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Project • By NOMAD CONCEPTParks/Gardens

public parks and squares

Nomad Concept is a design office that specialises in architectural sails and shade technology and has meanwhile developed into the benchmark for tensile structures and architectural sails. Both at home and abroad, Nomad Concept built up a solid reputation with its ultralight, translucent sails, inspired by Tibetan nomadic tents. Here we give some examples of sails covering public spaces in parks or squares. In al those examples, the covered space can be used by the public for barbeques, festivities, weddings or simply gatherings of the youth. Is there anything more beautiful than a free covered place in a nice park that people can reserve for their wedding? Is there anything more nice than a free place you can reserve for your family p... More

Project • By NOMAD CONCEPTOffices

Nomad Concept - corporate projects

The graceful sails created by The Nomad Concept (Belgium) fit into almost any environment, from the intimate atmosphere of a private garden to the more pragmatical character of offices, public projects or events.Whether the aim is mainly to create shade or to provide protection from rain or to create a secluded area away from the world, architect Amandus VanQuaille always looks for a solution with high artistic value. The sails are used as an entrance canopy, smoking areas or outdoor dining area, cover of a terrace etc... MaterialsThe architectural sails are made of high-quality, innovative materials, with every detail being literally worked out to perfection. The masts are made of anodised aluminium, stainless steel or standardis... More

Project • By Studio Samira BoonConcert Halls

Concert Hall Theaters Tilburg

Theatres Tilburg commissioned Studio Samira Boon to create a site-specific installation of Archi Folds in its main concert hall. The installation was inaugurated on 8 September 2018, during a special gala of Stichting Kunst en Onderneming Brabant (KoBra), marking the start of Theaters Tilburg’s 2018/2019 season.Thanks to its shape and adaptability, Archi Folds able to transform the large main concert hall of Theatres Tilburg into an intimate space suitable for smaller concerts and gatherings.Buildings are generally created to be permanent. By contrast, Archi Folds can bes een as a next step in creating a more flexible architecture. Archi Folds creates a dynamic and flexible environment, a so-called ‘open infrastructure’... More

Product • By ESMERY CARON「Architex®」Semi-standardised textile architecture

「Architex®」Semi-standardised textile architecture

The product of Esmery Caron's know-how in the field of textile architecture, Architex® créations gather a whole range of unique steel-textile or wooden framed structures, modular, resistant and innovative in their design. ☞ Architex® brochure available on request or on our website www.esmery-caron.com More