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Project • By ArchiGuruCultural Centres

Jarillas Eco Sign

Casa de Cultura las Jarillas is a community center in Iztacalco, Mexico City that promotes cultural proliferation through, workshops, theater, arts, and urban farming.  To create a more visible presence within the neighborhood a sign was needed to help steer people towards the community center.  This signage had to be easy to install, preferably integrated with local plants, and be seen from across the street where a bus station is located.  After some studies and research a material was found that could be easily modified and required little maintenance.  Coroplast is a white plastic material that is lightweight and can be combined into large pieces to create a visual impact for those who are walking by and driving in v... More

Product • By ARRELARTWood Sculpture Dunia

Wood Sculpture Dunia

€650The Wood Sculpture Dunia is made with lianas of tropical wood intertwined with each other in a natural way. Fixed to a 40 cm x 40 cm metal plate in black. Height 200 cm x Width 40 cm x Depth 40 cm There is a trend that is growing strongly in interior design, it is about connecting nature to human beings through noble materials in their most natural state possible and that look like they have just been taken from the forest. With this trend, a touch of distinction and exclusivity is achieved in the spaces. Incorporating these types of pieces in an urban environment improves mental health, since you feel closer to nature. More

Product • By ARRELARTWood Sculpture Anouk

Wood Sculpture Anouk

€1,063Wood Sculpture Anouk, made from a Teak wood root. Finished with natural effect colorless varnish. Height 150 cm x Width 100 cm x Depth 80 cm This stately floor sculpture is made in one piece with solid Teak wood. Sculpted by nature and gently polished by wood craftsmen. Ideal to place it next to furniture and neutral objects so that the work stands out with all its splendor. Natural art in your home decoration. More

Product • By ARRELARTWood Sculpture Vienna

Wood Sculpture Vienna

€975The Wood Sculpture Vienna is made from a natural Teak wood root. Polished by hand and finished with natural colorless varnish. Base in black iron. Height 192 cm x Width 100 cm x Depth 77 cm The whimsical game of nature gives us wonders, as in the case of this beautiful sculpture of Teak root, with a wild character and a very decorative shape. Treated and polished by artisans, ready to star in any space. More

Project • By yuyuartstudioSculptures

Time Light

The land shows the accumulative soil erosion of many years, and the underground water trace evokes the image life and presents the history and memories of the past. In the piece, “Time Light,” the artist team utilized bamboo, wood, and iron to make the shape of a seed rising from the ground overlapped with a light trace. The path which is transformed from the sprouting stem invites viewers to enter this space which is illuminated by the light trace. In the space where the path moves, time travel and traces are extracted. The shape reflects waves on the ground via the lighting shadows of overlapping and colliding natural materials, symbolizing life on the land. More

Project • By yuyuartstudioSculptures

The Light in Between

The two large curved surfaces float above the water in dynamic tension with each other and the water below. It appears as some sort of gateway or portal, inviting us to enter at one end and squeeze through to the other side perhaps to another place in time.The curves embrace and sky and the earth. They catch the breeze and reflect the light. They tell us of the passing of time and whisper the old songs of the Harbor. More

Project • By yuyuartstudioSculptures


In our perceivable space, myriads of border-crossing actions have been taken in a creeping and constant manner. The team created Unrelated, a translucent visual installation, with bamboo, timber, iron, steel wire and LED lights, and then installed it on the surface of the water. The vertical bamboo slices interweave the real and the virtual in this space and produce a riveting intersection of shadow and light in the night breeze. As far as the team is concerned, life per se is essentially featured by a concatenation of encounters, seemingly unintentional yet in fact causally related. Those seemingly unrelated happenings could be the results of predestined appointments. More

Project • By yuyuartstudioSculptures

The Cloud at Boundray

四個季節是氣候的心情,是持續情感的象徵。每個季節都交織著故事,化作歷史最後的成就文化。在鹹水發展的軌跡中,有無數精彩的人生故事和辛勤耕耘的感人事件。運用織帶技術,象徵著歷史的傳承與融合與延伸。透過雲層的交織,訴說著這片土地上各種生命的悲歡離合,喜怒哀樂的形態,呈現出柔和而堅實的意念。《變之雲》織雲,載月津港。 More

