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Project • By Tsutsumi and AssociatesHotels

Tsingpu Baisha Retreat

An increasing number of old houses in rural area are being renovated to resort hotels targeting for city dwellers recently in China. This project is located in Baisha Village, Yunnan Province, where is an idyllic rural area with Naxi traditional houses. The masonry façade of the old houses is made by stacking local Wuhua-stones, and people can take a view of the majestic Jade Dragon Snow Mountain nearby. We were requested to reuse the four existing houses and the main gate, also build new buildings in irregular shaped extended site around them.   First, we assume that the only wooden frame structures of the existing buildings were exposed. Under this condition, we set the combination of randomly stacked stone volumes to make... More

Project • By KUBE ArchitecturePrivate Houses


This new house is located in NW Washington DC on a steeply-sloped and forested site. The project is a speculative house for a local developer, so it was designed to be constructed efficiently. The composition is organized as a series of vertical volumes situated within the trees, and stepping down the sloped site. The first floor is tall, so the volumes seem to “float” above the ground. A glassed-in corner dining room is featured from the street, while the living room and kitchen are situated toward the rear of the house, facing the overlook of pool and rear yard. The garage is 2 levels below the house, burrowed into the rear of the site, with its roof serving as a deck for the pool. The rear wall of the house... More

Project • By Ceresa ArchitettoExhibitions

Stone's craftsmen

"I was alone the sum of my emotions, and More in me it was the stone timeless"Carl Gustav JungThe exhibition is conceived as a meeting moment based on the exchange and dialogue between three different disciplines compared: painting, sculpture and architecture.The element that unites them is the moltrasina stone, material extracted from the Como area and in particular from Faggeto Lario's quarry.In these different research paths we find a common poetics, an attitude inspired by and rooted in the artisan tradition.The union of the three "artisans of stone" has led to a reflection and a comparison between the different disciplines that finds its concreteness through the elaboration of the exhibition and the realization of the catalog. More

Project • By Ceresa ArchitettoWarehouses

The powder magazine

Monorail Como lakeFunicularElevatorAn only-one material available on the territory that the builders have been able to use in various forms and using it in various construction elements.Between earth and sky, from the pavement to the chimney. Pebbles as paving, stone ashlar make up the bridge, squared blocks the walls of houses, and stone sheets the roofs. Here the circle is complete, it closes itself: a single constructive material, born in these places and in these places returns to be part of it in various forms.Lichens and moss turn yellow stone and the mountain reclaims the elements lent to man. More

Project • By Ceresa ArchitettoChurches

North South West East

The churchyard of Lemna's church is a craft work, made with local material and local workers.The gravel used is the same as the stone slabs which characterize the surrounding square. The inert contains in the center a wind rose made by hand, carved in stone. More

Project • By Ceresa ArchitettoPrivate Houses

"Young old man, old young man"

There is a painting which name is "Young old man, old young man". The painting was exposed at the deconsecrated Church of San Pietro in Atrio in Como, an ancient space in which inside the works of the artist José Molina found the right position.It was in April of three years ago. The project was an ongoing though. It was requested the extension of a house with the typical character of the area, moltrasina stone, wooden shutters and a double-pitched roof.The existing building is an old construction, and the new extension modify its nature, but in a way to combine the two...Many ways able to be taken but only two ones possible, without falling into compromises.Way A. Restore the old, by doing a unit bigger construction with contemporary chara... More
Parham Taghioff
Behzad Atabaki
Parham Taghioff
Parham Taghioff
Behzad Atabaki

Project • By Behzad Atabaki StudioOffices

Niayesh office Building

Niayesh Office Building | Behzad Atabaki | BonnArq Architects      Project description   Niayesh Office Building overlooks a busy expressway in Tehran and is set on a disproportionate semi-triangular plot of land. The main objective in the design was to create a form that would not reflect this disproportion. The central concept behind the design was to set the layers free from a monotonous repetition or other structural confinements. Here, each layer moves independently from the one on top or the other below. The floor layers, while not exactly similar, build up in a free manner and take on a light single-material stone-cover to create a harmonic and a homogenous identity/quality for the building. In the sunli... More

Project • By Elías Rizo ArquitectosPrivate Houses

Casa BS

Casa BS was built upon a relatively flat, treeless area. Unlike most of Tapalpa, which is covered with lush coniferous forests, the landscape surrounding the house appears alien; coloured in ochres and sepias, and sprinkled with boulders and patches of high grasses. The building rests on a hill overlooking a ravine which descends to a small lake, and offers uncanny views of a vast plain and the mountains beyond.At first glance, the house appears as a horizontal stone-clad volume half buried in the ground. Our goal was to obstruct the views of the land as little as possible, hence the building’s discreet disposition as it conforms to the terrain.The front façade, which faces north, displays a rather solid character. It is only partially visi... More

