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NewsNews • 16 Jan 2022

Cave-like Zolaism Café offers a sensual and perceptual feel of returning to nature

In Aranya-Qinhuangdao, China, Zolaism Café by B.L.U.E Architecture invites visitors in to escape the pace of the city. With the inclusion of man-made stones that recall the mountains and the seas, the design aims to highlight the ability of architecture to create emotion and memory.  Eiichi Kano The architecture of the cafe is carefully orchestrated to look improvisational. Centred around organic forms, the rocks supporting the cave define three sides of glass enclosures. The different rock column sizes conceal the steel structure that divides the space. Furthermore, private restrooms can be found in two of the stone formations.  Eiichi Kano Chairs and tables are located freely throughout the spaces between the... More