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Project • By STOPROCENT ArchitekciHousing

Intimate estate in Łomianki, PL

INTRODUCTIONThis project presents the concept of a small housing estate at Osiedlowa Street in Łomianki.Each of the three buildings was individualized by applying different finishing materials to the facades. To maintain consistency of the housing estate, it was assumed that one part of the building is plastered white and the other has a ventilated facade. A wooden façade made of Siberian larch in a vertical arrangement of boards was designed, a façade made of STRUKTONIT (or EURONIT) tiles in French brick covering and a façade made of graphite EURONIT boards in classic brick covering. The roofs of all buildings are designed as covered with gray sheet metal for standing seam. Gutters and downpipes are hidden in the build... More

Project • By AR Design StudioPrivate Houses

Creek House

Creek House is a private bespoke new build house located in Bosham, West Sussex, completed in the summer of 2018 by Winchester based architects AR Design Studio. The clients, passionate about design and longstanding active members of the community, came to AR Design Studio in 2015 with a vision for their life-time home in the village. The clients saw potential in this prime location on the periphery of the Bosham estuary, and despite difficult planning constraints, the client’s contemporary vision combined with AR Design Studio’s experience set out to achieve a sensitive design appropriate to the idyllic setting. The site is set within the Chichester Harbour Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Bosham Conservation Area, striving to protec... More

Project • By Bates Masi ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Georgica Cove

A couple with property on a cove overlooking the ocean asked for a house that would be comfortable for just the two of them the majority of the time. However, with their love of entertaining, the house had to grow on busy weekends to accommodate their children, grandchildren, and guests. To instill the desired sense of comfort and peace, it was also important that the design blend with the pastoral setting and vernacular building traditions: predominantly shingle style homes and barns that are often built and added to over time. Historic precedent studies revealed that referencing New England connected farms in an innovative way could achieve both goals. Connected farms aggregated over time, interconnecting multiple buildings with distinct... More

Project • By Blee Halligan ArchitectsResidential Landscape

Five Acre Barn

Aldeburgh is the nearest town to our site, a beautiful place on the Suffolk Coast in the East of England, close to Snape Maltings. We were asked to transform a tired brick barn, which sits in five acres of mixed woodland. Our proposal was for the demolition of an existing 1970’s cottage annexe, replaced by a new building containing five en-suite bedrooms. The roof profile is a very unique undulating form that gives a dynamic shape to the duplex interiors of each room and the entire building is wrapped in cedar shingles Internally, the rooms have generous living, dressing and bathing spaces, with a bedroom accessed from a bespoke staircase. The upgraded 5th bedroom is more generous in scale, with a 6 metre high living space and carefully sel... More

Project • By Egeon ArchitectenPrivate Houses

Villa Rieteiland-Oost

Clear almost mathematically devised private house carried out in wood and glass. Controlled elaboration, consequently carried out in interior and exterior.To the traditional arrangement of living on the ground floor and sleeping on the upper floors a floor is added for working from home. The ground floor has a glass facade with large sliding doors on the garden side, so that the residents can benefit most from the view. The bedroom floor is more open to the inside, the outside more closed. The floor with the office an consultation room has views all-around.The timber frame house is built from fair and sustainable materials, has a heat pump and low temperature underfloor heating, natural ventilation, high insulation values €‹of roof walls an... More

Project • By COLLINS AND TURNERRestaurants

Barangaroo House

Positioned at the southwest extent of the Barangaroo South precinct, Barangaroo House is the outcome of design excellence competition organised by Lendlease and the Barangaroo Delivery Authority, The overarching design strategy was borne of two crucial responses to site and brief: the urban response of a building ‘inthe- round’, and the holistic integration of planting; both edible and ornamental.The curved plan form creates a free-flowing space around the building, encouraging and welcoming movement, while effectively stretching the waterside terraces around the northern and southern faces of the building, A steam-bent charred timber façade gently curves in 3 dimensions, concealing a continuous ring of edible plants and generating a strong... More

Project • By maeder | stooss architekten gmbhResidential Landscape

Transformation of listed farmhouse

The listed farmhouse is situated in the area of Ried, Schmitten (Fribourg). The mandate was to transform the old barn into a residential building.As the building is listed, it was significant to keep the existing roof and rebuild the volume underneath in a way that evoked the language of an old barn. This is strenghend by the use of local materials and building technique which was also very important to the client.The use of big windows and light timber gives the building an open and light-flooded appearence which allows the new house to be lived-in in a contemporary way. More

