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Product • By BD Barcelona DesignSide Table B

Side Table B

A solid and elegant side table of service, signed by one the most internationally prestigious designers, Konstantin Grcic. Made from architectonic concrete in grey or black. Grey finish is apt for indoor and outdoor. More

Product • By HESSENTIA | Cornelio CappelliniConcave


Concave coffee table enriches the living area with a sculptural touch and is characterized by a round shape embellished on the surface by many three-dimensional facets, inspired by the columns of the Roman era. It is available in various colours with a glossy or matt finish. More

Product • By HESSENTIA | Cornelio CappelliniOtto


The side table Otto is characterized by a metal base composed by two semi-spheres with a matt engraved surface that supports a precious marble top. Available in different heights and dimensions it is recommended to be used as single item or matched with other items of the same collection. More

Product • By HESSENTIA | Cornelio CappelliniLineup


The coffee tables of Lineup collection, available in many sizes, are characterized by a metal structure with linear design. The skillful manual method of metal engraving is inspired by the working techniques of Italian premium class jewelry. Made entirely of a single material, they create extraordinary and unique reflections of light. These coffee tables are often used in combination with other pieces of the same collection with marble top or with a decorative resin-based finish top. More

Product • By HESSENTIA | Cornelio CappelliniCheope


The peculiarity of the round side table Cheope lies in the eccentric decoration that covers the conic base, the designer's artistic expression. A thin metal sheet is molded thus creating a surface with a strong three-dimensionality emphasized by a chromatic finish that enhances its texture. Available in different chromatic finishes to obtain the best match with the type of marble chosen. It is particularly suitable for a refined and exclusive living area. More

Product • By Marc Th. van der VoornStitch coffee table for Odesi

Stitch side table

Odesi challenged me to think of a side table you could play around with, a family with an ‘edge’. That became the Stitch; a table with an asymmetrical frame that embraces the tabletop on one side, dividing it.You can stack or overlap them which gives you lots of options. The marble tray is my favorite!The tabletops come in two flavors; beautifully grained ash and slick Fenix (mat black) all with their own edge finish.The main idea is mix and match. Combine a rectangular ash table with a round Fenix table and finish it with a marble tray. More

Product • By OIA - one day at a timeKANDINSKY


These simple, geometrically shaped table tops are inspired by the work of Wassily Kandinsky.  It combines four different marble tops with two different structures: a full thin metal structure with titanium gold or stainless steel is available as well as an acrylic sheet combined with a thick metal foot in titanium gold or stainless steel.  In every option, it looks like the table top is floating as the structure always gives the feeling of lightness. More