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Project • By CODINAUniversities

Don Bosco College

The facade of the Don Bosco College building in Nice is solved with EIFFEL 40100 stainless steel mesh. This solution was chosen because the use of an envelope with the metal mesh allows creating different light filters, while protecting the windows of the different classrooms from excess sunlight. This easy-to-maintain constructive element provides greater aesthetics to the building’s facade. More

Project • By TwentinoxMuseums

TwentseWelle Museum Factory

TwentseWelle is a new style museum, where nature, history and culture are woven into one concept. Twente was traditionally an area where textileand metal industry ruled in the past cencury. This history inspired the design of SeARCH architects. Architectural woven metals from textile machines. For this façade, our metal curtains are used as sunscreens with changing translucency. In addition to that, the curtains are operated electronically which enables dynamic façade view. Caption Caption Caption Caption More

Project • By GKD Metal FabricsSports Centres

Yamuna Sports Complex

With temperatures in New Delhi exceeding 100 degrees, the architects of this sports stadium needed to incorporate a façade solution that provided exceptional sunshading. GKD Tigris stainless steel mesh offered the solar protection needed to protect attendees while creating a visually seamless façade. More

Project • By GKD Metal FabricsAirports

Van Nuys Flyaway, Los Angeles

GKD metal mesh was specified to clad the façade of the Van Nuys Airport parking garage near Los Angeles. Thirty-nine panels of Lago stainless steel mesh offer much needed sun shading as well as privacy for the facility’s pedestrians, while also granting them unobstructed views of the surroundings. More

Project • By GKD Metal FabricsOffices

Value Act Capital, San Francisco

The architects at Gould Evans chose GKD Omega 1520 PC stainless steel mesh for a suspended ceiling in the office building of Value Act Capital. All four edges of the 315 mesh panels were folded over and attached to the substructure to create a sleek and seamless design concept. More

Project • By GKD Metal FabricsSecondary Schools

Minerva Gymnasium - Umeå University

The Minerva School in Umea, features a striking contrast in modern building materials and showcases the concept of volumes that break out to create tension. Architect Sweco features sustainable wood cladding on the upper floors and 10,700 square feet of GKD stainless steel mesh on the lower section. More

Project • By GKD Metal FabricsRestaurants

Plant Canteen, Munster

GKD created a multifunctional roller shutter in this cafeteria using Tigris stainless steel mesh. The electrically controlled metal mesh elements made of stainless steel, each 13 feet wide and 4 feet high, provide security and protection for the space when the cafeteria is not in operation. More

Project • By GKD Metal FabricsCar Parks

Brookline Place

Minutes from Boston, the Brookline Place development includes a six-story, 683-space parking facility. Striving for an environmentally integrated concept, Elkus Manfredi designed the garage to blend into the surrounding landscape by adding 12,835 square feet of GKD metal fabric to the material palette. More

Project • By GKD Metal FabricsMuseums

National Gallery Victoria, Melbourne

Visitors to this impressive gallery space will find their eyes naturally drawn up to see the interplay of shape and materials. GKD Baltic provides a sleek covering for the dramatically curving, multi-level ceiling surfaces. More

Project • By GKD Metal FabricsOffices

Kypriotis Office Building

Sambesi metal mesh was used in the design for solar protection for the Kypriotis office building located in the heart of Athens. Thanks to the transparent nature of the stainless-steel mesh, the rooms behind the solar façade receive sufficient light throughout the day. More

NewsNews • 11 Feb 2021

Wohnregal challenges conventions of pre-fabricated housing by demonstrating complexity and variety within live/work units

Prefabrication in housing has a century-long story of optimization along with continuous ups and downs in terms of success. The ‘Wohnregal’ in Berlin takes into account this history of prefabricated construction in the context of a housing project. Designed by FAR frohn&rojas, the project takes warehouse prefabrication to the limits while introducing a discourse that has been strangely absent in the focus on prefabrication: the complexity and variety of inhabitation. David von Becker Covering six storeys, Wohregal is a Berlin is a residence of live/work ateliers. It is made of pre-cast concrete components well-known in warehouse construction. These components include pre-cast concrete pillars, beams and TT-ceilings &nd... More

Project • By GKD Metal FabricsCommunity Centres

Josep Carreras Leukaemia

Patients, doctors and researchers come together at this interdisciplinary institute. Barcelona’s hot sun and an all-glass façade presented the need for a durable sunscreen. GKD Omega 1520 stainless steel mesh provided the perfect sustainable solution. More

Project • By GKD Metal FabricsUniversities

Institute of Chemistry of Heidelberg University

This modern laboratory building enjoys unencumbered views through exterior walkways clad with GKD Omega 1510 stainless steel mesh with white-coated weft wires. The 104 panels provide fall guards on the balconies and protection from solar heat gain while still allowing daylight to flood the interiors. More

Project • By GKD Metal FabricsConcert Halls


The double-curved glass façade of this music hall is fitted with 66 panels of Omega stainless steel mesh, each measuring 57 feet in length and 10 feet in width. Woven in various mesh densities with flowing transitions, the architectural mesh offers both privacy and solar protection during the day. More

Project • By GKD Metal FabricsUniversities

Harry Ransom Center

Created by Lake / Flato Architects, the look and feel of the Center is just as important as the safety of its guests. Tasked to create a safe, attractive and low maintenance option, GKD combined its Dolphin and Lamelle weaves to frame the Center’s open staircases and railings. More