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Project • By impasto building workshopRural

Goreshwar Mahadev Moran River Front

The brief for this project largely emerges from the historical and socio-cultural context of the Vagad region in southern Rajasthan. Goreshwar Mahadev (Shiva temple), a temple precinct on the banks of Moran river, has been one of the major centers of faith for the locals. The main Shiva temple dates back to the 12th century. A unique characteristic of this precinct is the ‘Shivling’ situated on the Moran river bed, 6.5 meters below the road level. Today on Mondays, more than 2000 devotees from the surrounding villages come to the river bed to offer prayers.   The need for the project was raised with a concern to bring the devotees safely to the river bed. The design revolves around basic ideas of creating an experiential... More

Project • By LEIVA arquiteturaPrivate Houses

Morro da Manteiga House

What was the brief? Customers came to us to fulfill an old dream: to build their own house in the countryside and live in the tranquility of the rural area, after returning from the capital Porto Alegre to the countryside. The pace and quality of life are different: being able to sit on the balcony and listen to the birds singing, being able to breathe the fresh air and sitting in the sun at any time of the day, moving the earth and even picking your own food.   Resources were limited and so it was decided to make the construction by the Minha Casa Minha Vida program - track 01, program developed by the Brazilian government for low-income families, and this directed the project from the beginning: we could not do a project that woul... More

NewsNews • 24 Feb 2021

Sensitively sited MTR House becomes a backdrop to a rocky landscape

Located on Quebec’s Lac Tremblant, house MTR by Alain Carle Architecte is situated on steep terrain with rocky cliffs. A large flat rock cap on the site serves as a type of natural balcony over the lake and also serves as ‘Level 0’ for the house. This careful siting allows for great views and draws in the monumentality of the natural surroundings.   Félix Michaud The house follows the linear nature of the stone mass. Simple shapes, volumes and repetitive composition reinforce the horizontal appearance of the site from the shore and emphasize the rock cap’s mineral texture. Architecture becomes a backdrop to the main rock. Félix Michaud The building’s form, with a long flat roof de... More

Project • By Woldon ArchitectsExhibitions

New Venue Building at Grade I Listed Estate

Woldon Architects have developed an estate masterplan & designs for a new 750sqm venue building on a former stable yard at a Grade I listed house in Cheshire. The venue building is designed to support the estate’s wedding business and to host corporate and charity events. Wedding Business ExpansionThere is a significant demand locally for large high-end wedding and event venues. Expectations of couples are high as they look for something special for their wedding day. So far, the client’s estate has hosted weddings in a temporary seasonal marquee, but with strong local competition and to grow the business, a more permanent and desirable offering was required. Woldon Architects developed a vision for a new venue and estate m... More

Project • By AGRA Anzellini Garcia-Reyes ArquitectosRural

LAMO CC_Centro Comunitario “El Morrocoy“

 This project is the result of a public competition organized by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and financed by the Ministry of the Environment, the Global Adaptation Fund and the UNDP; with the participation of the Colombian Adaptation Fund. The community center is part of a larger program implemented in the "La Mojana" subregion to reduce the negative impacts of climate change. The "Morrocoy" community center owes its name to its shape of a turtle shell. Its function is to bring together the community and be a refuge in the frequent episodes of flooding in the area. It is part of a program that seeks to respond to emergencies caused by the winter wave and climate change in the La Mojana subregion, in the Colombian... More

NewsNews • 2 Dec 2020

Two eras meet in a fusion between an original log cabin and contemporary addition

Situated on a rocky point that juts out onto the lake, the owners of an existing cabin that had been in the family for 40 years wished to renovate and expand their cabin so that it could take better and full advantage of its beautiful lakeside location in Quebec. Raphaël Thibodeau Proximity to the lakeshore was a decisive site constraint resulting in the cabin extending upward with a second story, instead of outward. Only a small extension on the ground level, a new screened porch on the south side, was considered feasible. Rather than erasing the line between the existing cabin and new second floor, Paul Bernier Architecte instead chose to celebrate the difference, clearly distinguishing old from new.  Raphaël Thibo... More

Project • By Atelier D’Architecture Michel FollonierPrivate Houses

Transformation in Ayent

This barn is located in the village of Ayent, in a rural setting. For centuries, this building has fulfilled these agricultural functions. Nowadays, a family decides to transform it into a home. The challenge was to keep the original gasoline while meeting current needs. By offering a fully glazed southern facade, we have highlighted the original construction. This contrast allows the interior spaces to be bathed in light. Inside, it was essential to keep as much of the original spirit as possible. The result is a marriage of stone, wood and metal that combines modernity with history. More

