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Project • By mode:lina™Shops

Run Colors EC Powisle

Run Colors requires no introduction for aficionados of colorful, sporty shoes. Throughout years of functioning on the Polish market, this popular shop gathered plenty of faithful customers, existing both as a web-based and designer local store venues (Run Colors Poznan / Run Colors Warsaw). Run Colors changes, however. The brand, up to this point associated with a vast choice of assortments, aims to get through to a more aware clientele. Your typical shoe store ceases to be and in turn becomes a gallery, a temple for all the sneaker-heads out there. You’re there to purchase a piece of art and then bring it into life, through the way you choose to wear it and what for. Patryk Lewiński The strategy is not the only thing changing... More

Project • By Piotr Krajewski - Architectural PhotographyOffices

Chmielna 89

Photo shoot of the Chmielna 89 office building in Warsaw for Cavatina Holding. More

Project • By mode:lina™Offices

Amphitheater in Warsaw

  Every society needs space to sit by the campfire, to talk, to listen, to see and express oneself. Brain Embassy Amphitheatre does precisely that for Warsaw. We want it to become the place of meaningful gatherings and speeches, a new symbol for this part of Mokotów and fuel for change. Through this modern construct we siphon our philosophy - search for a new angle to things already known. Make yourself utmost comfortable in Brain Embassy Amphitheatre - surrounded by nature you’ll open yourself up to new experiences.   Amphitheatre is the open, democratic space dedicated to holding interesting meet-ups and performance arts, that would be easily accessible for each and every tenant and employees of the Służewo&rsquo... More

Project • By Isidoro Mastronardi ArchitetttoWorkshops

Training Center - Warsaw

In 2019, Lavazza opened their Training Center in Warsaw in a converted historic army barracks, which was once part of the city’s fortified wall. The space is located on the ground floor and can be directly accessed from the street, underneath a walkway. The Training Center consists of two adjoining rooms with barrel-vaulted ceilings. From the street you enter the main room of the Training Center. Here, on a large central island there are several workstations, joined to form a long bar counter facing the visitors and complemented by a series of coffee makers as well as ancillary workstations placed along one of the walls. The ambience is warm, the gleaming high-tech equipment is in sharp contrast with the clay brickwork of walls and... More
conceptual model
conceptual model
conceptual model
conceptual model
conceptual model

Project • By Just Open ArchitectureLibraries

The Book Tower of Warsaw

JOA has revealed their first-prize winning project of the competition ‘libgen: towards a new class of evolutionary libraries’ proposing an alternative library design in warsaw, poland. the new library will serve regionally, juxtaposing with the warsaw university library, serving as an incubation center of technological innovation,  intellectual workforce that encourages communication.  JOA aimed to create a social platform for learning and studying, targeting the contemporary society of the future. in order for the architects to achieve this goal, before anything, they studied thoroughly all documented history on public libraries. according to their research, in a traditional library, books are the main element that... More

Project • By mode:lina™Offices

Flokk Warsaw

The Scandinavian Flokk group, in cooperation with the Polish manufacturer Profim, has just opened its first Polish showroom in Warsaw, designed by a team of architects from the mode:lina™ studio. ‘When we were looking for a studio, we were looking for someone with a fresh and light approach. A studio that would create a setting with a relaxed atmosphere’, explained Magdalena Borowiec from Profim. The newly opened showroom combines a maximally functional interior, which is to be a tool for work, education and the exchange of ideas, with a space where the quality and unique design of the Scandinavian brand can be seen at first glance. The well-lit, industrial premises have become a minimalistic space that provides an optim... More

Project • By mode:lina™Offices

ING Tech Poland

We’re TECH!  This slogan portrays what lies at the heart of the ING Tech Poland team, a team which lives and breathes technologies. This creative group of talented people provides IT and analytics services for ING Group around the world. After several years of ING Tech Poland’s presence in Katowice, it was time to open a new unit in the capital – Warsaw-based RiskHub, a Modelling Expertise Centre shaping the future of risk modelling and data analysis. A prestigious space in the revitalized Elektrownia Powiśle was chosen as a location for the new office, and mode:lina™ studio was invited to design the interior."We want an office that will compete for prizes and attract talent, and at the same time will suit vario... More

Project • By Piotr Krajewski - Architectural PhotographyHousing

Lighthouse Port Praski

The investment area is located in the Praga Polnoc, at the border of two separate urban fabrics – dense, historical, continuous street development of Old Praga and comb-like arrangement of residential tower blocks along Vistula River. The Monument of Kosciuszkowcow is adjacent to the south of the project site.The main idea of the project is to create a dominant on the "gateway" to the Port Praski. The proposed building is to become a landmark of the entire investment. It will act as a lantern, inviting to enter the Port Praski and will become characteristic element on the map.The site is located outside of the historic Praga building quarters system.When designing the architecture, contemporary forms of expression in combination with tradit... More

