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Schaumburg Library

For the city of Schaumburg, IL (USA) nothing is more important than the safety of their workers. duraSTRONG® Rubber Walkway Pads from sofSURFACES are a safe, simple and economical utility surface option for service workers when accessing rooftop equipment – even in the harshest weather conditions. This product offers a safe pathway for travel while on the rooftop, but also provides excellent traction and membrane protection against foot traffic and tool drops.  © sofSURFACES Inc. duraSTRONG Walkway Pads were designed for all high-traffic areas, including access doors, roof hatches, HVAC units and anywhere access is needed to service rooftop equipment. The patented KROSLOCK® design locks all tiles together to en... More

Product • By sofSURFACES Inc.duraSOUND® Rubber Acoustic Tiles

duraSOUND® Rubber Acoustic Tiles

Dramatically reduce the sound transmission of heavy weight drops in anyfitness facility with duraSOUND® Rubber Acoustic Tiles by sofSURFACES. duraSOUND was performance-engineered to minimize low-frequency impactnoise, control vibrations and reduce the transfer of audible structure-bornesound within building structures. Provide a better acoustic experience for bothyour customers and neighboring businesses with sound reductions of up to 38 dB!  Choose from plus or premium finishing options.PLUS SERIES SOLID COLORS: Plus Series is manufactured using 100% recycled rubber. Elongated rubber strands are utilized in the wear layer of the tile for increased durability and a smooth visual texture while color is achieved through our spec... More