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Project • By Ludwig Hansen ArchitectsCar Parks

Temporary Gatehouse

The objective of the project was to design a temporary security access gatehouse for the University of Mpumalanga for the period that the new main entrance is being constructed. A big challenge from the onset of the project was the extremely limited timeframe to implement the gatehouse paired with its temporary nature.  Caption A combined consciousness of time and temporality informed the design approach and explored the conversion of two 6m containers into a gatehouse facility that contains security offices, ablutions, pedestrian, and vehicular access control to the university campus.  Caption Beyond the time advantage of a container conversion, this construction method would give a physically lighter footprint onsite... More

NewsNews • 13 Nov 2020

Braunstein Taphouse is designed for craft beer production….and disassembly

In the Danish city of Koege, the recently completed Taphouse by ADEPT serves as a visitor centre for Braunstein Brewery and a natural local meeting place for the community. Situated on a stretch of municipality-owned harbour land that is concerned part of the city’s climate adoption strategy, the Taphouse is thus considered a temporary use. With this temporary use of the site in mind then, the Taphouse is ‘designed for disassembly’ so that building components can be relocated or recycled in the near future.   Photo: Rasmus Hjortshøj Coast Studio The building is based on simple tectonic principles, with mechanical joints only. As such, all primary walls surfaces are without paint or grout. Overall, sustain... More

NewsNews • 16 Jun 2020

Caused by 5-10 year land lease HGAA designs temporary steel frame school structure that can be relocated when needed

As the land is only leased for 5-10 years, a simple solution that could be quickly installed, and then ultimately removed and relocated was required. In response, HGAA developed a light steel frame with wire mesh system, which incorporates a trellis with fruit vines.  Section drawing of the steel frame and truss structure - Click on image for detailed drawing The steel I-frame is covered with a butterfly shaped steel truss roof structure clad with corrugated panels. Together with aluminium glass doors the structure brings in abundant natural light into the classrooms. Duc Nguyen In one of Vietnam’s fastest growing neighbourhoods, this Montessori-oriented preschool provides a natural space for children between trees an... More

Project • By Heinle, Wischer und PartnerHospitals

Corona Treatment Centre

We are currently experiencing a global crisis that affects almost all areas of public life and has pushed many health systems worldwide to their limit. In Berlin, the decision was made to build a corona treatment centre on the Berlin Trade Fair (Messe Berlin) in order to reduce bottlenecks in the provision of clinical care. In a matter of weeks, a reserve hospital with almost 500 beds was built in one of the exhibition halls, which creates additional capacity should the number of infections increase again.  The layout of the treatment centre is based on modular clusters with 16-24 beds and a central service zone. The structure of the clusters is adjustable depending on the intensity of care. The advantage of the cluster system, in add... More

Project • By MMW ArchitectsHospitals

Emergency Modular Hospital

MMW Architects and our collaboration-partners have made an efficient, flexible and affordable modular hospital in response to the ongoing corona-pandemic. The modular hospital is designed to optimize protection against infection and to increase intensive care capacity on a national- and international level.   The construction system of the modular hospital is based on the use of recycled shipping-containers and inflatable fabrics, assembled in an innovative way to meet the strict requirements for air contamination in hospitals. The system can be adapted to different scenarios and situations of crisis, and it can accommodate both isolators and larger patient rooms based on needs and circumstance.    The product suppliers a... More

Project • By Deve BuildExhibitions

Moon Hut

I. Moon MarshAs a general rule, there is a half-moon “Pond” in front of Hakka ancestral hall of enclosed architecture in Lingnan region, or “Moon Marsh”, as it is called, which I think to be a pool of lucid water nourishing each enclosed ancestral hall, where it contains an inexhaustible source of dew for the family. That is the origin of “Moon Hut”. So, the facade of the “Moon Hut” is expressed in the form of “Moon Marsh” of the Hakka Enclosed house. The planar profile looks like “Mid-autumn Moon”.II. Lower Your Head, Be ModestAs of today, the world becomes, in a natural way, more and more confident. Everyone is too confident in living in the world to be modest and humble as before. Everyone is conceited and overconfident in holding his he... More

Project • By ArchquidPavilions

Tainan Pavilion

This pavilion is located in the limits of the campus of the NCKU in the city of Tainan. It emerged as part of an exercise to analyze the idea of ​​what a pavilion is and represents for architecture. The studies and material processes of this exercise are part of an investigation related to the evocation of an organic origin of the material through curved geometries.   By observing the immediate context we detected that there was a need for a space to allow moments of rest, relaxation, observation and reflection. There is a particular emphasis on the lighting characteristics in the night landscape and can be considered as a beacon for its atmospheric capabilities and the special views from Xiaodong Avenue.   The conception of the project is... More

