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Project • By BÜRO KLKRestaurants

Goldener Papagei

Belgrade. When Zlatni Papagaj („Golden Parrot“) – the first all’italiana coffee bar in the city – opened its doors in 1979, its great success began to pave the way for Italian coffee culture and lifestyle in the former federal capital of Yugoslavia.   David Schreyer David Schreyer Following many examples in Trieste, the interior was reduced to the essentials — only a single bar made of metal stands out as the centerpiece of the venue: the coffee machine. Seating areas were left out completely. Almost four decades later, Nathan Spacić – son of the original founder – is paying tribute to the place that was a symbol of lightness and joy of life for its guests, by realizing his v... More

NewsNews • 7 Jan 2022

Discretely submerged in landscape Villa Apollon subtly reveals a sense of spatial drama

Sitting on the southern edge of the Greek island of Lefkada, Villa Apollon by block722 is inspired by the landscape that surrounds it, effortlessly merging contemporary architecture with nature and making the most of the context while respecting the green surroundings. Yiorgos Kordakis Located on a cliffside site that overlooks the clear blue waters of the Ionian Sea, the villa is entered from the uppermost portion of the site where a wide ramp guides visitors down to the main house. The private holiday home is joined by a separate structure with four guest rooms.  From the dwelling quarters, paved terraces and a natural path lead to a secluded, rocky beach below. Yiorgos Kordakis To navigate the steep slope, remain discree... More

NewsNews • 4 Aug 2021

London’s Bravura House by Selencky Parsons offers inspiring and affordable accommodation for post-graduate students

Established in 2002, the Amar-Franses & Foster-Jenkins Trust provides scholarships,  bursaries, and more recently subsidized rent and high-quality accommodation to post-graduate students in the arts and sciences. In their latest undertaking, the Trust appointed Selencky Parsons to convert a large, detached dwelling within a North London conversation area into post-graduate student accommodation, complete with an opera rehearsal space in the rear garden. Richard Chivers Called Bravura, the dwelling is the Trust’s first acquired property for transformation. The existing house, dating from the beginning of the twentieth century, was in poor condition although it did retain some of its distinctive arts and crafts features s... More

NewsNews • 11 Feb 2021

Former railway station in Brussels transformed into a cultural centre complete with floating glazed extension

In Brussels, Belgium, the facades of the railway station of Laken from the late 19th century have been carefully restored and the building adapted into a social and cultural centre for the non-profit association ‘'Maison de La Création.' Complete with a new floating glass extension, this piece of architectural heritage will remain accessible to the surrounding community hosting events, exhibitions and free space for locals.   Lucid The centre of the former railway station has been transformed by B-architecten into a new entrance zone at grade. It comprises the entrance hall, socio-cultural café, multi-purpose hall with green room and cloakroom as well as toilets. Lucid To improve the flexibility of the b... More

Project • By SHROFFLEóNUrban Green Spaces


The scope of the project was the refurbishment of the pool area and its adjoining facilities at the Khar Gymkhana in Mumbai. Though an opening up of the adjoining café and extending areas of the cafe into the pool area, the proposal recalibrates the working of the space, integrating the entire space into one larger whole. The aesthetic of the proposal takes both geometric and colour inspiration from the Memphis Design Movement, where individual elements are characterised by colourful decorations, featuring asymmetrical shapes and geometries and accompanied by a multitude of seemingly jarring patterns at different scales. The impact of the movement finds focus in both the flooring, as well as certain spatial aspects within the caf&ea... More

Project • By depaolidefranceschibaldan architettiApartments

appartamento AB

Located in the picturesque Cannaregio district, in the heart of the historic center of Venice, the two levels of the unit are connected by an internal staircase which also gives access to a terrace overlooking the city skyline.   The project stems from the desire to maintain and enhance the typical characteristics of Venetian architecture starting from the materials, first of all the Venetian terrazzo which is the common thread of the various environments. The existing wooden structures have been emphasized, bringing back their structural importance.   It was therefore decided to introduce a few strong design elements to redefine spaces and rationalizing their use. A colorful sign unfolds in the details of the project that links the various... More

Product • By Bharat Floorings & TilesHeritage Tiles

Heritage Range

Bharat Floorings and Tiles (BFT) manufacture hand-crafted cement tiles for 3 specific segments of the market: decorative floors, industrial floors, and exterior floors. However, BFT is best known for creating decorative floors from its portfolio of Heritage™  and designer tiles which adorn many landmark buildings, palaces, hotels, restaurants, boutique stores, education institutions and private residences.   BFT’s Heritage™  tiles are present-day replicas of famous Minton (encaustic) tiles which were brought into India by the British.In 1922, as a part of India’s Swadeshi Movement, BFT designed its own set of tiles and hand-crafted them from cement in a multitude of patterns and colours. Today, floors made from BFT’s Heritage™  tiles offer... More

Product • By Mosaic factoryTerrazzo Mosaic factory


Terrazzo is a material used to decorate floors and walls; it is made with marble, brass or glass elements placed into a coloured liquid pigmented cement base. Upon completion of the hardening stage, polishing will reveal the beauty of the decorative chips. Terrazzo and Granito tiles follow the same manufacturing process, however, Terrazzo tiles display textures with larger chips or pieces while Granito tiles are more uniform, simply reinforced with fine-grain glass or marble aggregates. Terrazzo has been known since the middle ages, manufactured at the time with lime. The arrival of Portland cement and the industrial revolution helped increase its use considerably, reaching its height between the 40s and 60s. Brought back to the spotlight r... More

Project • By DCM Architecture & EngineeringOffices

Peter W. Rodino Jr. federal building new vestibule

The Peter W. Rodino Jr. Federal Office Building is a 16 story, 467,550 square foot structure housing several government agencies, including the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services’ Regional Center, the General Services Administration, and the US Attorney’s Office.The original main-entry vestibule of this secured building consisted of two narrow entrances, with only one scanner in each and an oversized exit pathway between them. To alleviate the daily congestion and long visitor lines waiting to go through security, the vestibule was expanded outward to the building’s existing two-story exterior columns. Taking adjoining first floor space, the two security screening entrance spaces were expanded to fit two baggage and portal b... More