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Project • By ikon.5 architectsMemorials

National Purple Heart Hall of Honor

The National Purple Heart Hall of Honor is a modern temple for honoring the valor and sacrifice of the recipients of the Purple Heart Medal. The United States Purple Heart Medal is given to military service women and men who courageously gave of themselves in conflict.  Sitting on the slope of Temple Hill in New Windsor, New York, the site where General George Washington established the Badge of Merit—the precursor to the Purple Heart—for valorous efforts during the American Revolution, the 12,000-sqaure-foot Hall of Honor museum and visitor center is distinctive yet integrated into the rustic landscape. Jeffrey Totaro Jeffrey Totaro   Inspired by the 18th-century rough-hewn log cabins set into the wooded h... More

Project • By TAO | Trace Architecture OfficeTheaters

Aranya Theatre

Aranya Theatre is located at an irregular-shaped site at the center of Aranya, a gold coast seaside resort in Qinhuangdao, Hebei, China. The site is surrounded by residential buildings on three sides, overlooking the sea across the dunes. Therefore, how to deal with the relationship between the theatre and the sea, streets, and urban context, as well as how to shape the public space of the town has become the focus of the design. Caption Break up the whole into partsThe building consists of three theatres -A Theathre, Fengchao Theatre and Dionysus Theatre, each occupying a corner of the site. Two rectangular theatres, Fengchao Theatre and A Theatre, are connected by the lobby in the middle, extending into the urban fabric. The outdoor... More

Project • By Cowper Griffith Architects LLPParks

Carlton Marshes Visitor Centre

Carlton Marshes lie in the Waveney Valley at the southern tip of the Norfolk Broads and is part of the Suffolk Broads. It comprises a jigsaw of grazing marsh, fens, peat pools, short fen meadow, tall fen (called 'tall litter fen'), dykes, pools and scrub. Mostly man-made, these habitats have developed over hundreds of years of traditional management and now host specialised wildlife. © Peter Cook In 2019, the National Lottery Heritage Fund invested over £4 million in the Trust’s vision to create 1,000 acres of wildness, match-funded by Suffolk Wildlife Trust donors and supporters.Cowper Griffith Architects were appointed by the client to develop proposals for high quality flagship visitor facilities in the unique Broa... More

NewsNews • 17 Nov 2021

Neri&Hu aspire to create a timeless architecture for the Chuan Malt Whisky Distillery

The two visitor experience buildings, part of a distillery and home for Pernod Ricard’s first whisky in China, are based upon fundamental geometries: the circle and the square. Chen Hao A circular tasting experience center is partially submerged in the ground. Three concentric brick rings mark its monumental presence on the site. Inside, a domed courtyard contains a waterfall pouring from an oculus. Five subterranean tasting rooms are placed around the courtyard. Chen Hao The restaurant and bar building is shaped in the form of a square. One corner of the cantilevered volume hovers over the river bank. An open-air courtyard frames its view towards the silhouette of Mount Emei. Dining space is arranged along the perimeter f... More


Zonguldak Caves

Zonguldak has geography with a wide spectrum in terms of the number of caves discovered and the cave features that emerged during the formative phases of the caves. The network of caves spread throughout the town offers a variety of travel options for local and foreign tourists, explorers, cave sportsmen. Zonguldak Caves Visitor Center aims to make this important potential accessible and visible. Egemen Karakaya Gokgol Cave is located on the eastern slope of Ercek Stream, 5 km southeast of Zonguldak. Gokgol cave is one of the important caves in Zonguldak and Turkey that can be visited with its formations of stalactites, stalagmites, columns, flags, and curtains in various colors, textures, and sizes. Gokgol Cave, which has become more... More

Project • By MosaSports Centres

Chase Center

Project Chase Center, published by Mosa. Location: San Francisco, United States Category: Sport Centers Connect with Mosa for more information More

Project • By MosaVisitor Center

Castellum Hoge Woerd

Project Castellum Hoge Woerd, published by Mosa. Location: Utrecht, Netherlands Category: Museums Connect with Mosa for more information More

Project • By Storaket Architectural StudioVisitor Center

Cocal Cola visitor center

The main concept for the Coca Cola visitor center was to create a platform where Coca-Cola visitors can walk through the production without disturbing the actual manufacturing process. Based on this concept we came up with the idea for a closed tunnel with windows allowing the visitor to watch the production process. The space dedicated for the visitors center was small but had heigh ceilings, which we used to our advantage. Caption To optimize the use of space we created a ramp, which leads visitors to the tunnel. As visitors walk towards the tunnel, they are able to read about and familiarize themselves with the history of Coca Cola. The museum houses an amphitheater, as well as interactive display booths.Even though the museum has... More

Project • By Ergün ArchitectureVisitor Center

Mor Gabriel Monastery Visitor Center

Mardin is a salient cultural and architectural cornerstone of Turkish heritage. The Mor Gabriel Monastery is considered one of the most characteristic structures in Mardin to date. Established toward the end of the 3rd century, it is situated on high ground about a twenty minutes car ride from the city center. Today, the Mor Gabriel Monastery is the oldest surviving Syriac Orthodox monastery in the world. The design intent of the project is to emphasize the importance of topography as it relates to monastery life. On the same token, designing an additional structure that enhances the Mor Gabriel Monastery visitor experience was a balancing act mandating careful consideration to the structure’s historic context. Its’ minimal intervention see... More

Project • By Ergün ArchitectureVisitor Center

Deyrulzafaran Monastery Visitor Center

DeyrulzafaranMonastery was originally built as the temple of the Sems, a sun worshiping people, to extend and transform the Purple Stupa Monastery in the 4th century. Since the 25th century the Deyrulzafaran served as a Patriarchal Center for 640 years. This part of Mardin’s countryside is found at the edge of history where DeyrulzafaranMonastery peers out from just beyond.Although the Visitor Welcome Center is disconnected from the DeyrulzafaranMonastery, it gives visitors a perception of being in one space. Coveting uniformity between the two buildings was important and in turn greatly informed the architectural strategy behind building the Welcome Center. The use of architectural elements such as spatial friction, presence of c... More

Project • By Satish Jassal ArchitectsVisitor Center

Brentwood Visitor Centre

A new education led visitor centre, with public gardens and eight family homes Satish Jassal Architect has prepared a masterplan for a brownfield site in Brentwood. The site is currently comprised of derelict stables, kennels, barns and two homes that have not been used for many years. The masterplan has three components: 1.        Central gardens 2.        Eight family homes 3.        Visitor centre The masterplan is organised around the central gardens. The central gardens will be used for outdoor recreation and as an educational tool for local people, in particular, children.&nbs... More

Project • By Ayerbe Recco ArquitectosCultural Centres

Visitors Center "Llanos de las Américas", Natural Parks Despeñaperros

The new Visitor Centre is located in a wooded setting, along with a local road of low traffic, at a point where depart several footpaths which will boost with new equipment. The main feature of the work is to be reused four prefabricated modules that the regional government had acquired and used years ago as a temporary facility in support of other equipment in natural areas. The new visitor centre reuses them. But all must now have permanent building character. To prevent the provisional aspect of containers, we designed a coating, in the form of lattice, ribbons of treated wood of pine, outwardly covering the whole. In the intense Andalusian summer the lattice also casts a shadow on the facades, improving the climate behaviour of th... More