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Project • By van der ArchitectsOffices

Hoegh Autoliners

We were approached by this shipping company as they had seen our work and wanted something different for their offices as well. During our first meeting we talked about the influence of Covid and how it would require a new work style. We talked about that the office expresses what a company stands for, that an office provides a sense of belonging to their employees which goes beyond the purely functional needs. As they had operated for over a year working mainly from home, they decided to reduce the size of their office space. They would move to a much smaller space, located at in a corner of the very large Mori Toranomon Hills Tower, with excellent views over Tokyo. Their brief asked for a Futuristic Office Space, that reflected their Norw... More

Project • By IwamotoScott ArchitectureOffices

Twitch HQ

The new Twitch HQ occupies eight floors of the new 350 Bush building in downtown San Francisco. Video gaming being at the center of Twitch's universe, we started the conceptual design approach with an initial round of design research and studies reinterpreting the characters, patterns and spaces of early video games. These studies informed both the macro and micro scale design solutions for the new HQ space. Bruce Damonte  sculptural central communication stair ascends from the ground level reception lobby. The stair starts out as tube-like portal that employees and visitors alike enter through. The stair, defined by a black metal outer jacket and warm wood inner liner, opens up as it rises, connecting the main amenity and visito... More

Project • By IwamotoScott ArchitectureOffices

Pinterest HQ

The new Pinterest headquarters is inspired by the redesign of the company's web platform — clean, simple, intuitive. One design goal was to create a space somewhat open-ended and slightly incomplete – so as to allow for interventions and installations by the Pinterest employees over time (continuing the strong D.I.Y. aspect of the company culture present since the early days). Another key concept that guided the project’s space-making concerns the notion and act of knitting (another core value/ethic of the company). In the design of the space, we explored how knitting could be interpreted in different ways – for instance, how the project could spatially ‘knit’ together the various communities within Pinte... More

Project • By IwamotoScott ArchitectureOffices

Pinterest NYC

Pinterest's NYC offices (PINYC) are located on two floors of a building across the street from the New York Public Library on 5th Ave – a fortuitous adjacency, as the NYPL’s Picture Library (a catalogued repository of photos) was an initial inspiration for Pinterest for one of the founders. Bruce Damonte The workspace design takes cues from the recently revised Pinterest website – clean, clear and simple.  The program includes: open Workspace, Meeting Rooms, an All Hands/Dining/Commons, Multi-Purpose Room, Pantry, Library, Work Lounges and a Roof Terrace. One of the key programmatic elements of the design brief for the space involved the creation of a central communication stair linking the two workspace levels... More

Project • By IwamotoScott ArchitectureOffices

Heavybit Industries

Heavybit Industries is a co-working space designed for early stage companies making cloud software developer products. The Heavybit program curates, fosters and promotes innovation and solution-finding through invited presentations, public events, education, advising, and inter-developer collaboration. The client brief aimed to transform the existing former warehouse into a collaborative workspace. This includes on the first floor a large kitchen, collective dining area for daily catered lunches that could double for speaker presentations, conference room, bike storage, and informal work areas; and on the two upper floors an open array of desks, comfortable and intimate meeting areas, bar height workspace and conference rooms. The client al... More

Project • By One SpaceOffices

KPMG China

This ‘Big Four’ management consultancy firm selected One Space from a highly competitive field of design professionals to not only design their new offices, but to co-lead a business reengineering exercise that would establish a new ‘Workplace of the Future’ paradigm, embracing a broad spectrum of inherent workstyles already present in the organisation. We were responsible for formulating a progressive Workplace Strategy and for the full scope of Workplace Design-to-Delivery services. Graham Uden Designed to accommodate about 3,300 staff in phases across a multi-premises ‘Metroplan’ platform, the first project was completed and occupied in November 2019 over 9 floors at South Island Place, a brand n... More

Project • By MIXDOffices

Echo Investment Office

The design of the Echo Investment office in Warsaw directly relates to the nature of the investor's activity - the development industry - and areas related to construction: including architecture, design and urban planning. Particular emphasis was placed on the scale of investment activities carried out by the company (the biggest Polish developer) and on the unlimited possibilities of creation in the area of ​​city building.  Studio Pion The main inspiration for the project was the film "Inception" directed by Christopher Nolan. Its main plot unfolds on increasingly deeper levels of sleep, each stage of which has been carefully planned by architects, often clearly against the laws of physics. Hence the idea for the first thing t... More

