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Project • By sofSURFACES Inc.Parks/Gardens

Pulaski Park Restoration

Make a bold statement with color! Welcome to Pulaski Park Bloomfield, NJ (USA). This is what safety, unmatched durability and years of maintenance-free performance looks like. This park features our economically manufactured Plus Series duraSAFE® Rubber Playground Tiles. Our Plus series is manufactured using 100% recycled rubber. Elongated rubber stands or "buffing" are utilized in the wear layer of the tile for increased durability and a smooth visual texture while color is achieved using our specially formulated Plus Series pigments. Our team of sales experts will work with you to ensure your park has a unique flare in design by mixing colors together that compliment your park's structures. Caption Caption For over three de... More

Product • By MarazziWork


Work is a floor and wall tile collection inspired by industrial concrete, available in 3 delicate colours: White, Beige and Grey. Two different sizes, 30x90 and 25x76, which can be combined with fascinating 3D structures and with a range of decors inspired by traditional cement tiles, for wall coverings in modern, sophisticated taste. The stoneware floor tiles in 60x60 size dialogue to perfection with the matching wall coverings. More

Product • By MarazziTreverkview


Traditional oak wood, evoked in 9 different colours in the 20x120 cm rectified size, extends the indoor and outdoor compositional options for residential and commercial locations, taking a contemporary approach to interior design. Treverkview wood-look stoneware interprets the original variability of the typical vein patterns of timber boards with all their strong, decided character, harmonising colours and patterning for the maximum versatility in use. More

Product • By MarazziTreverklook


A faithful porcelain stoneware interpretation of oak to offer maximum versatility of use in the design of environments that reveal their unique experience, through combinations of original and casual forms and surfaces. Treverklook consists of 5 natural colours in the rectified 14.5x90 cm size. More

Product • By MarazziRocking20


A collection in 6 colours, which draws inspiration from the intense variability of exquisite stones and offers versatile solutions for outdoors, thanks to the structured finish, also available in the 20 mm thickness, and for indoor use in the natural version. The strength of stone is interpreted by stoneware surfaces perfected by technology and Italian design, in 5 sizes, 60x60, 30x60, 30x30, 20x40 and 20x20 cm, completed by 2 mosaics in all the collection colours, to satisfy any design need. More

Product • By MarazziMystone Basalto

Mystone Basalto

Mystone Basalto is the new Marazzi collection inspired by basalt, the volcanic stone with a very compact structure. Produced in 5 rectified sizes, from the new 90x180 to 30x60 cm on a natural surface and in 4 colours, Pomice, Sabbia, Piombo and Lava, the collection features mosaics, decorative tiles and trims. The structured version, available with a thickness of 20 mm or with the traditional thickness, expands Mystone Basalto’s range of application in outdoor spaces. More

Product • By MarazziMidtown


The Midtown collection consists of concrete-look tiles. Produced in two sizes – 30x60 and 60x60 – and four colours – white, beige, black and grey – this porcelain stoneware collection is suitable for laying on floors throughout the home. More

Product • By MarazziMemoria


Memoria - two different surfaces in a single collection that reflects the manual skills of ceramists: semi-matt for the solid colour tiles and threedimensional structures in the colours Bianco, Blu and Nero and very glossy for the five classic decorative subjects in which the dense ceramic paste recalls the changeable look of handmade tiles. More
Linden Park, Columbus, OH (10,216 sq. ft.)
Dodge Park, Columbus, OH (12,557 sq. ft.)
Dodge Park, Columbus, OH (12,557 sq. ft.)
Dodge Park, Columbus, OH (12,557 sq. ft.)
Dodge Park, Columbus, OH (12,557 sq. ft.)

Project • By sofSURFACES Inc.Parks/Gardens

Ohio Park Transformations

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPC) confirms that a staggering 200,000 American children funnel through emgergency rooms annually due to injuries sustained on playgrounds. 80% of these injuries are attributed to falls to the surface – falls from elevated decks, railings, jungle gyms, swings, slides and overhead ladders. Caption Caption Mock Park, (4,600 sq. ft.), Dodge Park (12,600 sq. ft.) and Linden Community Center Park (10,200 sq. ft.) – all located in Columbus, OH feature elaborate playground structures that have recently undergone major surfacing transformations. All three parks now feature duraSAFE Rubber Playground tiles, manufactured by sofSURFACES – one of the only playground surfacing m... More

