to create the atmosphere of a warm chalet. Caption More

Project • By Look CompositesRestaurants

Dubai Restaurant Mix by Alain Ducasse

Construction of two large forms in the interior of a luxury restaurant in Dubai. These pieces make up a giant egg on which the restaurant revolves. For its construction, a metallic structure has been used, on which a series of prefabricated GRP pieces with a special design and a reflective golden finish have been fixed. The complex is crossed by an elevator for guests. The lower part of the egg houses the bathrooms and the upper part the V.I.P. with a spectacular latticework on its ceiling. Caption Caption OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT- Adaptation of a spectacular design to a structure and prefabricated GRP pieces.- Optimization of the structure and the GRP for its transport and placement.- Manufacture of multipurpose molds to complet... More

Project • By Banker WireRestaurants

Chubby Noodle Restaurant

Chubby Noodle is a restaurant in San Francisco, California serving locally sourced Asian-fusion comfort food. Remodeled from an American style bar and restaurant, this 400 square foot establishment now boasts a rich midcentury modern inspired look. Bronze tones populate the space, from the curved metal bars separating the booths to the bar front clad in bronze wire mesh. Chosen for its visual density, wire mesh pattern S-16 creates a durable façade across the front of the bar without losing the aged characteristics of the dark wood. The unexpected use of the decorative bronze mesh compliments the overall aesthetic of the restaurant, adding an industrial touch to the vintage décor. When lit from above, the many facets of S-16... More

Project • By AlkiRestaurants

La Mere Brazier

The reputation of La Mère Brazier goes well beyond the boundaries of Lyon. The legendary 2-Michelin star restaurant reopened its doors in 2008 under the direction of celebrated chef Mathieu Viannay who, while modernizing the establishment, has preserved the unique soul of this veritable gastronomic institution that is steeped in history. The Laia and Emea ranges fit perfectly in the refined and elegant atmosphere of this exclusive restaurant. Mito Photography Mito Photography More