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Product • By MarazziBlend


The Blend collection is inspired by the materials used for the construction of antique concrete structures. The stone effect tiles in the Blend collection come in 4 colours and 3 sizes. Produced in fine porcelain stoneware, the collection's tiles have a satiny surface and are suitable for the floors of residential and commercial buildings. More

Project • By COA (Craft of Architecture)Private Houses

Villa Casamina

Site Vamizi Island, Quirimbas Archipelago, Mozambique. Subtropical climate. Coastal sanctuary. Brief Coastal retreat to sleep approximately 15 persons. Viewing tower, tree house & pool. Approximate area of 500sqm. Local materials. Design & Features Located off the high water line and out of sight in the dense coastal vegetation. Pavilion architecture with individual bedrooms positioned between the trees on site. Difficulties in procurement of hardwood from the mainland a concrete frame structure was favoured, this allowed for quick construction and wide spans for sea views. The concrete frame was scabbled to reveal a texture of local shells and stones that formed part of the aggregate. Hand carved timer screens and wov... More

Project • By (dp)ªSTUDIO | disegno progetto architetturaPrivate Houses


The project focuses on the refurbishment of a duplex unit of the ‘70s, located in the outskirts of Sammichele di Bari (a small town in Apulia). The original configuration did not provide a clear distinction between the living area and sleeping area, since it was built according to the standards of the time. There were also few service spaces and a low degree of light in the living room. The strategy is to divide the site plan into three distinct parts and place a block, in the middle, equipped with facilities: the integrated kitchen, utility room, hallway bedroom, laundry room, bathroom, closet and guest bath. Within the central core, the ceiling has been lowered to include the air conditioning system. The custom-made furniture splits t... More

Product • By Castle Stones WorldwideModel Loft

Model Loft

Most of the tiles are larger formats of up to 123 cm. Their puristic looks are reminiscent of historic epochs. The Loft collection spans more than 20 different surface textures, and the tiles are available in various formats. More

Product • By Coronado Stone ProductsThe Classic Series

The Classic Series

These alluring oversized tiles were created to mimic the elegant stone adorning some of the most stunning architectural wonders of the world. The exquisite textures included in this series range from finely detailed limestone to deeply eroded travertine. Each profile flows well with both Classical and Modern design styles. More

Product • By Coronado Stone ProductsPro-Ledge


Coronado Stone Products® Pro-Ledge® panelized stone veneer features tremendous design versatility. A combination of elegant small scale stones meticulously arranged with just the right amount of relief provides a product that enhances a variety of design styles. - Rich Palette of New Designer Colors - Variety of Beautifully Textured Pieces - Installs in Less Time and at a Lower Cost - Enhances both Modern and Traditional Projects With Coronado Stone’s new Pro-Ledge® panelized stone, efficiency meets elegance. More

Product • By COTTOBalza


Taking an inspiration from a rock-hard cliff, Balza represents borderless freedom and adventure of life in nature. Its monochromatic colors reflect a solitude and durability of a steep rock to withstand any natural impacts. This series of fine porcelain stoneware was created by harmoniously fusing a pattern of natural-cut granites with three chromatic granules; Chalk, Ash, and Carbon. Its surface recalls the flamed natural stone slap which delivers delicate movement and sense of touch to all ambiences. Balza is a prime series designed for all areas, from interior to exterior, of modern architecture. Balza is available in various sizes from 40x80, 80x80, to 80x180 cm. among which you can choose the one that best fits your specific need. More

Project • By Gariselli AssociatiVillages


An elegant village in the hills of North of Italy. Complex architectures that combine the rural appearance of the place with the most modern design concepts, bucolic structures that intersect with modern elements, classical materials are combined with the most advanced building products. A quiet place where architecture becomes an integral part of nature by means of natural materials and bright colors that blend in idyllic tranquility and equilibrium. In collaboration with Ing. Vittorio Ravazzini and Arch. Annalisa Vandelli. More
Calm and serene living room
Main entry
Front facade clearly expresses client's desires
Generous kitchen for meal preparation or entertaining

Project • By Incite DesignHousing

AZ House

AZ house Situated in an affluent area of mid-town Toronto this modern house serves to celebrate the clients’ love of nature and their desire to live an active and engaged urban lifestyle. The clients were a forward thinking couple with a drive to create a house with clean spaces and simple detailing. Using the Incite Method, the design process progressed through collaborative engagement directly with the clients to ensure that the house was tailored to achieve their objectives and enabled them to live their desired lifestyle. Although the surrounding neighborhood is made up of predominantly traditional houses, this modern design respects the eave lines, porch lines and building massing of the neighboring houses. The clients had... More

Project • By Ana Paula Barros ArquiteturaRestaurants

Gazebo PY

Recreation area on the edge of Lake Paranoá. Charming space and stripped to receive friends. More

Product • By Strikolith BVStrikolith binnenafwerkingen

Strikolith binnenafwerkingen

Strikolith is a renowned producer and supplier in the finishes industry. Specifically designed for internal and external use, a wide range of plaster, mineral plaster, finishing paint and wall paint, plaster casts and filling primer, easily processable and available in many colours and structures. Plaster material for indoor and outdoor useStrikolith produces several sorts of plaster of different granule structures and sizes. The colour palette has more than ten thousand different colours. We like to call ourselves trendsetters in the Dutch plaster industry. We strive to achieve this every day. More

Project • By Gariselli AssociatiPrivate Houses


A restructuring that takes life from the roots of the building: a symbiosis between the different elements and an inspiration to the basic lines makes the project a harmonious blend of materials and shapes. First floor stands out as the bough of a tree differs from the trunk, solid and massive, represented here by the ground floor of the building, entirely covered by stone. An overlap of the volumes and interlacing of lines differ the upper part from the lower. The first is developed vertically, thanks to the precise lines and sparse openings and the second is connected to the ground with the horizontal, fragmentary lines and discontinuous material. Large windows capture the natural surroundings, blending with the vegetation and integrating... More

Project • By Areniscas Stone - Spanish Natural StoneWineries

City Of Wine Complex Marqués De Riscal (Gehry Partners LLC)

Nearly 5,000 sqm. of Beige Pinar sandstone were used in the cladding & paving of this outstandingly unique building, made up by a series of rectilinear elements, clad in sandstone, combined with gold and pink titanium and mirror finish stainless steel. The winery of Vinos Herederos del Marques de Riscal is one of the oldest wineries in the region. The building is reached along a road, pass the vineyards and the existing wine production facilities dating back to the mid-nineteenth century. The building is lifted on columns, creating a small entry plaza beneath the building itself, along the edge of a small area of the vineyards. The upper levels provide breathtaking views of the vineyards, the San Andres Church, and the surround... More
Apartment Amsterdam
Apartment Amsterdam
Apartment Amsterdam
Apartment Amsterdam
Apartment Amsterdam

Project • By BruutApartments

Apartment Amsterdam / 1

Design by Ruud van Oosterhout Interior by bruut design More

Project • By GROHEHotels

Leogang Krallerhof

a completely unique world of well-being was created with natural colour pigments The colour compositions in the wellness area create a sensual atmosphere The “Refugium” of the 4 star luxury hotel is one of the most beautiful and architecturally interesting wellness centres in Austria. A large, horizontally layered slate stone wall integrates the wellness area into the surrounding mountain range and encloses the “Refugium” as a work of art made from glass, metal, stone, wood, colour and light. High-quality GROHE Allure faucets for wash basins, bathtubs and showers as well as GROHE Rainshower® shower fittings ensure the water experience at Krallerhof is natural, very sensual and relaxing. More