Project • By yuyuartstudioSculptures


Seed-shaped sculptures, floating, moving with the ebb and flow, swaying like waves in a sea of woods. Like signs that point the way along the navigation route, they hover in the first forest on the island after crossing the bridge, guiding the travelers , and connecting Yuguang Island with the travelers on an emotional level. More

Project • By Surfacedesign, IncResidential Landscape

Hacienda Tiburon Landscape

This sculptural garden overlooking the San Francisco Bay reflects the vision of passionate art collectors whose personal artistic vision includes the idea of the landscape being experienced and enhanced through play and exploration. As a result, their whimsical five-acre garden incorporates distinct spaces that weave together architecture and landscape, providing places for reflection, play, and discovery.   At the entrance, a folding deck projects from the house, merging the building with a landscape of magnolias, grasses, and ferns. It also frames an existing stepping-stone installation by artist Topher Delaney, which spells out a Christopher Marlowe love poem in Braille.   The deck’s warping planes create a threshold... More

Project • By jihad khairallah architectsApartments

Private Residence Rakan Al Salem

Our concept was to ’embrace, connect and purify’, an architectural approach that created cozy volumes, the resulting composition is a ritualistic sequence that would ‘purify’ the minds of the users, to create a calming and tranquil experience at home. Openings in the wall create playful thresholds between different rooms, allowing visual glimpses of activities and framing of picturesque ornaments. More

Project • By Axis MundiSculptures


“Patriotism is an ephemeral motive that scarcely ever outlasts the particular threat to society that aroused it.”— Denis Diderot FALSE FLAG America was founded as an empire. George Washington called it an “infant empire.” Now the country lies in shambles. Mislead by a dysfunctional government, scarred by the inept handling of a pandemic which has run rampant (167,000 deaths and counting), a record number of unemployed citizens, collapsed businesses, a widening wealth gap, looming environmental catastrophes, and disenfranchised minorities of all colors, creeds and sexual orientations. The “American Dream” is officially now over. A false flag operation is an act committed with the intent of disguis... More


Passage of Time Garden

Project Statement:   As physical evidences of history, museums are what keeps the human spirit alive through the ages. Gardens within museums are complex on the outside, but also sophisticated on the inside.   Passage of Time Garden is located within Anji Archaeology Museum, which sits near Anji Ancient City Ruins and Longshan Yueguo Noble Tombs. Within this design, we strive to balance the relationship between natural and man-made. The site spans from the museum all the way to the surrounding mountainous landscape filled with wildlife. Yet the ambience of the garden takes on an opposite approach with the museum area being more natural and the natural area more man-made.   The design follows the museum tour route which... More
Other Bodies + Antibodies
Gold Hip-Hop Dancer In Relative Simultaneity
Gold Hip-Hop Dancer In Relative Simultaneity
Gold Hip-Hop Dancer In Relative Simultaneity
The Three Red Bicyclists, or Menage Trois

Project • By Axis MundiSculptures

Other Bodies + Antibodies

“A body only exists to be other bodies”- William S. Burroughs, The Electronic Revolution OTHER BODIES + ANTIBODIES Other Bodies + Antibodies is a Burroughsian slip on a banana peel, transgressing the real and the imaginary, while blurring the boundaries between what is material and immaterial in contemporary culture.  The exhibition consists of four mind warping sculptures - Woman Taking a Selfie Bisected by a Mirror (The Mirror Stage), Gold Hip-Hop Dancer In Relative Simultaneity, Virtual Reality Expedition in Grand-Antique d'Aubert (The Lovers), and The Three Red Bicyclists, or Menage Trois. Plato stated that “reality is created by the mind,” John Beckmann asserts that society exists in a unconscious state... More