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Project • By Things StudioPrivate Houses

Villa Taghbaz

Villa, Location: Tehrandasht, Alborz, Iran More

Project • By Things StudioPrivate Houses

Villa Mosha5 (Re-Boat)

Status: Concept Design Type: Villa Location: Dashteh Mosha, Damavand, Iran Caption   More

Project • By Things StudioHousing

Villa Fereshtegan 2

Villa, Location: Mehrabad, Rudehen, Iran More

Project • By Things StudioPrivate Houses

Villa Mosha 2

Villa, Location: Dashteh Mosha, Damavand, Iran More

Project • By Things StudioApartments

Rudehen Residential 2

Apartment Building, Location: Rudehen, ،Tehran, Iran More

Project • By Things StudioPrivate Houses

Villa Golsar

A building that has come up with a formal move to counter the owner’s desire to choose a classic villa with a double occupancy level.A building that at least is beautiful for its employer but only itself, its architects, and the planet know that what thing is occupied by it. More

Project • By Things StudioHousing


The villa based on the motifs of slat house, in the small land with the least occupation compared to the physical program of the project and with using the glass, we reused the area of the ground floor to half in terms of visually. More

Project • By Things StudioResidential Landscape


A villa in the neighborhood is another project of our studio.The employer's desire was to create a public space on the ground floor with the most benefit from the site.The main lines of the project's overall form were implemented from the point of view of land occupation following the adjoining building, and it was created through the bridge on the first floor, which was specially for private space including rooms and other facilities a space without pillars was created on the ground floor, which have the lowest Limit and boundary to the open spaces, including the courtyard and back yard. The bridge of the first floor and the glass provided this request.Even a feature of the courtyard (swimming pool) ,going through the main courtyard,... More

Project • By Things StudioHousing


The employer resides in Deh Vanak, located in Tehran, An area known for its gardens.This villa project is for the weekend of a four-person family. Considering the employer's dwelling in Deh Vanak and his interest in green space, we decided to commence designing with the metaphor of the garden alley In such a way that it would be a gap between the interior and exterior space of the project, which was shaped by the shell and as a result, functions were formed around it. More

Project • By Things StudioPrivate Houses

Villa Naran

A classical villa design with a stone located in LAVASAN on a trapezoidal, drawn-out field was referred to our studio. Our studio did not do classic work and, of course, rock facades, so we asked the employer for a deadline to propose a modern design. We entered the design phase.Challenges:1. The ground is long and narrow. Minimum width 6 meters and maximum length 60 meters.2. Requested spaces for the residence of the two brothers, due to the low width of the ground, was 3 floors on the ground. Due to the high length of the property on the Main Street and limitation on the placement of the land the skyline could have been disrupted.Approaches to adjust the skyline1. The use of a stepped form with special material which spread from the botto... More

Project • By Things StudioOffices

Vaezi Office

The design of the administrative, commercial building was given to our studio in Gheytarieh. The angles of site lines were not perpendicular, and there was a tree on the northeastern corner of site on the sidewalk that its foliage was close to the former building. In the direction of this tree, at the height of the building, we created a diameter with the depth of 80 cm to create a terrace in each floor and placed shrubs in that to provide a green path along the tree. Then we divided the facade into triangular modules, and continued to the ground floor to separate the commercial, pedestrian and parking entrance. More