Project • By Hector Abrahams ArchitectsUrban Green Spaces

Tumut Community Labyrinth

This site-specific labyrinth, created as a gift to a small regional town in Australia, enhances the quality of its public domain, invites participation by all and promotes the civic life of the town. It is truly of its people and place - a local charitable trust had the vision, provided the funding, and sourced local contractors and materials while the local council donated the land. Its public parkland riverside setting close to the town provides an ideal location for community access, events, spaces for learning and enhanced enjoyment of the natural environment.The 1200m2 labyrinth provides an opportunity for reflection with a very clear path and a calming environment – the opposite of a maze, which is designed to con... More

Product • By OIA - one day at a timeCOSMOS Side & Coffee Table


Inspired by the feeling of weightlessness and its connection to the space, COSMOS tables are craft entirely in laminated stone. This advanced technique allows us to get an ultra-thin and high resistant marble table top. COSMOS are light, simple, easy and multipurpose connecting with you and your style no matter what it is.Available: SAHARA NOIR, CARRARA, GRAPHITE AND ERAMOSA MARBLE More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignRestaurants

Venezia Italian Restaurant Interior Design

Capturing the heart of Italy in the middle of Alabama, USA, the Venezia Italian restaurant interior design is an island of homely ambience, rich accents and beautiful lighting in a sea of Americana. The idea was to emulate a sense of cultural harmony that would make the dining experience as authentic as possible. So the CAS design team blended a mix of rustic and industrial style aesthetics in a converted warehouse setting to deliver a great visual and tactile experience. The richness of Italian outdoors was emulated in the interior design through potted plants, green windows, cobblestone flooring and a flowing fountain. In this way, the CAS team captured coziness, comfort and style; all in the same setting. More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignHousing

White Modern Islamic Villa Exterior Design

Islamic building exteriors have always been renowned for their meticulous and symmetrical geometry, whereas modernity is represented by stark surfaces and clean lines. The CAS design team artfully merged these two aspects in the design of this white modern Islamic villa exterior design in Jeddah, KSA. The intricate mashrabah’s are framed by elegant pointed arch windows, and the tall order of the entrance is designed in the image of the ‘iwan.’ However, the traditional aspect of this villa exterior is balanced out with the clean geometry and austere white color scheme articulated with stone. Together, these two styles evoke a dichotomous aesthetic that captures the Islamic culture and gives the overall exterior a solid identity at the same t... More

Project • By LapitecYachts

Private boat

Lapitec sets sail for new horizons in the Cantieri delle Marche yacht The perfect union of functionality and aesthetic refinement: these are the values that have led the Cantiere delle Marche yacht company to choose full body sintered stone as a material for some of the surfaces in the new Explorer Yacht M/Y Babbo. In fact, with its very sociable layout, the yacht features various cooking, dining and chill-out zones that can host up to 30 people. In this context, Lapitec®’s resistance to atmospheric and environmental agents, the natural quality of the colours and the extreme workability of the slabs make it the perfect material for use at sea. Sintered stone: an ideal material for the nautical sector Thanks to its resi... More


PIX House

This project is an architectural intervention done on a single-family house. At the request of the client, the existing house and the local architectural memory and identity should be preserved in order to avoid unnecessary construction waste. Therefore, we went on a search for coincident alignments that would allow us to unify the isolate buildings and transform them into a unit. We took over the central patio void, which we covered in large glass sheets supported by steel columns and beams forming a freestanding structure, independent from the existing fragile walls, and as an architectural hiatus, we invaded and dressed this void with the purpose of joining the buildings. As a result, we unified the two volumes in a way that allowed... More

Project • By Mano de Santo ™ - Equipo de ArquitecturaPrivate Houses

Detached house Casa Klamar

The property is located on a plot of accentuated slope, oriented South-East and its altitude is visible in the foreground the City of Valencia and in the distance the horizon of the Mediterranean Sea.The topography and the mark left after the demolition of an old building, marked the first sketch lines that became the guide to follow for the design of this house.The architecture itself absorbs the difference between making terrain elevations articulating element separating the two major outdoor areas, a corresponding public access and a private housing where the pool and recreation area.The architecture provides a single massive volume element, constructed with reinforced concrete structural walls white seen continuous formwork wooden table... More