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Product • By AngoMy Chrysalis

My Chrysalis

The table light design forms an early part of Ango’s story of fusing nature and technology, with the diffuser design an early example of the use of natural silk cocoons assembled on a matrix of hand soldered wires. A magical light quality comes from each cocoon having an aura of ultra-fine transparent silk fibre around it which subtly refracts and diffuses the output from the light source.   TYPE: Mains voltage ceiling light MATERIALS: Silk cocoon + hand brushed stainless steel base DIMENSIONS: Ht - 380 mm (15 in) x 520 mm (20.5 in) x 520 mm (20.5 in) More

Product • By AngoWand Nest

Wand Nest

Wand Nest table lamp with fine rattan, is part of a unique handcrafted table light collection designed and created by Ango. The warm and subtle ambience generated by the diffused light creates relaxing energy within a space. Wand Nest table lamp has been selected lighting for all the bedrooms at 5 start Kirimaya Khao Yai resort and also for the Garden Atlas Phuket pool villa project.   Wand Nest size 18 in W x 18 in D x 30.5 in H or 200 mm W x 200 mm D x 780 mm HLight source: LED Filament 4W ball More

Product • By AngoInfinite Flow no 3

Infinite Flow no 3

Infinite Flow no 3 is a rattan handcrafted sculptural table lamp created by Ango. The elemental designs within the Infinite Flow series can be seen as archetypes, that are emblematic of perpetuity, where a continuum of flowing translucent light is representing eternity. In Infinite Flow no 3, the liquid lines of the table light describe a kind of finite infinity and are created in rattan with a copper-plated base for use in your interior scheme. With its sculptural look, the piece proposes an optimistic vision of onward movement and openness. Production of all pieces by Ango is centred on a hybrid of modern technology coupled with Thai hand-crafted techniques, and this unique approach to design was highlighted in Future Paradise Exhibitio... More

Product • By AngoUnit (table-R)

Unit (table-R)

Luxuriously stripped-down electro native lighting, where the structure evokes a flattened sphere or mini world.  The structure is then clad with around one kilometre of superfine rattan in a random weave developed by Ango.   When used in such a fine extrusion, the rattan material has a great light translucency and reflectivity. Product name: Unit (table-R) ref: TL15937  Type: Mains voltage table light Lamp base type: E27/E26 screw fitting  Lamp Type: LED Filament 8W  Diffuser material: Rattan Base material: Hand finished stainless steel with copper Size: 300 mm W x 300 mm D x 240 mm H  12 in W x 12 in D x 9.5 in H Packaging  size: 380 mm W x 380 mm D x 260 mm H  15 in W x 15 in D x 10 in H   More

Product • By FlosLAST ORDER


Flos Last Order table lamp was designed by M. Anastassiades. It is a rechargeable table lamp that diffuses light through a transparent solid glass base whose shape makes reference to architectural typology of the ancient column. The top cover comes in a combination of different metal and colour finishes: stainless steel, brass, satin copper or green opal coating. More

Product • By Natale Li VecchiBoero Lamp

Boero Lamp

Boero is a self-produced lamp. Boero Lamp takes shape and inspiration from an object of peasant nature, a container of water for hens; the use of the name Boero derives from the Dutch “Boer” which means peasant. The application of the handle to the opposite of the empty side, made Boero particularly functional, they allowed the realization of an essential lamp, but at the same time particularly effective and functional. Thanks to the presence of two particular elements, a 180 ° rotating handle and a 300 cm cotton and linen electric cable, the Boero Lamp can be easily positioned almost anywhere you want to obtain an ideal atmosphere lighting.Each element of the Boero Lamp is Made in Italy using a 3D printer. The material used is a high quali... More

Product • By HUMANSCALEHorizon


The most celebrated and beautiful table light in the industry, Horizon is a visually striking embodiment of Humanscale’s commitment to high performance and functionality. Recipient of the prestigious Red Dot Award as well as a Next Generation Luminaires Award for product design and performance, Horizon resides in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). This iconic piece is available in eight vibrant colors and seamlessly complements any design aesthetic. More