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Project • By samo architect studioHousing

puyan villa

Villa of 2 brothers on a common land, which shared public spaces. Caption Caption Caption   More

Project • By xzoomprojectPrivate Houses

Modern twin villa design Saudi Arabia

Modern twin villa (duplex) located in Saudi Arabia. Minimalistic and stunning architecture design. Caption Large pool at the backyard with decorative waterfall fountain. Caption Luxury and rich look with marble and travertine stone finishes. Caption Decorative pool at the fancy entrance group. Caption Please feel free to contact us for your custom luxury house project!   More

Project • By Gera Studio ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Renovation of Amjad Villa

At first, we faced a ruined 100-year-old Building that only a few surrounding bearing brick walls and a basement was remained of it. Mohammad Hassan Ettefagh Since the bearing walls had to be kept, we designed and used them in the same old shape. Mohammad Hassan Ettefagh We formed an Important axis inside the building to connect the building to the garden. Then we applied this axis by placing a pool and TV room along it, also by creating a new roof with wooden beams remained from different parts of the old building. Mohammad Hassan Ettefagh Due to the need of more space, we added a new floor including a bedroom, a terrace, a library and a small kitchen to the building. Mohammad Hassan Ettefagh we paid special attenti... More

Project • By SELIM SENINHousing

Villa Patel

The project was designed in Kigali, Rwanda.It is designed with the continuity movements of the house floor movements in large proportions and 30 cm slab proportions. It is designed to have only a home theater and a balcony on the 1st floor of the house. The master bedroom, bedroom and living room on the ground floor are separated from each other by the pool design. The main entrance of the house was designed 2 floors high and emphasized.Tthe first floor appears as a closed mass.There is a pool in front of the building. On the ground floor, there is a living room on one side of the plot and a bedroom on the other. The garden facing the bedroom on the side is designed as sheltered from rain and sun with a console canopy. Caption Capti... More

Project • By SELIM SENINHousing

Gacuriro Villa Renovation

The project is located in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. One of the 100 brick houses was redesigned to add more rooms. The fact that the neighboring buildings in the region are located with the same architecture creates an architectural language. It was requested by the client to make an additional room and to obtain better space organization in order to rent the house at a better price in one of the buildings within this language union. Caption The most difficult part here is to preserve the language unity in the region with the additions to be made. By adding re-flooring on the single-storey area at the back, 3 rooms were obtained instead of 2 rooms on the upper floor. 2 rooms facing the front façade have been expanded forwar... More

Project • By SELIM SENINHousing

Villa Rose

In the living room design, a circular shelf is designed under the stairs leading down to the 2-storey gallery. This circular approach continues in design ceiling designs. Caption The hall consists of 3 zones: living area, dining area and breakfast area which is connected to kitchen. The breakfast area designed in front of the kitchen is semi-openly separated from the main dining table in the 2-floor-high volume with vertical elements. Caption The area under the stairs was designed with a Japanese miniature bonsai tree to create a green texture in the space and a small function was added to this unused area. The TV area provides a warm seating area with the shelves around it and the fireplace area underneath. Caption The ma... More

Project • By SELIM SENINHousing

Kimironko Houses

The project is located in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda.Rwanda's topography consists of thousands of hills and the project site is located on the sloping surface of a hill. The plot continues with a vertical slope after a flat area at the upper level.At the lowest level of the land, there is a green forest area that is not open to project design according to the city master plan. For this reason, 2 row houses blocks, each consisting of 9 villas, were designed on the flat area above. where the slope starts, instead of designing row houses in the form of blocks, single villas sitting on the slope were designed.The individual villas located on the slope are designed by leveling according to the vehicle road level slope.Access to the villa... More

Project • By SELIM SENINPrivate Houses

Villa M2

The project is located in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, located in East Africa. The project land, located on a hill overlooking the city, consists of an area of 2000 m2. As a result of various meetings with the client, it is recommended that all places of the house look at the view. Since the project land has a unique view of Kigali, all rooms and spaces have been planned to benefit from the view. On the 1st floor, there is only the guest room and the home cinema. Caption Caption The 1st floor was designed centrally to center the ground floor of the building.The ground and first floor floors of the building are detached from the walls of the building and designed to float in the air. Thanks to this floating roof, light can be re... More

