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Project • By ZJACar Parks

Underground parking garage Brinklaan, Apeldoorn

A beautiful and ambitious plan envisioned a rigorous change: a parking lot besides a busy road was to be transformed into a park, right in the middle of central Apeldoorn. It required the construction of an underground parking garage, a low-traffic area, new bicycle paths and a prominent role for the local brook, The Grift, that after a long time was to be brought above ground again. OKRA landscape architects designed a city park, the Catherina Amalia Park, that adds a green gateway to the inner city and creates a space to meet and mingle for different groups of residents and visitors. Under this city park in Apeldoorn, architectural studio ZJA designed a two-story parking garage with a capacity for 240 cars. During the weekends the garage... More

Project • By ZJACar Parks

Pontsteigergarage, Amsterdam

Along the water Just west of Amsterdam’s Central Station a new extension of Amsterdam is being built. Of the three Houthavens (Timberdocks), the middle one is being transformed into a residential area. The Pontsteiger building is the 90-meter high icon that functions as the landmark of this development. It is a robust, square building towering above the water in a bend of the river IJ. A dam connects the building to the Tasmanstraat. The entrance to the two underground parking garages is also to be found on this dam. One garage serves the residents and users of the Pontsteiger building, the other one is a municipal parking with a capacity of 277 cars for permit holders in the Tasman neighbourhood. This one, the Pontsteiger parking ga... More

Project • By ZJATunnels

Blankenburg connection, Rotterdam

Hidden highway near Rotterdam The Blankenburg connection (A24) designed by the architectural office ZJA is a new motorway between the A20 and A15. The road is hidden in a recessed container, dives underneath the Aalkeetpolder through a land tunnel and through a deep tunnel under the river Het Scheur. On the north side, the Blankenburg connection connects to the A20 via a recessed junction. On the south side, the new road connects to the A15 in a junction with a number of new flyovers. To integrate the motorway and service buildings On the north side of the Nieuwe Waterweg and Het Scheur, in the valuable and vulnerable peat meadow landscape of the Aalkeetpolder, the design assignment is to integrate the motorway and service buildings into... More

Project • By ZJASports Centres

Sports Hall Stadsbroek, Assen

Sportsfacility in a green landscape Just outside the centre of the city of Assen, to the southwest, one finds the Asser woods, and right next to it lies Stadsbroek, a recreational area with some of the main sports facilities of the city. Football pitches, a swimming pool, a velodrome and a sportsfacility, that opened in 2012 and was designed by the architectural studio ZJA. The objective was rather modest, one big hall for the students of nearby schools to accommodate their lessons in physical education. During the weekends and evenings amateur indoor sports clubs would use it. The additional functions are minimal: toilets, dressing rooms, an entrance lobby and a janitor’s space, and storage for the goalposts, gymnastic equipment an... More

Project • By ZJABridges

N206 Tjalmaweg, Katwijk - Leiden

Adapted to the landscape The provincial road N206 stretches from Leiden to the coast, cutting through the open landscape of the former military airbase Valkenburg and Katwijk. As part of the so-called Rijnland-route that connects the city with the A44 and the A4, there is a need to renovate and widen the road. With a large residential extension planned at Valkenburg, the provincial authority considers it a high priority to ensure that the infrastructure is integrated as green as possible. The widened N206, the new bus lanes and the new high-speed bicycle paths have to be designed in a way that adapts to the landscape and causing as little harm as possible. The design that the architectural office ZJA and Bosch Slabbers landscape architects... More

Project • By ZJAPump stations

Locks in the Leie, Harelbeke

A new lock Flowing from France towards the Schelde near Gent, the river Leie encounters less and less drop beyond Kortrijk, shaping the characteristic Flemish landscape with its cities and villages along its wooded, meandering banks through the centuries. In the last twenty years the river has been straightened and deepened in many places to enable larger ships to reach Rijsel. As part of the project to establish an inland shipping connection for the largest ships from the river Schelde to the Seine near Paris, a new and bigger lock in Harelbeke has been built. To restore the relationship with the river In collaboration with landscape architect Bureau Bas Smets, architects ZJA signed for the design of the new situation, in which the nece... More

Project • By ZJASports Centres

Sports park Heizelplateau, Brussel

A green sports park in a new city district In the north of the Belgian capital Brussels, in between the famous Atomium in the Ossegempark and the Koning Boudewijn Stadium one finds a diverse array of attractions, sports fields and other public buildings that are to be transformed into the SportPark Heizelplateau. The area is located among busy highways in a sloping city landscape. The key figure in the design by the architectural office ZJA in collaboration with Omgeving Landschapsarchitecten is a new building with organically curved features and a sloping green roof. The lay out of the area surrounding the building is a clear indicator of the idea behind SportPark Heizelplateau: its objective is to integrate the sporting facilities in an... More