Project • By multiPlan arhitektiPrivate Houses

House Katarina

A beautiful belvedere…One-family house is located on a superb viewpoint, where the view creates a junction of the interior design in the house: the living room is a theatre room with a projection screen, showing an uninterrupted image of the surrounding hills of Polhograjski Dolomiti and the Ljubljana basin, from the tree canopies to the green meadows and forests. In the context of today’s requirements and preferences, sustainability and continual development guide the design, the living concept is focused on the lifestyle of a modern man, who lives in the heart of nature, in immediate vicinity of the city. More

Project • By MawsonKerr ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Shawm House

The project takes a complex site, challenging brief and budget constraints to produce an elegant, crisp and stimulating building. Deemed in open countryside by the local planning authority and in the curtilage of a listed building it was granted planning permission due to an ‘exceptionally high quality of design’. The house consists of a timber frame new build which links to a small existing stone stable block. These elements along with the new timber framed outbuilding are ‘anchored’ to the existing stone wall which acts as a shield to the prevailing winds and an axis between the new builds.The design is contextually driven with a simple barn like form, locally sourced materials and framed views. One is aware of the countryside a... More

Project • By PURAS arkitekterPrivate Houses

Light House

Situated by the North Sea, near fjords, lakes and dunes, this holiday home interacts with its natural environment and integrates qualities of simple living. In keeping with Nordic design traditions are its closeness to nature, its use of light, and its airy openness. The warm wood surfaces against clean white and sharp edges, combined with modern Danish furniture classics, create a calm and relaxed atmosphere that breaks the boundary between indoor and outdoor life.The wooden deck is designed with several corners and spaces that offer shade, shelter or a place in the sun – be it spring, summer or fall.Light house consist a entrance, a main bath room with a view and bathtub, main bedroom with a view, a kitchen/living room, a corridor with do... More

Project • By D.A architectesPrivate Houses

Casa Boipeba 02

Located on the island of Boipeba in Brazil, this summer house with simple volumes and raw materials, results from a work on porosity between inside and outside.Materials are simple and rustic, concrete for the structure, wooden slats for the blackout parts and concrete cobogos to filter view and light on gables.Circulations are made by external peripheral corridors leading from the night part to the day part. More

Project • By KIAS (Kentaro Ishida Architects Studio)Private Houses

Four Leaves Villa

The villa is located in a forest in Karuizawa, Nagano prefecture of Japan. The privately owned villa is designed to accommodate its owner and their friends in the rich natural environment at a mountain retreat 150km away from Tokyo.In order to acquire specific natural scenery and light environment, each living function faces its own desired orientation. Living and dining space faces south-east for a brighter living environment while master bedroom and bathroom faces west offering private scenery of the forest. These living functions are assembled into 3 interconnected volumes that are placed on site among the pre-existing trees.In order to form variable cross section suitable for each function, roofs were designed as curved surface like a g... More

Project • By SANTOS Y MERA ARQUITECTOS S.L.P.Community Centres

Salcedo Social Center

A new social center was required on the heart of Salcedo, a little village close to the city of Pontevedra. The plot, an ancient tip with an adjacent park, is at a lower level than the walls of the cemetery which surround it. On the other side of the road access, located to the west, an industrial structure appears. On this context, we place the new building on the north part of the plot, trying to take advantage of the orientation, making easier the relation with the adjacent little park.  In this cluttered and confused environment, we propose a refuge, a wood in small forest cabin, a palisade that filters views but at the same time makes it very open, very permeable to the nearby environment and especially to the square and the adjac... More

Project • By bergmeisterwolf ArchitektenCommercial Landscape

perathoner wood carvings

a pure wooden cube, shaped by carving, becomes the central theme of the project. The new construction re-interprets the antique wood carving tradition of the gardena valley. Bending, carving and engraving, openings and color variations generate movement, making the volume look as a large wooden sculpture. the wooden shingle surface covers a triangle-based bearing structure. The triangle and bending system is underlined with the rainwater gutters. The Visual and emotional perception of this element is present both indoors and outdoors. More

Project • By Meta-ProjectPavilions

Stage of Forest

Stage of Forest,located at Songhua Lake Resort in Ji Lin,issituated on a hillside between the forest and the slope.The site is surrounded by luscious greenery in summer and covered by an overwhelming white snow in winter.As is a delicate site for a “Land(scape) Mark”, one whose indefinite programming demands a careful degree of deliberation. The location and triangle shape of the “stage” was only determined after precise examination and deduction of the site condition, to minimize the impact forthe existing vegetation and to maximize the view on the platform.While sitting on the hill, it is facing the Songhua lake at a distance, who is famous for the rime in its surrounding areas.As one descends from the mountain top, the “Stage” rises slow... More