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NewsNews • 29 Jun 2022

Izar Houses in Mexico celebrate the natural landscape, light, and rainfall

On a steep site in Mexico, Izar Houses by Taller ADG Alonso de Garay pay exceptional attention to energy in terms of their approach to natural light and rainfall. Green roofing, use of local stone, and a façade lattice made of specially-treated wooden slats contribute to the integration of house and landscape. Onnis Luque Entry to the houses is located through an access plaza where the inclusion of water and vegetation fosters a sense of connection with the natural environment. Once inside, private areas are located on the lower level with more public and social areas upstairs. A skylight made of locally-sourced stone and vegetation connects the two floors. Onnis Luque The lobby acts as a type of distributing space to he... More

Project • By xzoomprojectPrivate Houses

Modern twin villa design Saudi Arabia

Modern twin villa (duplex) located in Saudi Arabia. Minimalistic and stunning architecture design. Caption Large pool at the backyard with decorative waterfall fountain. Caption Luxury and rich look with marble and travertine stone finishes. Caption Decorative pool at the fancy entrance group. Caption Please feel free to contact us for your custom luxury house project!   More

Project • By AKZ ArchitecturaShops

Click&Collect TSUM

Click & Collect is an online ordering area on the second floor of the department store, with four spacious fitting rooms, a lobby and a bar. Caption On 80 sq. m combined three functional spaces: a cash register, a comfortable seating area with a bright yellow sofa, fitting rooms with large mirrors and hanging chandeliers. Caption The interior is dominated by materials such as molten glass and marble. Cosiness is also created by elements of designer decor, aroma diffusers and a collection of books by Assouline and Taschen. The atmosphere of the virtual world was emphasized by touch panels with an assortment of online store, rich colors, futuristic shapes and textures. Caption Caption More

Project • By Virginia LorelloApartments


The project re-evaluates a two-room apartment in the heart of Milan, in a 1960s palace. The objective of the renovation is to make the apartment as large and bright as possible. The constructive memory of the existing is not entirely lost, but enhanced: the Palladian marble and the Italian herringbone parquet are maintained and smoothed; with small punctual interventions the contribution of light to the rooms is enhanced. Virginia Lorello Architetto The 1960s residential building is one of the most common building types in Milan. At that time there was certain care in the selection of finishes, but the interiors reflect a culture of living that was totally different from ours. The apartment consisted of a small kitchenette, a small li... More

Project • By MIRAGHousing

Housing building in Barcelona

The building is located in the Eixample district, near the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona. Its main characteristic is its civic character and the effort to integrate into a consolidated urban environment with different heritage buildings around it. The strategy to achieve this integration is to use traditional materials and colors from the Eixample's historic buildings, as well as reinterpreting aspects such as the rhythm and size of the openings. All these elements are combined at the same time in a contemporary language. His will is to be a part of the environment where it is located. DEL RIO BANI The facade is organized from a grid that allows the volume of the closed balconies to be integrated. This reticular structure is mad... More

Project • By shenakhteh studioExhibition Centres

tehrani stone complex

This project's approach, which is a place to display and sell stone slab products, goes beyond creating a showroom. It tries to give the audience a choice by being in space and sensory experience of using stone material in the building as an artistic object. The project is an annex to a newly constructed shed, after which the employer intends to add an office, a residential section, as well as an exhibition space. As a result, the connection that the add-on unit establishes with the existing shed becomes important and in many decisions affects the overall form of the project and the placement of the spaces.  The project is located in Shams Abad Industrial Town. In a context where most sheds and shops work in the field of stone materi... More

Project • By StudiohuertaPrivate Houses

Casa Escondida

Located off the desert coast of Los Cabos, Casa Escondida is a project of multiplicities. Mediating between complex and competing demands imposed by climate, program, and neighborhood regulations, the design overlays strategies of disguise and duality to construct the concept of a house within a house. Roland Halbe Roland Halbe Roland Halbe The discreet exterior displays a compliant structure, conforming to the requisite roof type, limited apertures, and stone cladding stipulated by community guidelines, while inside, architectural freedoms of form and materiality unfold. Carved out of the house’s conceptual massing, a composition of voids creates a second, protected exterior space; a courtyard covered by skylights tha... More

