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Project • By NOMAD CONCEPTParks/Gardens

Private projects Tensiles

The graceful sails created by The Nomad Concept (Belgium) fit into almost any environment, from the intimate atmosphere of a private garden to the more public character of offices, public projects or events.Whether the aim is mainly to create shade or to provide protection from rain or to create a secluded area away from the world, architect Amandus VanQuaille always looks for a solution with high artistic value. MaterialsThe architectural sails are made of high-quality, innovative materials, with every detail being literally worked out to perfection.  The masts are made of anodised aluminium, stainless steel or standardised wood. The cables and cable parts (tensioners, bolts, nuts) are made of standardised stainless steel, of the... More

Project • By NOMAD CONCEPTApartments

Roof terrace - Curacao

Flying high – with spread wings - above the blue coral sea of Curacao and the colorful cityscape of Willemstad…This architectural sail is a celebration of the ecstatic life of Curacao combined with the serenity of family life on the roof terrace. This fabric sculpture covers an open air kitchen and dining place on the roof . The contemporary apartment is set amidst a historical part of Willemstad, dating from the 18th colonial century.The form and the fabric is designed and engineered to withstand the extremely harsh wind and UV-light conditions of the island. It is built to stand for decades. More

Project • By SEFARBanks

HVB Bank

Project. The client envisioned an open-air atrium that could be quickly converted to a covered space if needed. The covering, when in use, should allow maximum sunlight into the courtyard as well as into the surrounding office windows. The retractable, folding roof system was designed using SEFAR® Architecture TENARA® Fabric, chosen for its light transmission and flexibility. Concept/Design. The atrium of the HVB Bank in Munich, Germany is enclosed on all four sides, with light entering only from the vertical opening. The owner wanted to preserve the openness and light, while creating a convertible space – open-air in good weather and enclosed in bad. Construction. The atrium has retractable, shade and seasonal structures. The sol... More