Project • By sofSURFACES Inc.Parks/Gardens

Madden Park Ribbon Cutting

When you ask Raymond Giacobbe, Mayor of Rahway, NJ what the number one priority is for the parks within his community, he’ll tell you “It’s the safety of our children”. We started working with the City of Rahway several years ago when they approached us about improving the safety of their parks. Now, after several park transformations, it has become very apparent that not only are their parks cleaner and safer, but one park at a time, they are helping to bring their communities closer together. This is a great example of “begin with the end in mind”! Understanding that upfront investment in a unitary surfacing system like draSAFE far outweighs the long-term material and labor costs associated with mainta... More

Project • By sofSURFACES Inc.Parks/Gardens

Civic Center Park Transformation

Sue Higgins, Mayor of the City of Oakley, California was first introduced to sofSURFACES through her local city engineer, Kevin Rohani. After hearing concerns brought forward from her Parks Manager about other playground surfacing systems simply not meeting the standard, it was an easy decision for the City of Oakley to move towards a unitary surfacing system like duraSAFE Rubber Playground Tiles. sofSURFACES There were a number of key influencers such as the concern for safety around fall height projection for their local children, displacement of loose fill surfacing due to wind and heavy use, vandalism, frequent time-consuming maintenance and the costs associated with long-term maintenance, that made this an easy decision. sofSU... More

Project • By sofSURFACES Inc.Parks/Gardens

Lancaster Park Transformation

sofSURFACES has been working with the community of Rocky Mount, NC for several years now. With many of their playground structures outfitted with various types of loose-fill systems, Kelvin Yarrell, Superintendent of Parks & Cemeteries for Rocky Mount knew it was time for a change. Vandalism has been an ongoing concern in many of their park areas – so were the rising labour and maintenance costs with maintaining these wood-chip systems. Maintaining a loose fill system requires frequent raking, levelling and top-dressing with additional wood chips and the removal of garbage/debris quite regularly. In heavy-use areas such as at the bottom of slides, beneath swings, or at the base of any rotating structures, wood chips would become... More

Project • By sofSURFACES Inc.Cities

20 PQR Project

Now more than ever, home owners, business owners, developers and architects around the world are looking for ways to transform empty rooftop spaces into beautiful living spaces. This is especially evident in densely populated urban centers where new developments are are on the rise – literally! Property costs are increasing, footprints are decreasing in size, yet building costs continue to increase. Developers, designers and architects everywhere are finding ways to maximize every bit of living space. One way this has become very apparent is by going vertical. Caption Nestled beautifully into a downtown Sacramento city block that fronts onto 20th street and runs between P Street and R Street, is the 20 PQR Development by The Gru... More

Product • By sofSURFACES Inc.duraSOUND® Rubber Acoustic Tiles

duraSOUND® Rubber Acoustic Tiles

Dramatically reduce the sound transmission of heavy weight drops in anyfitness facility with duraSOUND® Rubber Acoustic Tiles by sofSURFACES. duraSOUND was performance-engineered to minimize low-frequency impactnoise, control vibrations and reduce the transfer of audible structure-bornesound within building structures. Provide a better acoustic experience for bothyour customers and neighboring businesses with sound reductions of up to 38 dB!  Choose from plus or premium finishing options.PLUS SERIES SOLID COLORS: Plus Series is manufactured using 100% recycled rubber. Elongated rubber strands are utilized in the wear layer of the tile for increased durability and a smooth visual texture while color is achieved through our spec... More

Product • By sofSURFACES Inc.duraTRAIN® Rubber Fitness Tiles

duraTRAIN® Rubber Fitness Tiles

You built your facility to last. Protect your investment with duraTRAIN rubber fitness flooring tiles by sofSURFACES. When we developed our fitness tile over ten years ago, we set our sights on a sophisticated, interlocking yet attractive flooring solution to handle any heavy use environment. Today, duraTRAIN Rubber Fitness Tiles are being rigorously tested in Division 1 schools and fitness facilities all over the world. At 1.25” thick, duraTRAIN delivers the best in sound and shock insulation and was engineered to maximize comfort, durability, fuctionality and visual appeal. PLUS SERIES SOLID COLORS: Plus Series is manufactured using 100% recycled rubber. Elongated rubber strands are utilized in the wear layer of the tile for increa... More