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Project • By Studio MumbaiPrivate Houses

Belavali House

Designed for an extended family, Belavali house occupies a five acre rice plantation in the district of Alibag, a forty minute boat journey from Mumbai city. Conceived as a pavilion in the garden, the house is positioned between the forest to the east and the terraced rice fields to the west. The project is entered from the east down a broad flight of stairs that opens onto a large verandah straddled between the building. The long narrow structure framed in steel supports a large roof that moves through a series of mango trees. Walls and floor are rendered seamlessly in pigmented cement plaster that define spaces and follow the terraced levels of the paddy fields, leading onto a large stone deck, a pool and view of the mountains.... More

Project • By SPASM Design ArchitectsPrivate Houses

The BRICK KILN house

Different houses , have different stories. Located in a small village Munavali, proximal to Alibaug, a favorite getaway, for affluent Bombay citizens as a place to build their dream country home. The allotment (3 acres) was partly a grove of Tamarind and Mango trees , with the odd , Champa, Vad tree. Part of the plot was four feet lower and was, an unkempt paddy field . The front of the property is a not so busy asphalt road. When driving around the Raigad district , one often chances to see local brick stacks being baked on the green lots that surround them – some remain and are also abandoned …. These form a peculiar feature of the landscape in Maharashtra. We, wondered what it would be like to hollow out and inhabit these almost... More

Project • By CadenceDistribution Centres


Typically a commercial complex is conceived as a generic glass box or clad with materials like ACP. The consequent result of such surface articulation results in the clichéd result that we mostly see around us. When we set out to conceive the project, which was situated on a tight site measuring 60’ x 40’, the idea was to conceive an envelope that rose above the glass box while it established a new identity and visual experience. We understood the importance of the glass façade to enable successful functioning of a retail facility with high visibility. We set out on a process of distorting the glass box with a solid edge around it, we further conceived the transparent edge as a void in a solid as opposed to a two dimensional transparent... More

Project • By CadenceDistribution Centres


The commercial complex was to sit on a tight corner site measuring 25’x 100’. Typically the commercial complex as a ‘type’ is conceived as a generic glass box or clad with standard materials like ACP, the consequence of such surface articulation results in clichéd products. Keeping identity and experience as our core issues we conceived an envelope that questions this very cliché of an inert glass box. By altering the conventional wall section, i.e. the typical floor, sill and lintel heights and constantly varying them along the length of the building the intention was to alter the horizontal reading of the elevation. The building envelope was also not just conceived as a two- dimensional flat surface but as a three dimensional composit... More

Project • By OFIA (Office For International Architecture)Restaurants

FLO: Lounge, Bar, Private Dining

Sanjiv Malhan of Office For International Architecture (OFIA), whose work has created nightspots such as Three Stories, has outdone himself this time. FLO is a concept whose time has come. A sophisticated Lounge, Bar, Club and Private Dining which caters to the eclectic tastes of the urban traveller is another design first for the capital. In the heart of South Delhi's party district - Saket, FLO is bound to resonate with today's Indian whose travel arm (real or virtual) has touched the world's hot spots. Circles, lines and hearts create subtle patterns that flow in and out on specially designed glass-clad walls. The palette is controlled and restrained to muted blacks and whites but sophisticated accents of neon and metal provide r... More

Project • By Collaborative ArchitectureHotels

Mezban Inverted Topography

The project is a part of a business hotel which has been redesigned by the firm as a repositioning exercise. The strategy was to create a new identity to the already popular restaurant though interior architecture making it a new destination dining in the city to spur the business of the hotel. The brief called for a highly flexible layout with higher efficiency on floor , though it meant cutting down the seating capacity. 8 pax and 6 pax tables were taken out in favour of 4 pax and 2 pax seating with could be joined create desired groups easily, with the linear lay out. A vibrant waiting lounge is carved out from the restaurant space, showcases the happenings on the restaurant floor. Then design derives its strength from the innovative... More

Project • By SybariteShops

Maison Boutique Department Store

Inspiration for the design of this multi-brand boutique came from the way Indo-Islamic art and architecture use repetition of geometric forms to achieve intricate decorative patterns. Echoing the famous dome of the Taj Mahal and other landmarks of the Mughal period, a stylised hourglass form is repeated, building a texture and rhythm reminiscent of traditional patterns but made modern in its application, simplicity and materiality. A module based on this simple geometry is the building block from which all of the interior walls emerge, both an architectural feature in their own right as well as the primary means of display. More

