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Project • By AtelierzeroTheaters


The renovation of one of the Teatro degli Arcimboldi dressing room was approached with the awareness of having to create a private space dedicated to meditation, concentration and relaxation.  Simone Furiosi Simone Furiosi While functionality is crucial from a distributive point of view, the transient permanence of a dressing room inhabitants make it possible to propose highly distinctive and daring finishing solutions. Simone Furiosi The choice was oriented towards the creation of a welcoming and intimate environment, characterized by large colored surfaces, which come together through strong chromatic and material contrasts. Since each color corresponds to a function, it can be said that the color was used as an arch... More

Project • By Uygur ArchitectsAuditoriums

TED Ankara College Campus Performing Arts Centre

The project, which won the architectural project competition for the Ted Ankara College Campus with a capacity of 6000 students in 1998, was implemented in 2005 and educational activities have begun. Conceptualized and designed by Semra Uygur and Özcan Uygur, this campus is a city simulation accomplished adopting the principle that education should create its own urban life even if it is in an area remote from the city. As a result of this design principle, TED Ankara College Campus operates as an actual city with the daily circulation routes designed considering the diversity of common indoor-outdoor areas, functional arrangement, meeting of various users, and the requirements emerged within the process. deniz uygur cemal emde... More

Project • By GKD Metal FabricsTheaters

Grand Theatre des Cordeliers

A shell of golden anodized metal mesh envelopes the streamlined geometry of the Grand Theatre Des Cordeliers. A signature design by Dominique Perrault, the Escale spiral mesh is semi-transparent during the day, but grants a view into the theatre when backlit at night. More

Project • By OFFTECAuditoriums

Agorà Conference Hall


Project • By Atelier Starzak StrebickiExhibitions

Interior in Poznan Animation Theatre

The arrangement of the two rooms of the Poznań Animation Theatre was started from consultations in which we focused on getting to know the needs of the institution and its expectations in relation to the shape of the planned changes. Thanks to this, we created a concept dedicated exclusively to the daily activities of the theatre. We decided that the two halls with a total area of 91m2 must complement each other and combine the functions: exhibition and workshop. Maximizing the potential of the space and giving it the dynamism associated with the free movement of people guaranteed work along the walls of the rooms. Therefore, we placed long and functional furniture directly adjacent to the walls, which not only provides space, but is also e... More

Project • By GEC ArchitectureCommunity Centres

Shane Homes YMCA at Rocky Ridge

Nestled in the rolling foothills of northwest Calgary, Canada, the Shane Homes YMCA at Rocky Ridge (Shane Homes YMCA) is one of the largest YMCA’s in the world and provides the region with essential wellness amenities. This facility serves as the regional hub for community gathering, cultural programs, recreational facilities, and child care services. The extensive glazing and unifying curved timber roof that links each space creates an inclusive and vibrant atmosphere, engaging passersby and heightening curiosity.    The Shane Homes YMCA takes inspiration from the rolling hills and layered horizons. Its park-like site allows natural recreation uses; pathways curve through the site connecting users to the reconstructed wet... More

Project • By Urbanism Planning Architecture - UPA ItaliaAuditoriums


Urbanism Planning Architecture Italia designs the first digitally controlled variable acoustic auditorium in Moscow. The new auditorium of the VGIK University, known as Gerasimov S.A. Institute of Cinematography, the first film university in the world founded in 1919 in Moscow, was built inside the new university wing. The interior design of the main 589-seat multifunctional room, the 250-seat experimental theater and two 100-seat movie theaters was developed by the architect Paolo Lettieri and the team of Urbanism Planning Architecture Italy and the engineer's acoustic studio Marcello Brugola, both from Milan. The university requested that the main hall could be used both as a cinema, the university's main activity and as a theater and... More

Project • By QPROTheaters


The former building of Stanislavsky theatre on Tverskaya street has a rich history and is in itself of great cultural and historical value. In it we have created modern and advanced atmosphere, placing special emphasis on antique architectural constructions and decorations.   With the help of lighting we emphasized historically significant architectural elements. Light here is as advanced and powerful as possible. “Electricity” penetrates all the space of the theatre – from the cellar to the big scene.The pitch of the lobby is set by steel columns and pontoons that appeared here during the reconstruction. Indirect and direct light underlines and emphasizes this structure. Selective lighting of the lobby dissolves bo... More

Project • By IsploraMuseums

ArchiTALKS Renato Rizzi

The lesson starts with the biography of Arch. Renato Rizzi, full professor in Architectural and Urban Composition at IUAV University in Venice, addressing the role of form and place in design activity.   Starting from his studies at IUAV in Venice, the architect's educational path unravels through his work experiences and interactions with important architects such as Peter Eisenman and John Hejduk. What emerges is the idea of the architectural profession as a "laboratory" and a tension between the two components of architecture: “archè” and “technè”, two poles that separated because of the dominion of the scientific paradigm, an approach supported by the work and figure of philosopher Emanuele S... More

