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Project • By yellow office architectureBars


A neighborhood restaurant is being refurbished. In search of a new image, the design of the restaurant has completely changed. The design is cozy, with lights set to create an intimate atmosphere in various scenarios.  vladimir mindru vladimir mindru   The bar remains the "heart" of the place, with a design dialogue between hard metal and glossy ceramic. Level differences and changes in floor material create playful "frames". vladimir mindru vladimir mindru More

Project • By yellow office architectureRestaurants

Kane - New Romanian Cuisine

A culinary experience highlighted by the setting of our new home one of the most iconic buildings in Bucharest. Part of the identity of Kane is the interior of the house which was rebuilt to reflect what happens when you invite craftsmen to be progressive and bring their craft into modernity. (source: KANE - New Romanian Cuisine) More

Project • By Creativ Interior StudioApartments

Interior design apartment in The Park Residence

The design concept started from our customer’s wish to ​​create an elegant, yet personalized design, to convey a sense of comfort and positive emotion to any visitor. Its elegant but modern lines are complemented by textures and art deco and industrial shapes that integrate the project. The chromatic range oscillates between the calming pastels of the washable paint we used to dramatic scenography due to the tapestry. All finishes maximize and emphasize the space in a graceful way, taking into account that the final result has to be one for a luxury interior design. If the living and dining area are decorated in a contemporary-industrial style, with many custom-made features such as: wall cladding or decorative panels on the ceiling,... More

Project • By Heim Balp ArchitektenOffices

MCE Astoria Factory and Office building

Heim Balp Architekten has designed the new ASTORIA MCE industrial plant and company headquarters for the eastern markets in Timisoara, Romania. The complex is one of the two main sites for the production of professional coffee machines for Astoria, the historical brand of the italian coffe machine culture, and the world's third professional coffee machines manufacturer for production amount. The MCE company, that belongs entirely to the Astoria Group, began its manufacturing activities in Timisoara at the end of 2002. With the construction of the new plant the production has strongly increased its production capacity. The design by Heim Balp Architekten meets the main client’s request for a new layout, so as to increase the daily production... More

Project • By yellow office architectureBars


The story of the design and the nature of the space revolve around the conceptual character that generated the project: Mamizza. She is no longer a person we would anticipate, she is a modern figure, with contemporary twists, but who still makes the same notorious Neapolitan pizza. It is this join between traditional and modern that makes a key element of the design. Pieces made of aged wood prevale, and together with ceramics and metal they generate elements with well defined lines. The color scheme is similar to the ones of traditional Neapolitan restaurants.Coming to spatial perception, two distinct main areas are established through the use of different formal approaches: the bar – that is actively engaged in customers’ use, and the piz... More

Project • By WE DESIGN EVERYTHINGPavilions

Wooden Structure

The goal was to design a structure with the oldest material known to man and to integrate new principles as well as old Romanian architecture.The most common job an architect has is to express his/her time, or his/her age, using reestablished old rules he must be dated as a contemporary of his/her peers with precision but must not fade with the becoming of age. This is our first take at expressing time and culture. More

Project • By Andreescu & GaivoronschiOffices

The Office Cluj

The Office Cluj, an office building ensemble recently finalized, has begun as an urban regeneration project for the brownfield plot left by the old textile industry, in the vicinity of Cluj-Napoca’s historic centre. As in most communist cities, this area became part of the industrial framework of Cluj-Napoca, which even now includes some leftover industries and factories. To the north of the site there still exists an old water channel, a small ramification of the Someș river while to the south there is the main boulevard and the main connection to the historic city centre, to the west. The whole ensemble is made of 3 parts developed in successive stages which form a small coherent city in the shape of a flat, cut out massive, penetrate... More

Project • By Plan Art 72Private Houses

Project Chef's house

House with an attic in the slope.Subsol partly open at the level of the inner boxes composed of the hobby room, central heating, bathroom, cellar.Parter with kitchen and dining room, bathroom.In the attic three bedrooms and two bathrooms .. Concrete and brick structure More

Project • By Plan Art 72Apartments

Residential amsamblul Harmony

THE ARIMONIA SELIMBAR RESIDENTIAL ASSEMBLY is located a few minutes away from the shopping center Sibiu Shopping City, where, from Monday to Sunday, you can find shops, hypermarkets, pharmacy, pet shop, bank offices, cafes, playgrounds, restaurants, fast food that is, everything that is required for both personal and family needs and for entertainment and entertainment. Also, the RESIDENTIAL ARMONIA SELIMBAR ASSEMBLE is located in a green area, free of heavy traffic, with fresh air, sun, park and playground for children. SELIMBAR ARMONIA SELIMBAR RESIDENTIAL COMPLEX offers a parking space, free access to the playground, the possibility of buying the flat without finishing at a lower price or the possibility of finishing the turnkey accord... More

Project • By yellow office architectureBars


A youthful, energetic space is embodied in powerful colors and natural textured materials. Exposed galvanized ventilation pipes, custom patterned tile floor, typical american atmosphere create an approachable ambiance, inviting locals to stop for a casual meal. More