Project • By Studio ParadigmHousing

House of Pavilions

Bangalore is an open ended city having a nonconformist cultural agenda unlike other cities in India. It offers a sense of conceptual freedom which allows us as architects to explore the diverse conditions arising out of juxtaposition of histories and different cultures. We strive through our work to give an expression to the layers that so vividly characterizes this landscape. Idea of a residence here in the urban context needs to accommodate and address concerns arising out of its multivalent conditions. Here issues of density, deep rooted cultural orientations, security, privacy, pollution, modest budgets and the labour intensive building industry are seen as potent local forces shaping architecture in the subcontinent in an age where... More

Project • By Shirish Beri & AssociatesPrivate Houses

V.I.P Guest House

“Bharati Vidyapeeth needs a guest house where it can play host to very important dignitaries”. That was the single line brief given by Dr. Patangrao Kadam, founder of Bharati Vidyapeeth to Ar. Shirish Beri. Another design parameter was added later saying that it should also be capable of being used as a large residence. This guest house would have seven self contained suites with one V.V.I.P suite with separate living room and spaces for massage, sauna and pantry. The common areas such as reception, waiting, living, dining, family lounge, sit out were to be designed spaciously. The generator, pump, the manager’s room were planned at the stilt parking level. While designing on this approximately 800 sq. m. plot in the prestigious Sin... More

Project • By Shirish Beri & AssociatesResearch Facilities

Laboratory for the Conservation of Endangered Species

The Government of India wanted to set up a unique laboratory for the conservation of endangered species through research on reproductive biology and in-vitro fertilization. This design responds to this attitude of respecting and restoring Nature and its biodiversity. On his very first visit to the site, the architect struck a dialogue with the grand, beautiful cluster of large rocks on the edge of this site. He requested the clients to acquire more land around the rocks to make them an integral part of his design- creating a strong symbolic context. This initiated a design process that rejuvenated the spiritual bond between man and nature and paid its homage to nature- by honoring and preserving (from rampant vandalism and exploitati... More

Project • By Flying Elephant StudioUniversities

International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore

Brief The commission was for adding a new floor to the academic block of IIIT-B, India`s premier institute for advanced studies in IT. Program included academic classroom space, and research labs for industry. Brief required minimum disturbance to existing structure, which remained occupied and in use during the construction phase. Situation Bangalore’s equatorial location, 900m altitude and rolling topography dotted by small lakes, combine for a unique local weather noted for it’s sharp daily fluctuations. It’s relatively mild climate has also fostered an active horticultural tradition , giving it the name ‘Garden City’. The project is located in a suburb reserved for the flourishing global IT industry. Existing campuses here a... More

Project • By Flying Elephant StudioUniversities

Krishnamurti Foundation India- Rishi Valley School

Founded by the influential 20th century philosopher and mystic J. Krishnamurti and set in a sprawling 400 acre rural campus, Rishi Valley School is a premier educational institute of India. Imbibing the introspective spirituality of Krishnamurti and fostering in it’s students an intimate communion with nature ; the school is modeled on the traditional Indian forest retreat or ‘ Vanashrama ‘. The commission was for design of buildings to house the senior girls’ dormitories and supervising teacher’s residences. A central courtyard is the key element around which individual structures are arranged. In a region where water is often scarce, a rainwater harvesting system finds visual expression in the architecture and landscape detailing... More

Project • By VIVEK DIXIT AND PARTNERSNurse Housing

Ram Raie

The client being the owner of a nursery horticulturist the President of the Rose Association of India the brief called for a house for short stays at his nursery, abutting the Varasgaon Dam backwaters to suit his lifestyle family entertainment. The design evolved as a response to the surrounding nursery unobstructed view of the scenic backwater, rolling hills, blue skies. Hence the highest plateau was selected, within the nursery where there was sparse plantation, so as not to disturb any of the plant varieties. The roof scape of the house viewed from the village strongly resembles the massing of the hamlets, which are seen sprinkled around the site. The roofs come down to human scale, thus framing taking one's vision towards the view... More

Project • By Christopher Charles Benninger ArchitectsSecondary Schools

Mahindra United World College India

This is one of the ten United World College public schools, headed by Nelson Mandela, located worldwide, patronized by the Indian auto industry family of The Mahindras. Here the students go through high school education. Twenty-five percent of the students are from India, the rest are from fifty-eight different countries. The purpose is to creat a global village with a marked sense of difference and community. This one is located in the cool western Sahyadri hills near Pune, about three hours by road from Mumbai. Designed by expatriate American, Harvard and MIT educated architect Christopher Benninger who has lived in India for the past four decades. The site was chosen on a hill with a panoramic view of the breathtakingly beautiful verd... More



The Cafeteria at Raman Boards, Tandavapura, Mysore-India. The assignment was to design the building for dining of the factory employes and visitors in the lush green 20 Acre campus of the factory. The site was facing a Fruit garden in front and factories on the other side. We decided to open out the dining space to the Fruit Garden with big windows and place the services on the rear side. The end result is presented in images attached. More