Project • By DP ArchitectsOffices

Singapore Dance Theatre

The new 2,000 square metre campus of the Singapore Dance Theatre, located on the seventh floor of Bugis+, a public shopping mall in Singapore popular with youth, comprises a theatre housing four professional dance studios along with supporting facilities like a conference room, a sound mixing room, a study room, a library, a wardrobe room and shower facilities. The circulation of the space was planned to allow for private users to access the studios via secured thresholds while maintaining a welcoming space at the foyer for the public to experience and enjoy.The design concept essentially tackles the stereotypical views of ballet often held by a layperson and seeks to make the dance form more approachable and accessible to the general publi... More

Project • By KANTOORArt Galleries

Unfolding NPAK - Centre for Contemporary Art

Unfolding NPAK – KANTOOR receives Jury-Mention for renovation proposal for the Armenian Centre of Contemporary Experimental Art.KANTOOR, a Colombian-Dutch architecture studio based in Beijing, proposes an intervention to open up the Armenian Centre of Contemporary Experimental Art (NPAK). A new building volume wraps around the building and cuts through the site to open up the building to the city and create new public spaces in both interior and exterior. Yerevan has a long history of multiple nationalities, religions and ethnicities residing in the current land of Armenia, all leaving behind a piece of their culture.  Simultaneously a large number of diaspora live outside of Armenia bringing the Armenian culture abroad... More

Project • By Haworth TompkinsBars

Bristol Old Vic

Architects Haworth Tompkins have completed a new foyer and studio theatre for the Grade I listed Bristol Old Vic, the oldest continuously working theatre in the English-speaking world. the oldest continuously working theatre in Europe. The result of five years careful research, consultation, design and construction, the project aims to open up the front of house areas to a wider, more diverse audience and to place the theatre at the heart of Bristol’s public life and public space. The foyer is conceived as an informal extension of the street, as much a covered public square as a discrete building. The space is framed and covered by structural timber and glass to bring daylight deep into the room. The centrepiece of the space... More

Project • By KILDTheaters

Creative Play Supporting Facility

CONCEPTThe key aim of the proposal is to balance the high-density development and the existing public park. ‘Park Canopy’ enhances the green space with its natural potential and reaches new human-scale intervention in the park. Eight major mountains that have shaped the city scape for centuries, are the cornerstone of the Seoul identity. Respectfully in this situation 'Park Canopy' chosen to position the existing mountain park as the icon of this development, maximizing the new intervention to the north side. This way the building becomes a background of the existing mountain, exposing life in the park as an everyday spectacle.Together it proposes a diverse and contemporary theatrical environment and opens panoramic views to the w... More

Project • By EnTRE+Offices

Atelier Luthier

BASES ITSELF ON ACOUSTIC BEHAVIORAL ANALYSIS FOR ITS FORMAL INTEGRATION WITHIN THE URBAN ENVIRONMENTLuthier studio, performance room and artist residence. This project is based on acoustic behavioral analysis for its formal integration in the urban environment. St-Laurent Boulevard, nicknamed “La Main” generates an important acoustic impact on buildings that around it. That is to say, the project represents the projection and reverberation of sound within the occupation of this street that dominates the neighborhood environment. The rationality of one gesture creates the spatial separation of the three integrated programs. The strength of this gesture is amplified by the dematerialisation of material limits. The more the sound spreads... More
Archi Folds, architectural origami interventions 1
Production in the TexielLab, Tilburg, Netherlands designer: Samira Boon
Archi Folds installation at Theaters Tilburg, Tilburg, the Netherlands
Archi Folds installation at Theaters Tilburg, Tilburg, the Netherlands
Archi Folds structures can be used as space creators and screen dividers, dome structure XXL

Project • By Studio Samira BoonExhibition Centres

Archi Folds

ArchiFolds, winner of the Creative Heroes Awards, is an innovative series of textile structures inspired by traditional Japanese folding techniques: “Embedded origami patterns afford natural movement characteristics, growth and metamorphosis” explains Samira Boon. The textile structures are the result of extensive and ongoing research by Studio Samira Boon in collaboration with TextileLab and Prof. T. Tachi from the University of Tokyo.ArchiFolds embodies Samira Boon’s vision on healthy environments as spaces that: “are flexible and dynamic like natural systems. Adaptive textiles are able to accommodate and regulate changing needs on spatial circulation, efficient energy usage and acoustic ambience.” By transla... More