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Project • By LZFRestaurants

Restaurante Alameda

Alameda is Spanish for poplar grove, but it is often used to describe any shaded tree-lined boulevard, however, in this case it is also the name of José Ángel Castro and Evangelía Chalatsako’s new restaurant in the Salamanca district of Madrid. The Salamanca district represents the most cosmopolitan Madrid, it is one of the most pleasant and luxurious areas of the city. The two-storey restaurant has been designed with a nod to the nineteenth-century housing of this district, with hardwood flooring and classic cut moldings, yet, at the same time entering the restaurant gives you the sensation of leaving the city and entering an oasis of exquisiteness that perfectly combines nature and urbanism. Colectivo Verben... More

Project • By Capella Garcia ArquitecturaRestaurants

Jaleo restaurant

A restaurant in Disney Springs should be a memorable place, not just a place to eat. A space where to enjoy the food in an original and unique setting, this has been our goal: to entertain the diner while enjoying a good meal to make his stay in Jaleo an unforgettable experience. The main concept of the interior design has been to offer "a tapeo", that is to say a tasting of many small bites, with shapes, colors, chairs, lamps, images, in accordance with a typical Spanish menu.   The Disney Springs Jaleo is based on the iconography of Spain, and expresses the vitalist soul of its chef, José Andrés. The architectural form of the building is inspired by an artichoke, one of the most popular original Mediterranean vegetabl... More

Project • By LZFRestaurants

Soya Cosplay Restaurant

Designer lighting by LZF has just been installed a few blocks away from the Brandenburg Gate, right the heart of one of the most touristic areas of Berlin. The Soya Cosplay restaurant has some special guests over its tables; the Poppy and Spiro lamps. This trendy Asian restaurant that has found, in our lighting collection, the perfect companion to their upbeat modern asian cuisine. Once again the designers of this marvellous locale have understood the importance of creating the complete experience. Flavours, ambiance, sound and light all combine together to caress the senses and imprint a lasting impression on anyone who enters. We feel really proud of being in this prestigious restaurant in the middle of one of the most important design... More