Project • By ARCHHOLIKSPrivate Houses

Mountain House Mošovce

The family house at the foot of the Veľká Fatra National Park is situated on the border between the built-up area and the built-up area. Folkly, the house is located behind the hummocks, so the whole formation of matter is aimed at preserving the traditional concept of rural appearance. The overall expression of the volume of the house is fragmented by its roof landscape using the types of two gable roofs, which graduate upwards. The material division of the house is largely based on the forms of old warehouse farm buildings, the so-called barns located in the Turiec region.   Unusual is also the concept of layout, in which the entrance part of the house is part of the so-called night part. The house consists of four interconn... More

Project • By AFARQ ArquitectosShops


The restaurant is located on the outskirts of Santiago. The client wanted an environment that incorporated wood as the predominant material, and that it was a more sophisticated meeting place than it was then (a somewhat rural area). Much of the wood was contributed by the client and was used both in the floor and wall coverings and in the furniture.   One of the biggest challenges was building the ceiling. As the existing height was low, we had to see how to incorporate all the facilities in a minimum of space so as not to further decrease the height. Thus, the result is a framework based on metal angles secctions that support tepa wood ceiling plates arranged in both directions and which has the particularity to be easy to inspect,... More

Project • By C-re-aidHospitals


The design of Majimoto dispensary has been inspired by the research conducted in the village regarding health care facilities and evolution of construction technologies in this area. Majimoto is a village located in the Southern part of the Arusha region. The climate in this area is dry for 60% of the year. The closest dispensary is about 3km from the village and the only transport is oxen cart and recently motorcycles. This has further encouraged the villagers to prefer traditional doctors and midwives over hospitalized medical care. Delivery complications and unhygienic environments have been observed to claim mother's and children’s life during childbirth in Majimoto Village. Majimoto has evolved from Nomadic to sedentary life he... More

Project • By Kensit ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Carrick Residence

This rural residence is located in NSW, Australia. Set on a large rural block of land looking down on a lake views and orientation informed the architectural form so that all living zones maximised its views and exposure to the warm winter sun.   More

Project • By Coates Design Seattle ArchitectsHousing

Olympia Prairie Home

The designer’s task was to build a modern, budget-minded home that was livable and respected its rural environment. The Yelm residence is a contemporary take on a country home: using a combination of simple, cost-effective methods to create a warm, comfortable space through clean lines and precise design. A minimal exterior material palette of wood and stucco siding with metal panel accents helps to highlight the beauty of the 10 acres of land on which the house rests. Concrete masonry unit (CMU) walls frame the entry and a flat roof plane hovers overhead to ground the project into the prairie style landscape. The home reflects the clients’ informal lifestyle and relationship to the environment. He is a graphic designer who work... More

Project • By Studio BarkPrivate Houses

Periscope House

We should be building more modest, super-sustainable houses like this – a lot more. We need more Natashas to employ more Wilfs… We need to be braver. – Kevin McCloud, Channel 4’s Grand DesignsPeriscope House sits on virgin land in rural Norfolk, with a southern aspect & a gentle slope towards the valley of the River Tud. The two timber clad periscopic balconies frame the beautiful views to the valley. They also act as fixed passive solar shading as proportioned to respond directly to summer & winter sun angles. This ensures that the hot summer sun is blocked, whereas the cooler winter sun is able to enter into the thermal envelope with very little obstruction.A locally sourced Amelanchier tree has been transplanted in front of the s... More

Project • By Ion PopusoiRestaurants


Panner pastry reinvents the tradition of an old family bakery. The simple form of the building , strong stone foundation, the reinterpreted porch, as the link between the interior and the exterior, recovered wood, all remembers elements from the archaic period of the Bran area. At the same time the complete transparency towards the street, the proportions of the building, the treatment of details places the construction in the modern period.   The roof supporting system enriches the simple composition of the facade, being structure and ornament at the same time. From the outside the image is clear, clean, an easy to notice, a point of attraction. Inside, a simple but welcoming ambience, without many decorative elements so the emphasis is on... More

Project • By depaolidefranceschibaldan architettiPrivate Houses

villa ET

Villa ET ist the result of a rural house restoration, presenting a typical venetian end 19th century plan. The complex is composed by two distinguishable and functionally autonomous parts: the main one was once housing of the landowners, the other, with a recognisable front porch and brick walls, was used as a stable and shed.   Aim for the project was to create lieable places for the family to spend time together and to host their friends.   The projectual approach diversifies within the two parts of the villa: the original housing, developed on two levels, maintains the old plan disposition and historic caracter.     The stable, on the other hand, is completely redefined. After being emptied and after removing all the extraneous parts tha... More