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Product • By Coronado Stone ProductsRefined WoodStone

Refined WoodStone

Searching for a bold modern look? Coronado Stone Products new Refined WoodStone offers a unique twist on wood paneling that flows well with any Urban Chic Style! These beautifully handcrafted concrete planks contain a combination of refined oak textures which accentuate the color variations on every piece. Refined WoodStone is sold in 6”x36” pieces and available in any color. More

Product • By Coronado Stone ProductsBarn WoodStone

Barn WoodStone

It’s not Wood, it’s Stone! Add the authentic look and feel of reclaimed barn wood to any installation. Sourcing authentic reclaimed barn wood can be expensive and unpredictable. To help our customers alleviate these problems, we created Barn WoodStone. This highly textured concrete based barn wood replica requires little maintenance and is also fire resistant. Now, anyone can achieve an authentic barn wood look! More

Product • By Coronado Stone ProductsOsage


Add warmth and character to any space with Coronado Stone Products Fossil Bay Osage stone veneer. This rugged stone veneer is available in several different earthy colors and offers a unique variety of ancient sea shell and coral textures. More

Product • By Coronado Stone Products3" Split Limestone

3" Split Limestone

Create a unique space by adding an elegant stone veneer like 3" Split Limestone. The subtle textures and colors of this limestone profile create a one of a kind look with endless design possibilities. More

Product • By Coronado Stone ProductsThe Wave

The Wave

Looking for something unique! Adding The Wave from Coronado Stone Products to your project can help you create a one of a kind look. These 32”x32” textured panels create a subtle continuous wave texture that adds depth and character to any wall. More

Product • By ROUVIEREVieille Demeure range pavements

Vieille Demeure pavement

Vieille Demeure pavements collection offers several models : Bourgoise, Bastide and Magnanerie. All those models are made with concrete and have old stone aspects, as we can find in "Manoirs", Provencal or Italian old houses, churches, etc. They are native colored and special effects can be done to give an older aspect. These pavements are available in thicknesses of 2 cm (for indoor usage, available on a heating underfloor), 4 cm for outdoor usage. They also can be used as stair steps and swimming pool surrounds with thicknesses on demand from 4 to 20 cm and special shapes as L or U pieces with falling parts. More

Product • By Coronado Stone ProductsPlaya Vista Limestone

Playa VIsta Limestone

Playa Vista Limestone a manufactured stone veneer that is a stylish linear minimalistic profile that works well with both modern and contemporary architectural designs. The soft texture and subtle reliefs create a very unique look. This sleek manufactured stone veneer can be adhered to most properly prepared substrates without the need of wall ties or additional structural supports. Either a coursed or random ashlar pattern can be used during the installation of this stone profile. More

Product • By Coronado Stone ProductsLennox Stone

Lennox Stone

Lennox stone veneer adds a unique centerpiece to the home’s interior design. The walls textures add a subtle, yet defining look that definitely draws everyone’s attention. The Lennox stone is one of eight unique profiles belonging to Coronado Stone Products Designer Series Collection. More

Product • By Coronado Stone ProductsValley Cobble

Valley Cobble

Valley Cobble offers gorgeous natural textures and rich color hues. This profile works great to highlight any architectural design. More

Project • By Vibe Design GroupPrivate Houses

Hayes Road

Vibe’s latest residence, Hayes Road began with a simple, universal brief. A young family needed a home that would facilitate a modern and open way of living, yet also cater for and conceal the ‘stuff’ that family life generates. Vibe’s response is a machine for organising space - for conjuring space where it ought not exist.A ruthlessly efficient design scheme and a beautiful contemporary home in-one.One example of the design at work is found in the main living space. Kitchen, dining and family ‘rooms’ sit within one open-plan expanse. Along one wall Vibe plays a trick with scale. What appears as one vast plane of walnut veneer, opens out to conceal a plethora of storage, a powder room, laundry and butler’s pantry. A great many things conce... More

Product • By Coronado Stone Products6" Split Limestone

6" Split Limestone

These sleek highly textured veneer was created for the designer looking to add a touch of minimalistic style to their project. The continuous linear patterns compliment both modern and contemporary architectural designs. More

Project • By GUILLEM CARRERA arquitecteApartments


Join, relocate and equip.Located on the ground floor of a residential building from the 60s of the 20th century located in the Tarragona area, it is planned to redesign a house that was divided programmatically into four rooms, a living room and a bathroom (these two last elements of small dimensions taking into account the 87 m2 that presents the usable surface housing in the plant).Once the morphology of the existing house was analysed, it was detected that although the living room communicated with the terrace, this one was small, at the same time that between the living room and the kitchen there was a room that was the cause of the existence of a corridor that consumed surface to the detriment of the living room itself, the kitchen and... More

Project • By dmitryman.comIndividual Buildings

Kitchen island studio created the new concept of straight kitchen island. Natural materials, natural colors, green line of grass harmoniously unite and create simple, linear, solid composition. Big mass of stone and wood composition meets the most minimalistic aesthetic demands. More

Project • By AUM Pierre MinassianPrivate Houses

La Mira Ra

La Mira Ra house, located in the South of France, is the fruit of a long reflection about the marriage of the wild nature of the Mediterranean and the minimalist purity of contemporary architecture - a marriage resulting in a unique architectural project. Realized between 2015 and 2017 by Pierre Minassian and his team of architects, today the house offers its inhabitants an intimate opening towards the sea.The integration of the project in its environment and their cohabitation were the two key elements in the design of the project. Located in a classified site, this private domain is under the obligation to include the use of the local stone in all its constructions. This requirement coupled with the love of the architect for the peacefuln... More