Project • By Simple. ArchitecturePavilions

AD LIB Pavilion – Warsaw, Poland

Ad. Lib. – (adv./adj.) – from Latin ad libitumSpoken or performed without previous preparation As much and as often as desiredThe National Opera in Warsaw organizes a competition for its new urban pavilion which will hold a variety of cultural events in the city. The pavilion should be easy to mount because it is supposed to regularly change its place. One of the main objectives is to use only recyclable materials since the pavilion will be fully recycled once it serves no more its purpose.The project proposal includes the construction of a system of columns using wooden coils for their base and cardboard pipes for their shaft. Once placed the columns are enveloped by a burlap roll which defines the interior spaces. The inclination of the p... More

Project • By ELEMENT VISUALIZATIONSUrban Green Spaces

Vistula Waterfront Competition opens city to the r

Leading idea of Vistula Waterfront design was to refer to existing urban site by providing a composition opening towards the Vistula River and reinforcing the links with Khal’s Square. Architects wanted to create specific character of particular parts of the boulevard by alternating different kinds of temporary urban space and park areas. The boulevards were designed concerning variable water levels in the Vistula River. In result the bank changes its shape with the height of the water in the river.Architects decided to refer to the temporary, easily demolished, floated pavilions proposed over the distance from Swietokrzyski Bridge to the Sidlesian-Dabrowski Bridge. Pavilions are placed on the modular construction attached to the dolphins.... More

Project • By ELEMENT VISUALIZATIONSUrban Green Spaces

Central Square in Warsaw

Central Square – known now as Parade Square - is a Warsaw main landmark for tourists and citizens. Mostly because of its central location on the map of the city and direct relation with Palace of Culture and Science – the highest and most iconic building in Poland.Everyday loads of people are passing through the Parade Square on their way to work, train station or just to handle their daily duties. Despite being located in a communicational and administrative heart of the City, the space is excluded from everyday metropolitan life. As meeting point or destination for spending time, its role seems to be marginal.The reason of the lack of interest is “the great nothingness”. There is no specified development plan for the Square so people feel... More

Project • By mode:lina™Offices

Brain Embassy

Brain Embassy offers spaces where you can work while on the move, rest by meditating or cycling. You are only restricted by your own imagination. A cooperation of Adgar Poland with mode:lina™ studio designers resulted in the Brain Embassy brand being spatially complemented by a motif of “synapses” running across the whole interior.There are over 100 billion neurons in a human brain. Thanks to them we think, act and discover. There are even more synapses, which pass information in our brain! Taking these facts and the visual identity system into consideration, mode:lina™ designers created a space completely in tune with the human mind.Visitors to Brain Embassy in Warsaw’s Mokotów are, from the very entrance, led right through the entire inte... More

Project • By Piotr Krajewski - Architectural PhotographyAuditoriums

Centre for Advanced Materials and Technologies in Warsaw

The Centre for Advanced Materials and Technologies (CEZAMAT) is one of the largest investments in Poland in the field of high-tech research and development. Co-funded by the European Union, the project envisages the establishment of the network of five laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art R&D tools. Laboratories of the Center allows to carry out new marketable technologies with commercial potential which are supposed to contribute to economic development. The building was designed by architectural studio, DEDECO. More

Project • By Piotr Hardecki ArchitectParks/Gardens


EUROPEAN PRIZE FOR URBAN PUBLIC SPACE 2012 / NOMINATION Goclaw is the largest apartment block complex, built in Warsaw between 1975 and 1990. It is currently inhabited by more than fifty thousand people. In recent years neglected urban area in the central part of the complex was designated for the recreational park. The area was what remained of an old construction site with piles of garbage and concrete waste. The rubble surrounded an artificial water reservoir. It was ironically called “Balaton” by the local residents, as the Balaton lake in Hungary once was an popular holiday destination in Poland. The main goal of this intervention was the creation of an recreational park opened to the public. On all stages of the design a... More

Project • By Piotr Hardecki ArchitectCinemas


The building of the ‘Muranow’ cinema has been built at the turn of the 40s and 50s of the 20th century as part of the post-war reconstruction of the city. Elevations and interiors of the building have been kept in the, popular at the time, socialist realism aesthetics. At first, the cinema has had two large auditoriums (each one for 238 viewers). This solution turned out to be not elastic enough for the current needs. In 2013 the decision has been made to convert storage spaces located underneath the exterior staircases leading to the public terrace above the cinema into two additional small screening rooms.The design of the refurbished interiors has been purposely contrasted with the older part of the building. Behind the renovated door, t... More