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Project • By 29 VINT-I-NOU ARQUITECTURAPrivate Houses


The project consists of the reform and expansion of a single-family home on the beach. It is an isolated two-story house. Originally, the house was completely on the first floor, while the ground floor was open and airy. The project consists of closing the ground floor, incorporating it into the house. The most public spaces of the house are distributed on this ground floor, overlooking the pool and the garden, while the first floor is used for bedrooms and private areas. Víctor Alcañiz Ayala (29 arquitectura) Víctor Alcañiz Ayala (29 arquitectura) The ground floor is presented as an open and fluid space, organized through an storage unit that serves the kitchen and living room, achieving great lumino... More

Project • By VersatilePrivate Houses

Bungalow Lobkovice

The house is designed as a single-storey without unnecessary barriers in the form of stairs, which was also helped by a large flat plot with access from the northeast. The house is divided into two main tracts with gable roofs of different pitches. One tract runs from the entrance to the south garden, the other is divided by a small intimate terrace. Tomáš Vlach Tomáš Vlach The living area is located at the very end of the house and extends across both tracts, the garden can be seen through the opening from the entrance. The gabled roof is admitted in most of the rooms. The children's room, materially separated from the rest of the house in its small "house", designed as one large playroom. When the ti... More

Project • By ECRU StudioPrivate Houses

CC Residence

Have spent 9 years in Canada, the owner wanted to search for a natural environment for his wife and their two kids and immediately fell in love with this place. Located in Daan District, a very quiet residential area with many schools.  Suiyu Studio Looking out from the ground floor is a garden and the ceiling of the ground floor and the basement are both 3.6 meters high, which are a privilege to have in Taipei. We define our style as decorative minimalist. The design process is about adding layers and layers but paring back to the minimum at the same time, to create simplicity and achieve a sense of harmony. Suiyu Studio We tried to mix materials, colors and textures, such as wood and white beams, antique limestone fl... More

Project • By Bonnard Woeffray - Architectes FAS/SIAPrivate Houses

Single family house in Les Evouettes

The tradition in the more rural parts of Switzerland used to be for the younger generation to build a small dwelling – the stöckli – for the parents next to the main farm. The Evouettes residence is this in reverse: a small house for the youngest of the family, erected in the garden of the parents’ home.  The plot of land being relatively confined and the concept modest – limited to daytime accommodation, night time accommodation and an office area – allowed the realisation of a compact house on a square footprint which, nonetheless, offers expressive volumes through the shape of its roof and incorporation of a canopy on the south-facing façade.  This sheltered space responds to a number... More

Project • By Bureau for Architecture and UrbanismPrivate Houses


A brand new single family house in a well established neighborhood of Detroit, known as Woodbridge. On the exterior, the house is meant to follow the vocabulary of its context. On the inside, the house breaks up this pattern in volume. The double height living area is sunken, but windows from the outside are purposely raised high to prevent peering in from the outside. The raised ground floor is turned into a "mezzanine", only providing the entry, kitchen, and dining area and overlooks the living area. All bedrooms/private spaces are on the top floor.     More

Project • By Black RabbitPrivate Houses

Oasis 2 Residence

This luxury residence was embedded into this steep hillside to overlook Lake Travis from two confluent directions. We were challenged to create views through, and access to, the pool from every room on the main level. In response, we created a glass jewell box that sits on top of a concrete plinth. The main entry area is an open void that bridges the lake to the user upon immediate entry. The lower level is is comprised of four individual private suites that pierce through the concrete shell to accommodate lake views.   More

Project • By Leonardo MarchesiRural

House in Colares

The project of the house in Colares stared with a topographical research in mind, finding the most dramatic cliff between Cascais and Cabo da Roca, for a weekend house, on the west coast of Portugal, at the closest point to the Americas on European land. The site is located in the Parque Natural de Sintra-Cascais, just between the famous Lighthouse of Cabo da Roca and the nearby Santuário da Peninha, it is part of a territory which is constellated by windmills and local production of wine. The plot itself has first been spotted on Google Maps and has been further investigated for planning permissions to the local authorities, it is located at the very end of the Rua das Piroletas in the one and the only land left unbuilt since the... More

Project • By Dumican Mosey ArchitectsPrivate Houses

23rd Street Residence

This two-story, 3,000 square foot Noe Valley project consists of the excavation and conversion of the existing, ground-level crawl space to new habitable area, alterations throughout – including vaulted 15-foot ceilings at the living level and modernization of the front façade. Photographer: Jacob Elliott Photography More

Project • By Jonathan Sage PhotographyPrivate Houses

House 179

The architecture of this family house in Starnberg has been exquisitely thought out and executed. A minimal material palette and a bold concept have created a compelling outcome of the design. The project is also known as House H.   Architecture by HHF Architects / Jacob & Spreng Architekten Photography by Jonathan Sage More

Project • By toprojektPrivate Houses

Cichy Dom

A young couple approached us through a recommendation. It was a typical renovation project. For a typical renovation project, it wasn’t particularly bad. The project was ambitious but still, it was typical. The fairly long plot lies in the North-South direction parallel to the acoustic screen of motorway A1 at a distance of about 100 m, which makes the noise from the highway travel directly towards the plot. The house consists of four main walls which act as an acoustic barrier. All main functions of the house are located in between these walls. The walls and roof are moved beyond the glazing which gives two major advantages viz. it limits the noise from the motorway and protects the interior spaces from the summer & winter sun.... More

Project • By exexePrivate Houses

Farm Guesthouse in Izery Mountains

Guesthouse project in Izery Mountains involves conversion and expansion of existing farm houses in order to create group of buildings serving as a private house with several rooms for rent, garden pavilion, alpaca farming and service building with garage, creating multifunctional habitat for owners and guests. It was important to keep the character and form of local homesteads in urban scale with use of traditional materials and motives but with contemporary expression at the same time. Designed composition respects location of original buildings as well as shape and arrangement of their gable roofs. Due to new functional disposition of buildings their sizes had to be modified. However in order to keep the scale of current forms the ma... More

Project • By ANIEAHousing

house white

House concept for motorization and white color enthusiast.Project: 2015;Status: concept;Surface: approx. 220m2; More

Project • By SERA designResidential Landscape

Garden 191

Single family house More

Project • By SERA designResidential Landscape

Master house

Riverside house More

Project • By MUS ARCHITECTSPrivate Houses

Black Rock

IDEA The main idea was to create something different and original. Not just a single-family house, but an abstract form. We wanted to create a building that refers to the mountainous area, a house that seems to be a result of tectonics and not design processes. MUS ARCHITECTS photo Tomasz Zakrzewski This thought was the starting point of the project and the frame that kept the space composition in check. Therefore, we tried to design and implement the concept of a space by escaping the standards associated with single-family houses. We wanted this house to emeryt like an erratic boulder embedded in a mountain slope, not an architectural form with walls, windows and a roof. MUS ARCHITECTS photo Tomasz Zakrzewski FORM "Black R... More