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Project • By VOID opdPrivate Houses


Guarumo is a contemporary residence located on the Costa Rican Pacific coast, where the characteristic tropical landscape is harmoniously combined with modern, simple and discreet architecture, all with a high degree of aesthetics / design.  Leonardo Finotti The project is located on a steep hillside, so the adequate positioning of the architectural program is essential to guaranteeing a proper adaptation. The staggering of its blocks favors a real adaptation to the topography of the site, minimizing the impact to the soils and avoiding large movements of land and expensive retaining walls. At the same time, it capitalizes on the spectacular views of both the ocean and the dense natural landscape that surrounds it.   Leon... More

Project • By KAAN ArchitectenOffices

De Walvis

In historical Amsterdam, the office building De Walvis on Bickerseiland has been stripped down to its bones and completely revitalised by KAAN Architecten. The client MaarsenGroep requested a "hip and industrial feel"that would leave everyonein awe and fit with their envisaged future tenants from the advertising, media, and tech sector. Confident interventions in the structure have resulted in a sleek and elegant sculptural form. De Walvis is a building with a history. It was part of Amsterdam's urbanisation project of the early 1960s, forced upon local residents despite their protests. Property developer F.H. Gaus announced that Bickerseiland would become a Little Manhattan. Ultimately, this became a turning point in municipal planning po... More

NewsMaterialization • 20 Jul 2020

Three Stories North house fosters strong links to its original industrial character

Three Stories North is an untraditional home in Australia that embraces its layered history, including an industrial heritage. Designed by Splinter Society Architecture, the project’s primary objective is to realise its existing potential rather than replace it with something entirely new. Credit: Sharyn Cairns Key to the overarching design objective was revealing the existing masonry construction that gives the home its ‘warehouse feel.’ Other original details such as arched doors and fireplaces were also retained, along with timber ceilings and imperfections in the brick walls. In several locations, glazing is used to fill gaps in the masonry and clearly distinguish what is original from what is new. Credit: Sha... More

Project • By Jade ArchitectenPrivate Houses

Panorama House

On a former campsite is the plan area ' The Nieuwkoopse Eilanden ' realized. The new building plots are spread over a number of headlands between the Nieuwkoopse Plassen and Zuideinderplas.   Building plot 15 is an extra wide plot at the end of one of the headlands an provides a wide view over the lake. The quality of this unique location is fully utilized in the house: the neighboring facades and the roof- and floor surfaces are relatively closed and form a comfortable shell. The front and rear facades on the other hand, are open and offer a wide panorama of the surroundings. Outdoor terraces, protected from wind, rain and too many sun exposure, are created by placing these mainly glass facades inwards and position them at an angle.... More

Project • By YYAA Yoshihiro Yamamoto Architects AtelierPrivate Houses

Crossroad in the House

This is a house for a couple and a small son in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan. We designed a large house with a square plan and designed four small houses from each vertex. The gap between small houses becomes a crossroad. The small houses are designed to be alone and the crossroad is designed to stay with the family. Residents can live in and out of small houses and a large house. The windows of small houses are connected to the crossroad, and the windows of the large house are connected to the garden, gentle hills, trees of the forest, the sky and the clouds. More

Project • By SELIM SENINBars

Coffee Shop and Houses

The Coffee Shop is sitting on different levels in itself due to the slope of the land. It describes itself with a space that opens to the road towards the slope of the terrain. More