Project • By lamatildeExhibitions

Mozfest 2016

Since 2010, Mozilla has promoted Mozfest, one of the most interesting events in the internet world. For the 2016 edition, lamatilde worked with TODO, automato.farm and Leva, to raise awareness on five themes (privacy, web literacy, digital inclusion, open innovation and decentralization), designing five installations with a mix of physical and digital interaction. Our challenge was finding a coherent code for all five structures, and coming up with the solutions to make them both inclusive and outstanding in the busy festival environment. Our core concept was to create five “naked” frames devoid of barriers, five different micro-architectures that would be assembled according to a common system. Dynamic installations were designed to be use... More

Project • By AMA | MATTEO ASCANIExhibition Centres


Tubular Cloud is a new landmark in NYC panorama, the formal result of all the interactions that happen around the Cooper Square; a passive-active instrument that modifies its out-skin listening the city around and the people that play music with inside the cloud. An Interactive space breathing the city, a motion cloud, a movement sensor, a sound sensor, a transition area with multi-hybrid technology form. It is a living mechanism, for people and their senses being explored as a part of the construction, allowing a person or just sounds to make the space, to change it and be the environment.  We play, listen, visualize and talk to the cloud, modulate its form, where the organism reacts and responds with 3d forms, sounds, lights and... More

Project • By NOMAD CONCEPTConcert Halls

Events - temporary installation

Nomad Concept offers airy, open shelters that give (private) parties, festivals, exhibitions and concerts in the open air an extra dimension. These refined creations can also be rented and give an additional cachet to your event. In addition, major players in the event world have called on Nomad Concept. For the Duvel Moortgat brewery, for example, we have created an exclusive sail sculpture for their annual happenings that evokes both playfulness and austerity.We do not only rent, but also create and make shelters on demand for cultural festivals (Festival of Flanders) and famous brands who seek for an own image. Events can be temporary (1 weekend) or semi-temporary (yearly installation of 4 months). More

Project • By PLUS-SUM StudioExhibitions

Indelible Pattern(s)

The design brief for Exhibit Columbus Biennial stated that the University Installations “represent the state of architectural education as well as speculate on the potential to be a catalyst for changing the way we design and build in the Midwest ... expanding design literacy through education.” Within these ambitions, Indelible Pattern(s) is challenging and didactic, telling multiple, simultaneous stories - if one takes time to explore and observe. A single habitable space is an initial impression, organized by a hanging swarm canopy above and an inscribed deck below. Visitors who slow-down, contemplate and observe, discover this subterfuge concealing a complex set of interacting spaces and patterns that recontextualize the site and city a... More

Project • By LIKEarchitectsParks/Gardens


Stack and Build is a temporary summer pavilion created for the gardens of the Serralves Museum, designed by combining multiple crates of beer. Taking advantage of the formal qualities of the original plastic grate, Stack and Build builds two laced curved walls with assembled lay down beer crates that create a new route within the existing space. Disposed in this unusual position, the beer crates are not identifiable as a single recognizable object and produce a dense tracery texture that works as a multi-layers visual filter. The red colour, characteristic of the beer brand and thus of the plastic crates that design the pavilion, points out the presence of this iconic element in the green gardens, taking advantage of the complementarity o... More

Project • By LIKEarchitectsParks/Gardens


Constell.ation is an ephemeral lighting installation designed for the gardens of the Presidential Portuguese Republic Residence that intended to activate a space that usually is closed to general public, allowing visitors the opportunity to perambulate on the Presidential gardens and offering an unusual experience of an illuminated marvellous world. The reinterpretation of lightning elements associated with Christmas, has found in the multiplication of lighting arches – which usually embrace the city streets - the opportunity to create an whole intervention composed with different moments, in different places, which intended to hold a continuous diffusion within the different levels of the classical garden, celebrating the Nativities withou... More

Project • By LIKEarchitectsExhibitions

wonderWALL - a new temporary museum inside a shopping mall in Lisbon

wonderWALL is an exhibition space designed to receive the masterpiece The Pool by Jen Lewin in Colombo Shopping Mall, in Lisbon, Portugal, built with approximately 20,000 strips of white and black fabric. The temporary museum is totally suspended from the skylight on the central square and presents an abstract skin which oscillates with airflows created by the movement of people. The cylindrical space seeks to emphasise the centrality of the exposed artwork, enhanced by the abdication of a main entrance in favour of a fully permeable facade that dissolves the entrance along the entire periphery of the space. For brightness control, the work of Jen Lewin is not visible from the outside. Instead, the coverage presents itself as a large... More

Project • By LIKEarchitectsExhibitions


playLAND is a set of three bouncy and colorful spatial interventions geared for children in the public space of Paredes de Coura, that built a human scale Lego using beach buoys as module. Created for ‘O MundoaoContrário’, which means ‘The World Upside-Down’, a week-long event that transformed the quiet village in the north of Portugal into a playground for hundreds of children, featuring street theatre, concerts, circus, installations, etc., playLAND is a off-the-shelf installation, built with the help of local volunteers and formalized into three different moments: an informal stage, where different shows for children could be seen; a silo-shaped tower, that kids could enter and play in; and a small tunnel pavilion, for children to cro... More