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Project • By Parc architectesHousing

Michigan Garden

Project: 89 residential and commercial buildings - European branch of the University of ChicagoArchitectural team: Parc architectes (housing) + Studio Gang (Uni. Of Chicago)Client: ICADE PromotionEngineering firms: Elioth (structure - environment) Artelia (fluids - HVAC - economics) AVLS (acoustics) OLM (landscaping)Construction companies: SPIE Batignolles OUTAREX © Studio Gang Linked togetherLong associated with an industrial district, this part of the 13th district of Paris is undergoing a major transformation. The ground is an artificial slab created to cover a railway station. Today it is a project of stone, terracotta and wood that will rise. It will participate in the reintroduction of the earth and biodiversity in the... More

Project • By Studio GangExhibition Centres

American Museum of Natural History, Gilder Center

The latest addition to New York’s historic American Museum of Natural History, the Richard Gilder Center for Science, Education, and Innovation will embody the Museum’s integrated mission of science education and exhibition.   At a time of urgent need for better public understanding of science and greater access to science education, the Gilder Center will offer new ways to learn about our world and share in the excitement of scientific discovery.   The design for the Gilder Center reclaims the physical heart of the museum and completes connections between existing galleries that were originally envisioned in the museum’s campus master plan. Visitor circulation is enhanced to better accommodate the museum’s rising annual attendance, which o... More