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Project • By studio mojo architecturePavilions

hidden face

The cabin echoes our early construction experiences. Here, we are developing the shelter around a unique material: wood. The material allows integration and discretion in the landscape. The rhythm is mimetic. The composition is enough to shelter from the wind, looks, or rain. This simple gesture creates a limit, an invitation and a panorama. The trees and the shelter don’t touch each other but interact and create vertical and horizontal limits. Caption The gap in between the two walls invites the walker to enter the shelter. Inside, the atmosphere is warm, you can stand, sit, lie down, rest. The trees foliage filters the sun rays. Our imagination is summoned, reminds us of childhood memories. Sitting, leaning against the wall, o... More

Project • By Giuseppe ParisiPrivate Houses

Relax House

The Relax House is located on a flat site with a view on the Norwegian Fjords. It captures different portions of context and grant a different vision of living. The volume with a cross plan defines as a new landscape. Each "cell" revolves around a central pivot. The plan generates an intimate spatiality with an unusual approach.   The central body is surrounded by full-height wooden cabinets, these become partitions. A continuous play of lights and shadows is generated by the large windows and eyes created in the attics, like a construct created by the fruits of space looking at the sky from the inside. The house is reduced to the overlap of elementary forms and to a basic conception of the use of building materials. The structure is... More

Project • By Urban Mistrii StudioPrivate Houses

The Hill House

Some 10 kms away from Shimla, the project Hill House is banked on one of the peripheral roads of a compounded residential area, AIRA Homes. The place holds decades of memories for the family, now visited by them only as a summer retreat. In 2018, the mother and the daughter unanimously took up the challenge to renovate, with the intent of modifying the interiors to serve their current lifestyle. The initial interventions solely by the local contractor couldn’t stand up to their vision, and that’s where we jumped into the picture, in collaboration with Kanika Kapoor and Aman Jalota. On receiving the already interfered project with a half built attic and haphazard proposals for the interiors, we then knew that this was going to b... More

Project • By Neil Dusheiko ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Gallery House

Extension to an existing Victorian house with light-filled gallery space to house a client’s large collection of paintings including the creation of a new loft space with views over Clissold Park.   Detailed Summary This project is an upgrade to the architect’s father-in-law’s house that was in need of modernisation. The design adds a new light-filled side extension at ground floor level and a new loft bedroom and bathroom above where there was previously unused roof space. A large open plan living space was created by opening up the front and rear reception rooms, providing ample display space for his extensive art collection. A fully glazed skylight to the side extension allows for increased light levels and imp... More

Project • By marasovic arhitektiApartments


This project is part of a wider ongoing renovation process of an historical stone house, located in the old town of Koper. House V consists of three apartments that we have named V1, V2 and V3. With a living space of only 35m2, and just one window, V1 was the first to be completed. Due to its location on the ground floor and narrow shape, we divided the apartment into two parts according to the daylight and privacy required. The bedroom, bathroom and wardrobe are pushed to the back, while the kitchen, dining and living area adjoin the window. The divisory wall between the bedroom and the rest of the apartment is designed to provide natural light at the back of the apartment while at the same time, blocking the view from the street. The in... More

Project • By StudioWShops

June Store

June Store is a fashion boutique project renovated from a typical townhouse in Vietnam. The shop owner who had lived and worked in the UK for a long time, so she wishes to have a contemporary store but at the same time there are details reminiscent of nostalgic fashion stores from classical Europe. The façade of the building is designed as a minimalist block of navy blue to emphasize the whole project. Interior layout is arranged concisely, with the cashier at the center of the premises. From the cashier's stand, we arranged 3 continuous wooden cabinets, which helps guide customers from the outside to the inside the store. The clothes hanging racks are placed close to the sides of the wall to maximize buyers’ view. Auxiliary s... More

Project • By Sergio Mannino StudioShops

Leather SPA at Saks 5th Ave New York

When established accessory repair company Leather Spa was invited to open a corner inside the prestigious Saks Fifth Avenue mall, they knew they needed a new design concept to match the mall’s overall renovation. Sergio Mannino Studio proved to be the perfect match, allowing the small, 126 sq ft space to instantly catch the eyes of any customers. While matching the modern renovation by OMA was key, it was also important to maintain the original Leather SPA branding. Mannino Studio accomplished this by using the classic brand orange color, as well as implementing a white perforated metal mesh as the main wall finish. Not only did this make for a striking visual, but it also allowed for a practical, flexible method to layout merchandis... More

Project • By Taktik DesignNurseries

École Sainte-Anne - A new redesigned schoolyard

Planification of a green schoolyard The small Sainte-Anne elementary school, located in the Rosemont neighbourhood in Montreal, wanted to offer students outdoor spaces that were as stimulating and versatile as all of their interior educational environments. The schoolyard, initially made entirely of asphalt, underwent a major transformation in order to offer the students as well as the teachers several distinct learning areas.   The transformation work began with the addition of a large multi-sports field enclosed by protective strips, a basketball court and a racetrack. These new playing and learning fields now allow for higher energy expense for children during their breaks. The new outdoor schoolyard is benefited as much by the t... More

