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Project • By Cerámica MayorHotels

Grand Blue Villas

Grand Blue is a complex of villas located in the southern part of Rhodes, in the unexplored area of Lachania. This group of villas was established as a destination area for those seeking relaxation and tranquillity during their summer holidays. Caption Their decoration and materials cater to a new concept of luxury, offering warm hospitality and the precious charm of the island, designed to offer the feeling of living with all the comforts and spectacular views of the Aegean Sea. Caption Among these amenities is the spacious terrace with its dazzling infinity pool, all paved in our Cements Snow, a porcelain stoneware that mimics cement, bringing all the benefits of ceramic fused with the modern and contemporary aesthetics of cem... More

Project • By Whipple Russell ArchitectsPrivate Houses


Jason Speth Guests coming up the front steps of this hilltop home are met with a Carrera marble sculpture by Richard Erdman, titled Serenade, selected by our clients, whose devotion to the process made this an especially joyful collaboration. Also part of the team were Robert Wright and Jason York of McCormick and Wright, who did the interior design and were a distinct pleasure to work with. There are a lot of details and non-standard finishes in this house - personal taste, not trendy taste. The dark-grey rough stacked-slate exterior is capped with crisply contrasting white stucco. A pivot-style all-glass front door and surround welcomes you to the modern West Coast lifestyle, framing a view through the house to the hills beyond.... More

Product • By ROUVIEREModern concrete swimmingpool surrounds

Contemporary swimmingpool surrounds

Rouviere manufactures concrete copings in various shapes for swimming pool surrounds. These pieces are handmade and can be customized. With several concrete contemporary aspects, they exist in straight rectangular models, as well as L and U-shaped models. They can be done with big dimensions such as 50x100 cm. 9 colors are available for each model. The specific model called Sermivelt is also available in 64 colors of microconcrete plaster used to cover it. More

Project • By MJMASwimming Pools

UBC Aquatic Centre

“How can this new Aquatic Centre effectively train Olympians, serve its community, and enhance the student experience. How can it operate ‘learn-to-swim’ programs while at the same time run a 1000 person swim meet?" In 2012, UBC sent more swimmers to the London Olympic Summer Games than anywhere in Canada, and had the most successful swim team in the country. Meanwhile the explosive market-driven expansion of the Endowment Lands and burgeoning Campus Community has created the fastest growing youth and family population in the Lower Mainland. The new Aquatic Centre is required to meet the needs of both these groups; a high performance training / competition venue and community aquatic centre within a single facility while engaging the P... More

Project • By Kraaijvanger Sports Centres

Zwemcentrum Rotterdam

Swimming in an office? In the middle of the city? Between shops, city hall, restaurants and wellness? As of Friday 23rd of February 2018 this is officially possible. At 12am city council member Visser opened Swimming Venue Rotterdam. Kraaijvanger Architects designed the plan for this unique sustainable transformation from office to swimming pool in commission of Consortium Hart van Zuid (Ballast Nedam & Heijmans). Children, adults and top athletes are welcome for swimming lessons, sport – and recreational swimming and - with the 50-meter pool - for official international competitions. The exterior of the building remains recognizable for the neighborhood, because the design consists out of characteristic parts that remain intact between... More

Project • By KawneerSwimming Pools

Noorderparkbad Amsterdam

After forty years, the Noorderparkbad in Amsterdam is the successor of the Floraparkbad. Round and wavy shapes dominate in the swimming pool. These shapes make the surrounding park and the building flow smoothly together. Just like the former bathhouses in the neighborhood, the Noorderparkbad is supposed to be a meeting place. The swimming pool is the most sustainable one in the Netherlands, but that is not all: in May 2016, the Noorderparkbad was named winner of the Amsterdamse Architectuurprijs 2016. Both jury and audience were in complete agreement that the Noorderparkbad is the best Amsterdam building of 2015. And to make it all complete, the swimming pool received the prestigious title ‘most beautiful swimming pool in the world’ at poo... More

Project • By LapitecSwimming Pools

Private swimming pool

In a charming location in the province of Treviso lies this Lapitec swimming pool. The wisely renovated rural setting that surrounds the construction enhances its modern and elegant style even further thanks to the combination of Lapitec (chosen for the pool's cladding and stone paving) and wooden decking. The colour is Bianco Crema, with Satin and Vesuvio finishes and thicknesses of 12 and 30 mm. The Vesuvio finish, which is more structured and non-slip, was chosen for the outer edge of the pool, while the smoother finish, Satin, was used for the internal cladding. The construction was completed in September 2015, thanks to the design and support of the architect Maurizio Trevisan from Treviso. Architect: Arch. Mauriz... More

