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NewsSpecification • 16 Oct 2020

Specification case study: MEETT by OMA

The Toulouse Exhibition and Convention Center is designed by OMA as three horizontal strips. A massive 700 meter long row of modular exhibition halls to the north, a multi-functional convention center and event hall to the south, and a thinner strip with 3,000 parking spaces and reception in the center. OMA intends to turn the typically introverted expo typology into an extroverted building by combining interior and exterior spaces, and establishing a strong connection with tramway, roads and airport.      The architects see MEETT as an ‘urban machine’ that is monumental in its scale but subtle in its overall impact. They kept the building elements simple; large box volumes, typical for expo’s, with ste... More

Project • By EGM architectsExhibition Centres


The 'Universal and International Exhibition of 1967' held in Montreal was the first Expo on the American continent after World War II. With more than 50 million visitors and 62 participating countries the EXPO67 is considered to be one of the most successful world exhibitions of the 20th century. Wout Eijkelenboom - co-founder of EGM architects – was responsible for the design of the Dutch pavilion.Innovative architectureSeen the industrial boom of the 1960s, the Dutch contribution had to express the image of The Netherlands as an industrial innovative country. In the architecture of the pavilion this is reflected in the ‘space frame’, constructed from industrially manufactured parts, which serves as a casing for a number of volumes at diff... More