Project • By Cerámica MayorHotels

Grand Blue Villas

Grand Blue is a complex of villas located in the southern part of Rhodes, in the unexplored area of Lachania. This group of villas was established as a destination area for those seeking relaxation and tranquillity during their summer holidays. Caption Their decoration and materials cater to a new concept of luxury, offering warm hospitality and the precious charm of the island, designed to offer the feeling of living with all the comforts and spectacular views of the Aegean Sea. Caption Among these amenities is the spacious terrace with its dazzling infinity pool, all paved in our Cements Snow, a porcelain stoneware that mimics cement, bringing all the benefits of ceramic fused with the modern and contemporary aesthetics of cem... More

Project • By shenakhteh studioHousing

gelekoh villa

gele koh villa on a 680 m land with limitations such as occupancy level, occupancy and employer demands, based on an outside and inside interaction approach, privacy, control and pulling the green space into the building through failure in the work body. , Creating multiple pop-ups to continue visual communication from inside to outside of the building and vice versa, thereby dimming the boundaries inside and outside and extending the horizontal part of the first floor body to the outside with the help of a console-designed structure and the use of a roof rack as an element. Caption Active to define the second level of life and not just as an inactive element to interact with whatever The more inhabitants above ground level.Private vi... More
At the edge of human city life and  environment The ground floor plan that has the most connection with the street contains common zones like living room and guest room and the private zones like bedrooms are located on the basement floor.

Project • By The SharResidential Landscape

Villa Dar Shib

The project site, it's environment and the landscape were sending us convincing signals​ to protect and provide the best sights and views. The green hill and sloping hillside is where sky and land meet and in that spot "Villa Dar Shib" is built. Caption Caption A hillside villa that had the challenge of not harming the environment and nature by the least amount of foundation excavation and reusing the reduced soil. Caption Caption By defining a shell around the building that not only frames the views from sky to land but also protects the warmness of the house and make it feel safe. The sloped roof is do to the rainy climate. Caption Caption The ground floor plan that has the most connection with the street... More

Project • By NK ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Light Сlassic

Concept Architect-designer Natalia Karjakina started the project when the customer finished building the "box" and barely had time to make the roof truss system. Initially, the layout and design of the house was ordered from another private architect's bureau, but from the original concept in the end only the outlines of the plan remained. In the process of construction and decoration, all previously planned engineering systems and, accordingly, the design of the house itself, including the facade and the entire interior design, have changed. Andrey Avdeenko The house is intended for a country holiday of a family of 4 people. The main wish of customers in relation to design was to create a cozy and bright space. They did not single o... More

Project • By OJAN Design StudioHousing

Layers Villa

OJAN Design Studio OJAN Design Studio Layers Villa is located in Hashtgerd region in Alborz province with the area of ​​1200 square meters. This building has four floors and the area of ​​approximately 1200 square meters, including a reception hall, kitchen, dining room, four master bedrooms, a complete suite, sports spaces, swimming pool, service spaces, utility rooms, etc. In the initial analysis of the site, we realized that the climatic conditions of the area and the neighborhoods could be a threat to security and privacy in this house, which was one of the most important concerns of the design team in the first design steps of the project. OJAN Design Studio OJAN Design Studio The main idea of ​​the project is base... More

Project • By BAUMITPrivate Houses

Villa Endestrasse

In addition to timeless aesthetics, high quality and reliable value stability, the villa offers a high standard of living. Fitting in with the traditional architecture of the area, the villa combines classic and modern elements to create a timelessly attractive building. The representative portico on the street side and the four columns supporting the roof above the main entrance pay homage to the classical villa architecture of the Weimar Republic. Caption Caption More

Project • By CCHEPrivate Houses

Villa de Maître

The transformation of this mansion has been carried out in full respect of its existing architecture. Contemporarily renovated, the interior surfaces have been reorganized around the reception hall, the true heart of the house. Thomas Jantscher The addition of a terrace on the 1st floor has allowed the creation of a winter garden on the ground floor. Entirely glazed, it offers an unobstructed view of a huge garden laid out according to a project by Julian Dowle, an English landscape gardener, as well as of the lake. Thomas Jantscher Everything in this house has been imagined to allow a different use of the premises according to the day's programme. From the gym and swimming pool, to the formal reception, to family life and serva... More