Project • By Whipple Russell ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Benedict Canyon

Our client, C.J. Wilson, who was a Major League Baseball pitcher, wanted an open-plan house for hosting guests, a large flat lawn for ballplay, and a photography studio along with a gallery space suitable for hanging his large art projects.  William MacCollum   The hilltop site required a 10-foot high retaining wall to create a sturdy level pad for building our client’s vision. William MacCollum A spiral driveway leads to the property, which then opens to the car park and entrance walkway. William MacCollum William MacCollum William MacCollum On the left, is the upstairs studio space, accessible via stairs that rise up over the first reflecting pool. William MacCollum   Wide horizonta... More

Project • By GiraSwimming Pools

De Fluit

De Fluit is a sustainable swimming pool with a silver lining All the comfort within reach via three central touch screens The old De Fluit swimming pool in Leidschendam stands awaiting demolition next to the new one. The contrast between old and new is enormous. The changes inside are not only visible, they are also noticeable. The brand-new building excels in the field of sustainability, efficiency and comfort, thanks to clever construction and installation technology. The boiler fuelled by wood chips for heating the building and pool water, and the electrical installation are exceptional and provide efficiency and comfort thanks to automation and central operation. The old De Fluit swimming pool is 45 years-old and no longer meet... More
Laveno Lakeside Masterplan: Resort and Residential Development
Laveno Lakeside Masterplan: Resort and Residential Development
Laveno Lakeside Masterplan: Resort and Residential Development
Laveno Lakeside Masterplan: Resort and Residential Development
Laveno Lakeside Masterplan: Resort and Residential Development

Project • By One WorksMasterplans

Laveno Lakeside Masterplan: Resort and Residential Development

The project, assigned to OneWorks after winning a competition in 2006, concerns the transformation of a former industrial site sitting on Lake Maggiore's shores, one of the most beautiful bodies of water in northern Italy. The masterplan reveals the property to the town of Laveno; an open space network is the means to reconcile the brownfield with the historical center. Availing to Gustafson-Porter as landscape consultants, the proposal for the former ceramic plant involved residential complexes and tourist accommodations. Foreseen are also retail facilities, a hotel, spa, and public services. The masterplan sought contemporary interpretations of historical landscapes and architectures comparing them not only with the issues of current... More

Project • By VenhoevenCS architecture + urbanismSports Centres


Sports and recreation centre Nekkerpool (serving the province of Antwerp in Belgium) offers a range of indoor and outdoor activities, and the addition of a swimming pool to the programme will make the package even more complete. The architects challenge was to seize the opportunity to give the Nekker recreation centre as a whole a facelift, in addition to designing a modern and sustainable swimming pool. The site revolves around the new entrance area, where a pedestrian bridge makes the connection between the existing and new complex. The new Nekkerpool is light, spacious and transparent. Thanks to the panoramic patio, connecting canopy, spectacular pergola and carefully placed windows offering views of the surroundings, all parts of the... More

Project • By Zaha Hadid ArchitectsSwimming Pools

London Aquatics Centre

Design Concept The architectural concept of the LondonAquatics Centre is inspired by the fluidgeometry of water in motion, creatingspaces and a surrounding environment insympathy with the river landscape of theOlympic Park. An undulating roof sweepsup from the ground as a wave - enclosingthe pools of the Centre with its unifyinggesture of fluidity, whilst also describing thevolume of the swimming and diving pools.The London Aquatics Centre is designed tohave the flexibility to accommodate the sizeand capacity of the London 2012 OlympicGames whilst also providing the optimumsize and capacity for use in Legacy modeafter the 2012 Games. Site Context The London Aquatics Centre is located atthe south eastern edge of Queen ElizabethOlymp... More

Project • By Whipple Russell ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Laurel Way

  William MacCollum One aesthetic idea driving the creation of Laurel Way was that each room or space should be a jewel box, an individually conceived, precisely functional and dramatic sensory experience with its own depth of architecture. Central to the composition are many of Marc Whipple’s signature elements, one being the use of texture; smooth next to rough stone, rich wooden panels against glass, and glass reflecting water. The immediate experience upon entering the house is its inherent weightlessness – the sense that the walls appear to float as panels and you are always connected to the outdoors. This is achieved with adherence to precise symmetry of beams, support panels, tiles, and sightlines, and also th... More