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Project • By ArchimatikaResidential Landscape

Lucky Land

Architecture: ArchimatikaProject type: mixed-use developmentTimeline: 2021-2028Status: buildLocation: Ukraine, Kyiv, 6 Berkovetska StClient: DIMTeam: Popov A., Chernova O., Chuchupalova V., Morenko M., Koptev A., Shumakova P.Awards: International Property Awards 2021: winner Mixed-use architecture Caption Lucky Land is a city within a city. Six blocks have 23 residential buildings with various architectural solutions and height capability, corresponding to the general concept. The project also includes underground and surface car parks, active mixed-use ground floors, a medical centre, a school, and a park.   Caption With the emphasis on the high-quality landscaping of the territory, the idea of psychological comfort for r... More

Project • By 33BY ArchitecturePrivate Houses


- Philosophy: Vastu is an ancient Hindu teaching on how to properly plan and design the surrounding space. By following at least the basic and simple principles of this philosophy, you can make the surrounding space more harmonious and attract temper and abundance into your home. Vastu philosophy is associated with 5 natural elements - water, fire, air, earth and ether. The task of the architects at 33bY Architecture was to design the building and plan the space according to Vastu. Vastu used to build palaces and churches, now we build private housing for our clients.  Sergiy Kadulin Photography - Location: The site is in a wonderful location in the suburbs of Kiev, on top of a hill with direct access to the coniferous forest a... More

Project • By ArchimatikaHousing

Respublika Housing (1st phase)

The basic principles adopted for the development of the 1st phase of the project: midrise buildings, urban block planning, separation of pedestrian zones and vehicles, closed courtyards - open streets. Urban blocks are not classical quadrangular, but pentagonal forms a slightly more lively and unpredictable space. The sections are arranged in pentagons, which diverge in petals from the "core" - an area of 80x80 meters with a community center. In the place where the fifth "petal" of housing could be located - elementary school and recreation: tennis courts, football, and volleyball courts. The design of the private courtyards closed on all sides is deliberately opposed to the streets' geometric correctness. The atmosphere here is cozy, sl... More

NewsNews • 24 Sep 2020

Design of 'Follower' restaurant playfully riffs on the popularity of social media

A chic new restaurant that playfully riffs on the popularity of social media has recently opened in the heart of Kyiv, Ukraine.  The aptly named Follower restaurant has taken a mid-century building on one of the city’s oldest and longest streets (VelykaVaslkivskastreet) and updated it as a funky, eccentric hangout catering to millennials.  Architecture and design specialists YoDezeen sought to at once maximise and preserve the building’s heritage whilst simultaneously creating a restaurant that blurs the distinction between online and offline lives and actively encourages guests both to socialize and, reciprocally, to post their experiences on social media.  Credit: Andrii Shurpenkov Follower comprises two f... More