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Project • By Fiddes ArchitectsResidential Landscape


The Wooden House lies in an area called "Gellan", Banchory in the beautiful Royal Deeside, Scotland. The design incorporates elements reminiscent of older agricultural buildings common in the area. The dwelling comprises of natural cladding materials with both a rusty Cor-Ten and grey corrugated roof. An L-shaped plan provides generous accommodation and living spaces whilst keeping the buildings footprint to a minimum and allowing for a secluded area to be formed in the garden. David Barbour The main body of the house, running North to South with a 45º roof pitch and roof windows, makes up the primary accommodation and living spaces. A formal lounge protrudes from this to the west and takes advantage of the evening sun using a g... More

Project • By Bernardes ArquiteturaPrivate Houses

Pipa House

Pipa House was developed as a prototype by Bernardes Arquitetura, in partnership with a construction company and a couple of entrepreneurs, who wanted to build a product that could be replicated and sold in modules to other clients, generating a fast work experience, with guaranteed deadlines, energy efficiency and technological control. Ruy Teixeira Ruy Teixeira The house was designed for building efficiency through an industrialized system that allowed its rapid execution and very low waste production. Its structural system in glued laminated eucalyptus wood (glulam) makes the house adaptable to different sites, allowing its reproduction in numerous slope variations while providing a great diversity of composition and the possi... More

Project • By Bernardes ArquiteturaPrivate Houses

JCA House

JCA House is a summer residence in Bahia, which would also be used with some frequency during other seasons of the year. A house to walk around barefoot, with a contemporary spatial organization without losing the regional essence. The house is built on a large wooden platform raised from the ground. On it, two independent volumes receive part of the program: in the smaller block are located the master suite, kitchen, pantry and toilet; in the largest block, five suites. A large gable roof and a rectangular projection unifies the volumes and create new spaces with large ceilings that give way to the living and dining rooms in addition to the circulation galleries. In the basement are located other service rooms and an intimate room with ho... More

Project • By NarrativA architectenPrivate Houses

Eco, biobased villa near Amsterdam, Netherlands

The house has been designed according to the sustainable principles of biobased, ecological construction. In the design and construction of this house, we carefully looked at the orientation, the sun and the usual wind direction (for example, for the possibilities for night ventilation). The sun has a lot of influence on the shape and the layout. The house is constructed from a vapour permeable timber frame construction system, delivered on site as prefabricated elements. All the insulation materials above the ground are natural. Martijn Heil The plots are relative small in this project. The neighbouring home is relative close by and provide much shade in winter. The clients have therefore chosen not to create a roof overhang on... More

Project • By Jimmi Pianezzola ArchitettoPrivate Houses

A Rural Odyssey

CBS  A Rural Odyssey.Straw-bale and Wooden House.In this second built straw-bale project of the office, I proposed a traditional house with a twist.The construction is set as a NZEB building for a family with two little red hair babies.After several alternatives this is the final pattern. An ABAB sequence of spaces.   Also in this case the four elements are considered as part of the process. Conditions were slightly different from the previous one, so the design is according.   Caldogno is a little town near Vicenza that hosts a Palladio’s villa too. We’re in the outskirts in an open field.The plot was rural and disposable. The new building is close to the family house.   Some of the more ancient const... More

Project • By Chiara Armando DesignPrivate Houses

IL Cielo In Ogni Stanza – The Sky In Every Room

Special mention for this project received in January 2017,  at the side of the great names of Italian Architecture, such as Michele De Lucchi (AMDL), Alfonso Femia (5 + 1), Mario Cucinella and Matteo Thun, for the competition “Architettura in Legno ” organized by Lingus, the Italian National Association of Prefabricated Wooden Houses and IN / ARCH - National Institute of Architecture, to reward the best wooden architecture produced in Italy in the last 10 years. Respect for the context, environmental sustainability, structural lightness, “zero bills” management were the objectives. A new volume in green building in class A +, compact outside, fragmented in... More

Project • By Studio SuidoShops


This project is a plan to relocate "Ranran, a specialty ice and potato shop" in Ibaraki, Osaka.   The existing shop in the shopping street will be relocated to a single wooden house where the owner's family used to live. And the house was renovated and turned into a new store. When designing the store, we put great importance on the wishes of the customers to be welcomed in a space with Ran-Ran's unique style.   Their main dish is the "Daigaku-Imo, Japanese candied sweat potatoes". The sweet potatoes they use were carefully selected after comparing more than 100 varieties of sweat potatoes from all over Japan.  In addition, after more than 20 years of trial and error, they have established a unique taste and cooking metho... More

