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Project • By Chain + SimanPrivate Houses

Ochre House

Ochre House is a two-story residence situated in the heart of Mexico City that combines modern elements with touches of rustic design to create an exquisite balance. Rafael Gamo This house was built for a family of five, and as such, every space caters for the needs of each of them. Since the property is bordered on two sides by a large slope, the house was distanced as much as possible from it with an orchard to obtain the best possible views. Rafael Gamo The house is designed so that sunlight pours in from two directions in a way that natural light itself contains the space. The large, mullioned windows imbue the surroundings with a classic touch create a cozy ambience along with the bespoke furniture and oak-wood floors and c... More

Project • By Arch.A StudioApartments

Palm Medi

Less furnitures, air and sunlight will be free to get in. Less materials, their value are shown up. It's  balance in space.A 70m2 apartment with two bedrooms is located in Hochiminh city, Vietnam. This apartment building was built on an old palm forest beside the big city. It is a raw handing over apartment, but It's original plan was excellent designed with two balconies which created a huge flow for wind to get in and out of the space. In oder to keep the good air and sunlight, we aim to use as less furniture as possible. So, we could have more attention to details and usage of each items. This increase the value of furniture and materials. We tried to use less materials in oder to make a quiet and peacefull space. Only 3 main m... More

Project • By KamakuraStudioPrivate Houses

HOUSE H - The house with plants

The house before rebuilding had stayed in the shadow because the location that had been surrounded by many buildings had been bad. That's why the room hadn't got much sunlight, and the potted plants that had been outside had been losing their energy in the dimly-lit place. So we started designing the best places for plants with the owner who loves plants. First of all, we set up the garden on the second floor of the north side which has been the best place of getting a lot of sun and hasn't backlit. And then we put some plants in it.Secondly, we tilted the ceiling that we coated the surface of with reflective material. By doing so, we have projected the shape of the plants that can not be seen from the first floor as a virtual image on the... More

Project • By Mustard ArchitectsOffices

Nestle Studio

A new build timber clad and light filled artist’s studio nestled around an existing Silver Birch tree and existing mature garden planting. The studio is nestled into the corner of a once overgrown and neglected area of a suburban garden nurturing a prominent Silver Birch tree within its form. With an expanding family our client wanted to create a functional painting studio within their garden that retained, formed part ofand enhanced the existing landscape. The Silver Birch tree was a garden key focal point and the studio was designed to wrap around it whilst allowing light to penetrate deep into the studio. To ensure the tree survived the construction process and grow to full maturity the studio was built on piles to avoid... More