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Project • By LZFRestaurants

Restaurante Alameda

Alameda is Spanish for poplar grove, but it is often used to describe any shaded tree-lined boulevard, however, in this case it is also the name of José Ángel Castro and Evangelía Chalatsako’s new restaurant in the Salamanca district of Madrid. The Salamanca district represents the most cosmopolitan Madrid, it is one of the most pleasant and luxurious areas of the city. The two-storey restaurant has been designed with a nod to the nineteenth-century housing of this district, with hardwood flooring and classic cut moldings, yet, at the same time entering the restaurant gives you the sensation of leaving the city and entering an oasis of exquisiteness that perfectly combines nature and urbanism. Colectivo Verben... More

Product • By Pablo DesignsSolis


In creating Solis, designer Carmine Deganello set out to engage with light in its archetypal form: the sun’s rays. The resulting piece is an engaging blend of light and shadows, casting shimmering rays and radiating patterns onto a space. The effect is a sense of weightlessness — and a redefined environment that invites a new kind of relationship with the light source. A suspension lamp made of lightweight polyester fabric and stainless steel, Solis can be used as a pendant, hung from a wall, or as a freestanding, portable luminaire. More

Project • By LODESHousing

The designer home, Dubai UAE

The designer house is a beautiful private house in the Residential area of Al Barari, in the heart of Dubai, UAE. Designed by Dipiugi General Trading founder and creative director Sawsan Haber, the house features multiple Lodes lighting fixtures, including Sky-Fall, A-Tube Nano, Nautilus and Random. Suspended on single canopies, a composition of Sky -Fall lamps, in Chrome and Rose Gold, shines from above the staircase. Available in two sizes, Sky-Fall’s shape captures the imagination in its reminiscence of ancient decanters in precious blown glass. A-Tube Nano is a suspension lamps which interprets light in its simplest form by creating a thin luminous line in the living spaces. For her home, Sawsan chose a stunning 36-light round... More

Product • By LODESSpider


Spider is a round suspension lamp resembling an eye that can look into any part of the room. By adjusting the angle of the diffuser, the light beam emitted by the LED light can be directed towards any specific point. When installed on the different clusters available, it can create numerous lighting patterns, from functional to decorative, which can be dimmed at will. In Spider, the simplicity of the looks underscores the versatility of its performance. More

Product • By LODESSky-Fall


In Sky-Fall, the traditional glass processing techniques embrace the most advanced LED technologies. The shape of Sky-Fall captures the imagination in its reminiscence of ancient decanters in precious blown glass. Its function amazes thanks to the innovative double 10 W LED source that diffuses direct and indirect light. Available in two sizes and in five finishes, Sky-Fall decorates both when it is on and when it is off. More

Product • By LODESRandom


A lightweight, blown glass suspension lamp, Random is made up of three round diffusers of different sizes which form one simple, eye-catching whole. Each diffuser has an LED light source which emits a soft white light. When grouped together on a cluster, Random light fixtures form a poetic composition like soap bubbles, enhanced by the contemporary finishes which add a touch of character and originality. More

Product • By LODESRandom Solo

Random Solo

Five perfect spheres floating in the air like gentle glass bubbles. Designed by Chia-Ying Lee, Random Solo revisits the concept of the Random suspension lamp by parting the original three-piece cluster and adding two new blown glass spheres.   The five sizes and six different finishes available offer ample styling freedom, both as individually suspended light points and in light and lively combinations on clusters. The new fingerprint resistant frosted white finish magically changes the perception of the sphere and its volume, opening new opportunities for interior decoration. More

Product • By LODESRain


Rain falls from the ceiling like a drop of spring rain, with a linear movement that accentuates the curvaceous conical forms of its body. A metal suspension lamp with an LED light source projected toward a convex lens—simple and effective, elegant and extremely bright, to be used either independently or as a design composition. More

Product • By LODESNostalgia


With its retro flair, Nostalgia elegantly tells of ancient glass blowing practices in three sinuous forms that can be combined at will. The perfection of the glass, the innovative LED technology and six elegant finishes make Nostalgia an extremely contemporary and versatile lamp that lends itself to the creation of captivating atmospheres, whether on or off. More

Product • By LODESJIM


Immediate function, uncomplicated style, durable materials, modular at will. Inspired by the abat-jours of the ateliers of the early 1900s, JIM is a system of suspension lamps with distinctive shapes and a versatile composition that suits any interiors and living environment. JIM’s versatility is further enhanced by the versatile composition: the four different finishes for the shades can be combined with the three different suspension hook hues as desired. More