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Project • By TECO + partnersStudent Housing

Zamboni student housing

The university residence, designed by TECO+partners, is situated in the San Donato zone, near the historical seat of the University of Bologna. It joins a social scenario characterized by changing lifestyles, changing forms of coexistence, where the new living models become an important aspect of students’ education, inserting them in a system of relations and contributing strongly to their social growth. Fabio Mantovani The building develops along a much-frequented road and its long side overlooks the street. The shape of the building was strongly conditioned by the Masterplan of the Ex Ferrovia Veneta authority, which defined a highly compact, non-modifiable volume. Fabio Mantovani In order to cope with this restriction,... More

Project • By Beyer Blinder Belle Architects & PlannersLibraries

Harvard Undergraduate House Renewal Winthrop House

Winthrop House, comprised of two Neo-Georgian former freshman dormitory buildings from 1913, had undergone few upgrades since its construction. The renewal program re-envisioned Winthrop’s residential, academic, social, and co-curricular spaces and addresses technical challenges, including significant envelope upgrades, the installation of all-new mechanical systems, and detailed restoration work for the House’s signature public spaces. Amidst the sensitive context of Harvard’s River Houses, BBB also designed Robert M. Beren Hall, a distinctive 41-bed addition that includes shared amenities for undergraduates. Working with the House Renewal Project Management Office, Faculty of Arts & Sciences, the Faculty Deans, and s... More

Project • By Álvarez-Díaz & VillalónUniversities

UPR Mayagüez Campus Student Life

The Student Life project includes the construction of the new living spaces for students, passive outdoor areas for common use, access to the existing street, and the corresponding infrastructure. The proposed new building will have six floors and approximately 182,810 square feet to accommodate the program, projected to have the capacity for 552 students with different types of bedrooms, including single, double and quadruple rooms. The building’s functionality and aesthetics will strategically respond to the surrounding areas activities, from pedestrian activity within the campus, down to the interactions between the students and the community. The Student Life Project’s objective is to become an example of student residentia... More

Project • By Cascadia Windows & DoorsStudent Housing

Origin Residence at SFU

Winner of two Ovation Awards, the Origin Residence are part of Simon Fraser University's UniverCity community in Burnaby. More

Project • By HEDUniversities

Latitude Dining Commons

As the University of California Davis continues to expand, Student Housing has been challenged to continue to develop strong communities in each of its residential areas that can unite with the rest of campus. The Latitude Dining Commons is key to this strategic plan and will serve as a gateway building for the entire campus as future pedestrian pathways connect the project to the eastern reaches of the University. It is sited between existing residential buildings and future science buildings and connects to a major campus street – offering a central locus for the residences and sciences.   The design for the Latitude Dining Commons is inspired by the sun-drenched agricultural heart of the state. This is reflected in clear, fu... More

Project • By DuradekStudent Housing

Lofts at Mercer Landing

Overlooking the stadium at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia, you will find an expansive roof top recreation area atop a university housing complex. The expansive recreational roof deck common area was completed with Duradek Heritage Agate with cool roof qualities. Applied with adhesives, the 6 ft widths of vinyl sheets were heat welded for a completely water-tight seal. Duradek is installed only by applicators that are trained in the techniques required to integrate the membrane into the building envelope. The 10,000 sq. ft. rooftop terrace is a highly used outdoor amenity for The Lofts student housing so shutting down access for maintenance is a troublesome prospect. With Duradek™, maintenance is minimal and requires no recoating... More

Project • By Ludwig Hansen ArchitectsStudent Housing

Student Residence and Dining Hall

Located on the Lower Campus of the recently established University of Mpumalanga, LHA+UD’s new student residence and dining facility defines the southern boundary of the university. Initially appointed in 2011 by the Department of Higher Education to establish the Design and Development framework for the relatively new university, LHA+UD were subsequently appointed in 2016 to design a new student residence and dining hall for the increasing number of students registered at the university.  The building provides accommodation for 200+ students in a mix of single and shared rooms along with self-contained bachelor units, in tandem with the 700 seater dining hall. The guiding principle was to create a building focused arou... More

Project • By Cordogan Clark & AssociatesApartments

X Chicago

Located directly west of the Dan Ryan Expressway at 710 West 14th Street a new 99-unit seven story luxury apartment building branded simply as "X", is designed for young professionals and grad students in Chicago's University Village neighborhood. Its architectural design, headed by Cordogan Clark and the X Company, provides high-end amenities and a sense of community.   "X" includes such amenities as co-working space, modern fitness center, yoga room, communal kitchen, and expansive roof deck with grills and social spaces, dog run, and fire pit. The 79-foot-tall project also features rooftop photovoltaic panels and garage parking for 99 vehicles and 125 bicycles. Apartments feature 10-foot ceilings and generous natural light. There... More