Project • By MIXDOffices


The Codelab and umlaut companies, in their Szczecin office, work primarily with clients from the automotive industry. The software they create makes the automotive technology work perfectly, allowing you to enjoy the best while driving: speed, a sense of freedom and readiness to explore new places. While designing their office, MIXD made sure that the experience of the work space is as pleasant as a journey in a comfortable car. "The very location of the Posejdon building suggested the use of the travel theme in the project - after all, the Port Gate is the heart of Szczecin, and at the same time the place from which you set off into the world! What was most important for us, however, was to set out on this journey together. The decisive f... More

Project • By OPENBOOK ArchitectureOffices

KPMG Portugal

KPMG's new headquarters in Lisbon, designed by OPENBOOK Architecture, aims to reinforce brand culture and foster innovation through collaboration. A space that welcomes employees and clients to KPMG’s world, reflecting its confidence and commitment to quality and consistency.    With around 900 employees, spread over 8 floors and a total area of approximately 10,000 m2, the workplace is made up of various types of spaces that adjust to the different needs of employees, ranging from open spaces, offices, meeting rooms, creative rooms and team work areas to Lounges, Coffee points, conference rooms and training rooms.   By encouraging a natural sense of movement through a flow strategically designed for this purpose, e... More

Project • By Huntsman Architectural GroupOffices

Confidential Financial Industry Client ​- NY

Having outgrown their previous location, this tech-focused global equity team desired a space for employees to thrive, while communicating the high caliber of their investment services to visiting international clients. The response is a hospitality-infused environment that uses a restrained palette and innovative lighting to create a variety of moods. In open work areas, limited ceiling heights were cleverly addressed by encasing structural beams and adding up-lit ceiling coves to create the perception of height.  Glass-front perimeter offices provide access to daylight, which, along with a choice of work settings, allows employees to consistently produce their best work. A café is positioned as a central social hub a... More

Project • By One SpaceOffices

RKH Specialty

This 9,750 SF agile work environment in Causeway Bay Hong Kong brings together on one large floorplate FP Marine Risks and Howden Insurance Brokers, sister companies under the Hyperion Insurance Group, which is the world’s largest employee-owned insurance business.   Although these teams had largely worked together in the same premises for a few years, this relocation project would present an unprecedented opportunity to tailor-make a revitalised home that would support a more integrated business operation and generate synergies previously untapped.   The floorplate is a large, ‘square doughnut’ with lift lobby access delivering guests to the side offering excellent views over Victoria Harbour. This allowed t... More

Project • By arkpabiApartments


This project includes a commercial space at street level and a house suspended and divided in two floors, the particular residence of an artist. Even if the volumes, for the mayority glazed, are "regular and orthogonal", "illuminate an explosive combination" say the architects. The thin columns create the impression of a dynamic relationship between volumes. The coating is realized of anodized aluminium panels covered with polyurethane. A solution that create a contrast between black and red surfaces. The architects are looking fir the "dematerialization" of what is still a geometric vocabulary, despite the many surprises that incite design. The lower glazed volume has internal mirror surfaces that contrast with the oak floors. On the upper... More

Project • By OPENBOOK ArchitectureOffices

Deloitte Hub

The challenge with Deloitte’s office in Lisbon was to redesign and generate new workspace solutions that could promote an upgrade and improvement on the quality of the current workspace. All of this, while encouraging a general increase in productivity and innovation, through the use of new work environments, both within the framework of customer relations as well as internally, with work teams. Without breaking with the organized reading of space, elements that add dynamism and spatial tension were introduced, through the placement of various plants, which given their organic and unconventional designs suggest movement and communication between different spaces, or through the careful use of colour, to emphasize punctual situations.&n... More

Project • By IwamotoScott ArchitectureOffices

Obscura Digital HQ

IwamotoScott designed this renovation of a 36,000sf 1940s warehouse in San Francisco's Dogpatch neighborhood, housing the headquarters for Obscura Digital and the offices of IwamotoScott Architecture.   Obscura Digital, a ten year old well-recognized immersive and interactive media company, recently relocated from their former headquarters in a warehouse on Bryant Street. The project called for innovative strategies regarding construction techniques and material selection to meet the very strict budget and schedule constraints while still offering a unique design that reflects the company’s cutting-edge artistic ethos.   Obscura’s work involves design, r&d, fabrication and installation across a range of digital... More