Project • By Archimontage Design Fields SophisticatedPrivate Houses

Phetchaburi house

In the heart of Phetchaburi city and not far from Khao Wang, this house is situated between a wooden house and an apartment in a socially diverse environment with school, market and temple nearby. When looking from the top of Khao Wang, the house looks totally outstanding and out of place because of its size and form. This plot of 247.5 square wah land has a long, thin shape with 15 meters wide and 66 meters long. It contains a three-storey residential home for five family members with 962 square meters utility space. There is no housemaid quarter. The house faces to south. The width of the street in front of the property is 12 meters. The family moved from a typical townhouse to the more open space with stunning back view towards the pala... More

Project • By Integrated Field co.,ltd.Student Housing

KLOEM Hostel

KLOEM literally means to be in a dreamy state or half-awake state which represents the feeling of enjoying that moment so much you hardly know if it is real or just a dream.)   Bangkok city is one of the most popular tourism cities and it has been changing so fast to response with growing numbers of visitors. Many developments have turned the small residential area into dense commercial district. Phayathai district has become one of those areas. And with the existing of the Airport Rail Link station that brings visitors from the Suvarnabhumi Airport to right there, in the middle of the city, it makes this area one of the welcoming gate for all visitors and becomes the URBAN FACADE that will give the rough image representing our city.... More

Project • By BodinChapa ArchitectsBars

Tamarind Bistro and Music House

Tamarind  bistro and music house is the renovation of 2 old wooden houses with over 50 years old , which is located in Chiangrai, to be desirable location at a various times by selecting it to be the cafe & restaurant in the middle of the day and a music house at night. The challenge of the design is to use less of the construction's budget with the best value and can change the aspect of Chiangrai people that still familiar with a scary old wooden houses into an interesting area , as well as being able to bring a group of people with various ages to efficiency use the area since the original area was an old wooden building with over 50 years old , causing the internal and external conditions quite shabby and decay over the time .... More

Project • By TSC ArchitectsOffices

Inayoshi Office

It is a complex use building of office and housing in Nissin city, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. The client is a construction company specializing in "wooden house" while long rooted in local.   There are three major things that I felt to have to realize when I proceeded with this project. ①To be a building that will become a landmark in the area. ②The way of thinking about "house making" is appearing in architecture. ③A house where the client after retirement can live peacefully as their final abode.   First of all, in order to eliminate the feeling of oppression to the city, only one side of the building is not a facade, but two 9.1 m × 9.1 m squared volumes are shifted, It was a moderate appearance. However, all the ext... More

Project • By Atelier MimaPrivate Houses


The house is located at the end of the suburban fabric, on the edge of an undergrowth. The architectural proposal takes advantage of this situation and forms both a boundary, as the end of the suburban sprawl; and a staging of the bucolic environment: from the outside by the integration of a mass of wood as a «backdrop» for the surrounding plants; and from the inside with generous and varied framing. The project attempts to exploit a contradiction: a textured and folded volume housing a combination of generous, fluid and layered spaces. The composition of the interior spaces takes advantage of a volumetric overlapping of the rooms allowing the amplification of the volumes and the staging of the bucolic environment. For this, a... More

Project • By Giancarlo Zema Design GroupVillages

Palm Village

Palm Village is a new concept of hospitality on the water: an innovative and poetic resort in the Maldives designed by the Italian architect Giancarlo Zema, famous for its emotional architecture on the water, in collaboration with EcoResorts by Marlegno specialized in the construction of wooden houses and ecological resorts. The engineering of the structures and systems is carried out by Sarti Engineering which has been carrying out important works all over the world for years. Inspired by the forms of nature, each suite of the Palm Village overlooks the sea thanks to large windows, like telescopes facing the horizon, developing on a 7x14 m platform wrapped in an ideal palm leaf folded on itself, a sort of pergola architectural that brings... More

Project • By Eri Sumitomo ArchitectsPrivate Houses

House in Hayama

A small wooden house for a couple in Hayama, Japan where is surrounded by a rich natural environment. The project was developed in collaboration with ENJOYWORKS, which develops its own construction method for housing. Users can plan inside the timber structure box freely. Based on that condition, we deepened our thinking of partition within the outline determined by the required number of square meters. This brought us to the concept of inserting a 'curtain' - curved surface - in contrast to a simple box. The ‘curtain’, which is made of acrylic panels and hemlock grids, crosses the north and south and tilts the upper end slightly. So that the first floor centred on the atrium and the second floor, which is a continuation of sma... More

Project • By FORMPrivate Houses

Suzdal Dacha

The house is located in the heart of Suzdal town on the bank of Kamenka river. Ensemble should preserve the history of the estate that existed here as well as become an important part of the town’s panorama that opens from the Pokrovsky Monastery walls on the opposite bank. The point of renovation was to define the building’s merits as well find a place for artistic expression. This is how the concept of dense “original” building was created. Wooden houses are delicately united with a modern structure. The building is merged into the town’s skyline although it subtly stands out with its light contemporary forms. They shine through the gaps between “historic” facades either with the arrowslit-like w... More