Project • By depaolidefranceschibaldan architettiPrivate Houses


An urban residence with an austere appearance, it dialogues with its densely built-up surroundings in a rough and selective way. Situated on a corner lot, it is on two levels organised around a central patio facing south, which brings natural light into all the main relational spaces. Alessandra Bello Fotografa It could be described as a house with two souls. Villa MM only shows its true kaleidoscopic essence once the visitor has crossed the solid sandblasted concrete curtain wall that forms its base. This opens up externally at the large telescope along the north front, giving a glimpse of the interior spaces. Alessandra Bello Fotografa It is surmounted by a monolithic volume of walnut travertine surgically sectioned with flar... More

Project • By Parc architectesHousing

Michigan Garden

Project: 89 residential and commercial buildings - European branch of the University of ChicagoArchitectural team: Parc architectes (housing) + Studio Gang (Uni. Of Chicago)Client: ICADE PromotionEngineering firms: Elioth (structure - environment) Artelia (fluids - HVAC - economics) AVLS (acoustics) OLM (landscaping)Construction companies: SPIE Batignolles OUTAREX © Studio Gang Linked togetherLong associated with an industrial district, this part of the 13th district of Paris is undergoing a major transformation. The ground is an artificial slab created to cover a railway station. Today it is a project of stone, terracotta and wood that will rise. It will participate in the reintroduction of the earth and biodiversity in the... More

Project • By Arch.A StudioApartments

Palm Medi

Less furnitures, air and sunlight will be free to get in. Less materials, their value are shown up. It's  balance in space.A 70m2 apartment with two bedrooms is located in Hochiminh city, Vietnam. This apartment building was built on an old palm forest beside the big city. It is a raw handing over apartment, but It's original plan was excellent designed with two balconies which created a huge flow for wind to get in and out of the space. In oder to keep the good air and sunlight, we aim to use as less furniture as possible. So, we could have more attention to details and usage of each items. This increase the value of furniture and materials. We tried to use less materials in oder to make a quiet and peacefull space. Only 3 main m... More

Project • By Bernardes ArquiteturaPrivate Houses

Delta House

Commissioned by a couple with three young children, this weekend house, located one and a half hours away from São Paulo, is built on a sloped terrain surrounded by an important Atlantic Forest reserve, in a plot allowed for building purposes. The functional program was laid out in different levels so as to let the house adapt to the existing terrain and trees in a subtle fashion.  The entrance is made from the car park on the lower level, from which a wide staircase shoots up across the first floor and on to the terrace where the social areas and master suite are built under a light canopy.  Ruy Teixeira Ruy Teixeira The first floor houses the children’s suites and overhangs the stone base of the house, p... More

Project • By Coronado Stone ProductsResidential Landscape

Diamond Crest at Bella Vista Ranch

This beautiful Toll Brothers designed home is accented with Coronado Stone Products Canyon Ledge / Cape Cod Grey.  The gorgeous pool and indoor-outdoor living space is tied together with the unique stone veneer texture and color.  This is the perfect environment to enjoy summertime fun with family and friends! More

Project • By Coronado Stone ProductsHousing

Copper View at Caramella Ranch

These awe-inspiring homes from Toll Brothers feature a variety of Coronado Stone Products. Each product works well with the modern architecture of these beautiful homes. More
Tuscan Villa / Coal
Old World Ledge / Birch Grove
Urbana Smooth / Smoke

Project • By Coronado Stone ProductsHousing

Coronado Stone New Colors

These home exteriors are adorned with Coronado Stone Products Newest Colors More

Product • By Coronado Stone ProductsNew Colors

New Colors

Showcasing the newest colors from Coronado Stone Products More