Project • By SasakiMasterplans

Xinyang University South Bay Campus Master Plan

The master plan for Xinyang University’s (XYU) new campus sets the university apart as a 21st-century liberal arts institution that nurtures ecologically-minded and socially conscious living-learning communities. From the outset, the university leadership and Sasaki developed a bold vision to integrated social, economic, and educational aspirations to create an alternative model to the current practices of delivering higher education in China. Sasaki’s highly collaborative and iterative planning process is informed by thorough research of XYU’s current pedagogy and the site’s characteristics, ecoregion, and climatic conditions. Today, the majority of China’s leading universities and colleges are state-owned. H... More

Project • By GaS StudioPrivate Houses

Campus Monneret

The temporary residence project on Monneret de Villard Street aims for the reconstruction of an old student housing building in the Lambrate area of Milan with the objective of creating a new energy efficient residential complex for students and solving a series of various critical issues related to the existing building, such as security and energy consumption.   The project’s goals were aimed to increase the number of available rooms for students of the Universities of Milan with quality temporary housing solutions, which were also to be economically accessible, and to improve the impact of the context in which the building is located.   The existing building is located in the area with a strong human presence, affecte... More

Project • By Ann Beha ArchitectsUniversities

Bates College Kalperis and Chu Halls

Student life at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine, centers on a rich residential and campus culture. Ann Beha Architects(ABA) completed a campus plan, exploring the revitalization of underutilized campus buildings, investment in the surrounding neighborhood, integration ofcampus programs with new student housing, campus landscape initiatives, and development of a multi-phase plan forimplementation.   As the first completed phase of the campus plan, ABA’s design for Kalperis and Chu Halls, which comprise the newStudent Residences and Campus Life Center, creates a new campus gateway and student communityon Campus Avenue, the college’s main street. The new mixed-use complex houses more than 240 students and a retailcommons wi... More

Project • By 74Bars

Symons House

Multi-award-winning interiors and architecture practice 74 has completed a stand-out student amenities project for client London and Scottish Student Housing within their new-build Symons House student accommodation block in Leeds. 74 also created the project’s branding and wayfinding. Architectural Inspiration: Symons House, designed by Leeds-based architectural practice Cunniff Design, takes the form of a reverse L-shape building, with seven storeys located on its lower horizontal plane and twenty-one on the vertical upright section. Both the building’s ground and lower-ground storeys, where the amenities spaces are located, stand out by being indented from the main building above and also by featuring glazed walls.  T... More

Project • By B612 AssociatesApartments

Fontainas urban block reconfiguration

Master-plan, Fontainas park development, construction of 22 social housing and 35 student housing, 2 child-care rooms ( 20 children), a sports hall, a multi-purpose room, a restaurant space and a 42 slots parking space. Passive project, Eco-building.    In the heart of Brussels, the vast indefinite space of the Fontainas’ isle is the result of the demolition of the Philips factories.The site, although vast, constituted a succession of devalued spaces in a context of very heterogeneous dimensions in connection with the future pedestrian center, and equipped with some sports facilities.  The expected response was the reconstruction of the closed classical islet of the historic city, in order to cauterize the open wound... More

Project • By DATAStudent Housing

Student housing at Gif-sur-Yvette

Completed at the end of 2018, the student housing is located at Gif-sur-Yvette, at the core of the Moulon’s ZAC on the Saclay’s plateau. New piece of the Centrale-Supelec’campus, it is  designed as a unitary architectural object, in dialogue with its close environment.   The apartments, designed to host a single or several students, are located in the upper floors. The ground floor is left free to host common spaces, such as a versatile hall, a laundry, and a parking facility. Largely opened to the outside, theses spaces interact with public areas and with others buildings on the campus, therefore participating in creating freed and improvised uses.   The building is structured around two large yards, th... More

Project • By Architekten Tillner & Willinger ZT GmbHStudent Housing

Messecarree B

Messecarree B is a ten-storey student dorm in the second district of Vienna. The shared facilities (Learning Lounge, seminar rooms) as well as commercial premises (Restaurants, Start-Up offices, Fitness Center) are located on two elevated basement levels of the building.These basement levels are spanned by redsidential floors and can be entered either via the plaza or a surrounding green landscape.Three staircases as well as elevators are placed in the center and on either side of the building with the main entrance on the north-eastern side connecting the plaza level.The inner and outer staircases are inserted through the glazed fassace and connect both sides with each other. In contrast the southern and centered staircases lead straight... More