Project • By ZJACar Parks

Parking garage and city square Houtmarkt, Kortrijk

From parking lot to city square Bordering the historical city centre of the city of Kortijk in Western Flanders are two parks, Begijnhofpark and Stadspark. Right in between those two parks lays the Houtmarkt, formerly a place where visitors to the inner city and the health care centre St Vincentius parked their cars. The new parking garage that architects ZJA has designed in collaboration with SBE not only houses 170 cars but also offered the opportunity to build an inviting city square. What used to be a dreary parking lot is now a green square. OKRA Landscape Architects was responsible for the lay out of the new Houtmarkt and by means of paths that vary in width and follow flowing lines, they created a square that has a spacious and com... More

Project • By ZJABridges

Renovation Royers Lock, Antwerp

An old but important lock Hundred and twelve years ago Royers Lock was put into use and right from the start proved to be one of the busiest and most important locks in the port of Antwerp. Since these days the port has seen a tempestuous growth, and seagoing ships have more and more trouble fitting into the lock. The Albert canal, onto which the lock gives access, is in need of thorough renovation to adapt to the ever-larger tonnage modern inland shipping uses. This does not mean Royers Lock has become obsolete. Quite the contrary, to inland shipping its importance as a junction is still growing and that requires a larger and completely new and generously sized lock. Another reason for this is the sharp bend in the river Schelde, with mor... More

Project • By ZJAStadiums

Stadium for ADO, The Hague

A landmark for The Hague Since the summer of 2007, approaching the city of The Hague by car means having your eyes drawn to a familiar landmark: the billowing silhouette of the ADO stadium with its robust, angular lighting masts. The stadium strikes a bold and somewhat tough pose, it seems. The light reflects on the aluminium citadel, as it radiates strength and daring. The high glass facade in front of the atrium counters this impression, as does the interruption in the lining of the roof and the irregular distribution of windows. These are the inviting and playful elements added to the home of The Hague’s football club. Experience is number one When the club left its old home in the Zuiderpark the fans feared a loss of atmosphere... More

Project • By ZJABridges

A11- Bruges

The integrated approach Between Bruges’ seaport and the city of Bruges itself we find the famous polder landscape of Western Flanders. Villages and farm fields, intersected by ditches, rivers and canals, are surrounded by the expanding port, industrial complexes and motorways. Architects ZJA and landscape architect Bart Smets provided the design and concept for the integration of the new A11 motorway along with all its civil engineering works that connect the hinterland directly to the seaport of Zeebrugge. The basic principle in this was an integrated approach, aiming for an optimum in several ways and prioritizing the beneficial coherence of all elements involved. A four-lane motorway, featuring an elevated roundabout, tunnels, a... More

Project • By ZJAAquaducts

Weguitbreiding A1/A6 Diemen – Almere Havendreef

Between Amsterdam and Almere It seems an odd question: is it possible to drastically improve the infrastructure of the northern part of the Randstad, between Diemen and Almere, and at the same time preserve the Dutch landscape and improve ecological values? The question becomes even more odd when one realizes that this entails a stretch of motorway of 23 kilometers, where extra lanes are added to the A1 and A6 and some 50 structures including bridges, ecoducts, bicycle tunnels, fly overs and even an aquaduct leading under a river are part of the plan. And yet, one can conclude that the answer to this odd question can be a resounding yes. This complex infrastructural landscape is part of a larger project to improve the connection between S... More

Project • By ZJASports Centres

Sports Centre Almere

Sports in a new city Almere Poort is fast growing section of the city, close to the Hollandse Brug and the banks of the IJ lake. The volleyball and basketball clubs of Almere both play in the top leagues and to meet international standards a new state of the art sports facility was called for. When passing along the motorway A6 one can see the powerful silhouette of the sports centre designed by architects ZJA. Its curved facade is adapted to meet the requirements that sports venues and stands demand. The building houses a modern indoor sports arena where 3.000 people can watch basketball and volleyball games, as well as handball and indoor football matches. It is complemented by skyboxes, offices and a cafeteria. Next to the arena is a... More

Project • By ZJABridges

Bicycle bridge, Wetteren

The countryside and the rivers In order to innovate and optimize the inland shipping connection Antwerp-Paris, also called the Schelde-Seine Course, bridges all over Belgium and France are being replaced, channels deepened, banks relocated, and quays renewed. This is also the case where the river Schelde runs through the town of Wetteren. The old footbridge that connected the two parts of town, needed to be replaced by a new one that met the demands of higher vertical clearance. Wetteren on the Schelde The new bicycle bridge at Wetteren is aligned with the choir of the St Gertrudis Church and the market square. This has all to do with the ambitious development of the centre of town, branded Wetteren on the Schelde. A new complex of multi... More

Project • By ZJABridges

The bicycle and pedestrian bridge, Sittard-Geleen

The bicycle and pedestrian bridge over the railway line Sittard-Geleen, a design by architects ZJA, intends to simplify and increase contacts between the city, business park Fortuna and sports area Limburg. The bridge not only lies firmly embedded in the green roadside scenery along both railroad tracks, but it also has an elegant form and subtle details. The chosen form of the hourglass, for instance, wordlessly invites passers-by to come closer and cross the bridge. The bridge as a connecting linkThe bridge offers a natural and smooth connection to the bike paths from four directions. By basing the design on a reduction of the height of the catenary, the maximum difference in height on accessible surfaces could be reduced to just over th... More