Project • By Buckley Gray YeomanShops

Fred Perry NYC

BuckleyGrayYeoman has completed Fred Perry’s latest international flagship store in Manhattan, melding the brand’s British heritage with the iconic identity of New York City. The project marks ten years of work as their worldwide design consultant    British architecture practice BuckleyGrayYeoman has completed the new North American flagship store for the brand founded by the eponymous Wimbledon triple-champion in 1952.   The 700sqft space has transformed the ground floor shopfront of a historic building on Broome Street in Lower Manhattan, used for the past 35 years as an antiques dealership.   The store will become Fred Perry’s North American outpost and marks a ten year design-collaboration be... More

Project • By onside | architecturePrivate Houses

Alameda Apartment

The onside architecture studio formed by the architects Carlos Balada and Carlos Bonet takes care of the comprehensive reform and interior design of anapartment on the Paseo Alameda in Valencia, one of the best city locations. The preliminary draft of this project, received in 2015 the Valencia CREA Awards - National Prize as recognition of the young talents in the category Interior Design. The apartment is located in one of the tower buildings more emblematic of the city and true visual reference of Valencianmodernism. Work of the Valencian architect Miguel Colomina, the building emerges as a milestone in the two-way confluence, allowing all rooms have access to the large terraces with the best views over the city and Turia gardens, V... More

Project • By Sim-Plex Design StudioPrivate Houses

Bay House

Sim-Plex has maximised the limited space of a 503 sq.ft apartment in Hong Kong, by wrapping up the existing bay window with adjustable wooden cabinetry and furniture. The descent scenery of the surrounding was framed and created a harmony atmosphere with the interior.   Client inspiration - The surrounding open scenery was flavoured by the client, who is a young couple, and they asked for a flexible arrangement of space which could fully utilised the bay window without obstruction of the scenery. Concept of picture frame - "We want to bring the outer beautiful scenery into the apartment." said Sim-Plex Design Studio. The featured bay window become the spine of the apartment and reinterpreted as a multifunctional picture frame which connecti... More

Project • By Ganna DesignPrivate Houses


The house owner of this project is a couple. Because the host and hostess are all doctors, they are very busy on weekdays. Therefore they hope to have a quiet and elegant residence to relieve fatigue after all-day work. In addition, the owner and his wife like to cook in her spare time, so the need for adequate and spacious dining kitchen space. Besides, this couple likes to cook in their leisure time, so they need a large enough kitchen space. Since the house was just newly built, the condition of the house is good. Also, the house is great square, no fractional spaces, so it’s comparably easy to plan the layout. In addition, despite there is a large window, the view and natural lighting are restricted by the neighboring buildings. Th... More

Project • By Flussocreativo Design StudioShops

Macelleria Consolini

The project of Consolini Equine Butcher begins with a story made of tradition, quality and innovation as well. Always reference point for its citizens and not only them, Consolini Butcher claims a distinctive culture in serving great value gastronomic products. One of most popular is Travagliatina: a high-quality piece of horse meat boasting a trademark related to its specific flash of meat, distinguishing it for its properties and taste.These have been the foundation to rebuild and reintroduce a 2.0 version of this excellence in Brescia.With the aim to remain faithful to a culinary world of strong iconic references and values of the traditional butcher, the local planning has thus led to the development of a highly functional furnitur... More

Project • By Studio MohenjodaroPrivate Houses

Residence 2105

Reminiscent of an older, simpler era, yet contemporary in spirit, Residence 2105 is essentially an extension to an existing residence. Initially designed keeping in mind a family of four, with time, as the family grew, a need was felt to expand the space to include two more bedrooms. The new construction was visualised as part of the first floor of the residence, which ultimately was designed to include a living, dining and kitchen space, turning the first-floor space into a comfortable, warm abode. The clients wanted to retain the old structure, being familiar and comfortable with the way they interacted with the functional spaces daily. And though the decision made economical sense, it also turned out to be the main challenge. The decisio... More

Project • By Ganna DesignPrivate Houses


1.【Background of the Residents】   The house owner of this project is a couple. The host of the house is an engineer and the hostess is a lawyer. They have two small children. The original house is too small to accommodate their friends, especially on the weekends, so they need a large enough common area whose style can be generally accepted by most of people.2.【Original House Situation】 Located in the suburb of Taipei city, the house of this project has green window view, with plenty of natural light. The quiet and undisturbed environment inspires the designer to design this project. l  Advantages:It’s a great squared space. There are not so many marginal spaces, so it’s easier to do spatial planning. The large... More