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Project • By BergmeyerShops

Wilson Sporting Goods NYC Pop-Up Experience

Founded in 1914, Wilson’s iconic brand has consistently shaped the world of sports through developments and advancements in sporting goods and gear. Their products can be found across the globe and in the hands of some of the greatest athletes at the top of their sporting leagues. And perhaps most iconic is their role and ubiquity in tennis. So, as a tie-in to the 2021 U.S. Open, Wilson looked to create a partner experience in the City that strove to capture the energy and excitement of that marquee event. Richard Cadan Photography To bring Wilson’s vision to fruition, Bergmeyer was enlisted to lead the collaboration with the Wilson creative team to create a distinctive experience; part museum, part lab, part lounge, and p... More

Project • By BergmeyerShops


Do we like to partner with socially conscientious brands that are raising the bar in the retail industry? Yes, we do. Everlane, known for exceptional quality, ethical factories, and radical transparency, has begun to selectively open more brick-and-mortar locations. When invited to work with their team on several new retail stores, our response was, “when do we begin?” Caption Initially brought on as Architect of Record, we also collaborated with Everlane on design decisions, executing their brand identity and aesthetic at new locations in Seattle and Georgetown. While there is recognizable brand consistency at every store, aspects of each location are also woven into the experiences. Both stores, for instance, were uniqu... More

Project • By Esrawe StudioShowrooms

Grupo Arca Guadalajara

A quarry is the evidence of man’s action on nature; a universe in which men unintentionally sculpt pleats and volumes that result in a strange and visually striking geology. A manufactured landscape*, an organic architecture created by the trace of the search for raw materials, which brings us back to the origin from which the raw materials come. The captivating and unique nature of this landscape nourishes the concept. The access through a small opening in the monolithic facade links the visitor with the central space of monumental character, the "arrival to the quarry", the Agora. It is the starting point to begin a new journey of museographic character, where the multiple exhibition halls - with materials of diverse characteristics–... More

Project • By Johannes Torpe StudiosShops


Drawing on a legacy of innovative and foresighted design, the luxury audio and design brand Bang & Olufsen’s new store design concept was created with the intention of translating the brand’s innate ability to create unexpected and magical user experiences into the overall retail experience.DESIGN CONCEPTElements of surprise and magic, a homely atmosphere and the idea of ‘sound as hero’ were fundamental principles in the development of the retail store concept. Interaction was also a key point and the shopper journey is hence intuitively designed from start to finish. The customer is able to interact with various elements within the store using their smart phone and can be the narrator of their own experience.DESIGN FOCUSModularityOne o... More

Project • By BrigadaShops

Take Me Home - pop up store

Take Me Home is an online Croatian design shop, selling variety of items from different local designers and artists. When TMH decided to go offline we created flexible pop-up corners which follow the idea of bringing home those nice little things that Take Me Home offers. So if you travel to Croatia and want to take home these cool souvenirs, they will have to fit in your suitcase. Displaying the products in simple suitcase-looking objects was a logical way to go. Plywood suitcases are designed in three basic dimensions, each one fitting into the bigger one. In the end you can fit all of them into just a few biggest ones. Depending on the space available, the number of suitcase sets changes, making it easy to adjust to all po... More