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Project • By MOSO Bamboo ProductsZoos

Orientarium in the Municipal Zoological Garden

During a major modernisation of Łódź Zoo the Orientarium was built, a pavilion in which a Southeast Asian climate has been created, including an underwater tunnel for sharks, rare species of animals and a tropical jungle. In addition to this Łódź Orientarium, the biggest development in the zoo’s history, the modernisation focuses on the visitor access areas and the external appearance of the buildings. MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® Beams have been used here in a creative way. Caption A natural backdrop for the animals The Orientarium was designed by ArC2 Fabryka Projektowa studio, specialists in creating distinctive biotopes. The black façades of the new pavilions are covered with Bamboo X-treme® Beams... More

Project • By ayami takada architectsShowrooms


sparkling world of jewelry in the department store of the station building.This is an experimental attempt to create a legally unrealizable program in a station building. As people's lives change, it is becoming clear that there is a need to change the functions of potential places in various situations. I would like to propose the concept of a multifunctional floor whose usage changes according to the needs of users. More

Project • By Banker WireZoos

El Paso Zoo Cat Adoption Center

At the El Paso Zoo’s Cat Adoption Center, MNK Architects was scoped with creating a fun, colorful, and family-friendly environment where the potential adoptees and cats could have one-on-one encounters. In the renovation of the Cat Adoption Center (previously known as The Asia Exhibit), MNK relied heavily on Banker Wire’s SJD-2 wire mesh pattern to create a key architectural installation that was both functional and decorative, helping realize the overall design scheme and purpose of the Center.Asian motifs underscore the architecture and design of the Cat Adoption Center—a structure that was originally built in the early 1990s. Inspired by the building’s original design, MNK Architects’ renovation built on thi... More

Project • By TerroirZoos

Penguin Parade Visitor Centre

The Penguin Parade on Philip Island is the most visited tourism destination in Victoria, with up to 3800 people every evening coming to see the penguins come ashore in a spectacular but sensitive landscape.  At the same time, Philip Island Nature Parks has become a pre-eminent authority on care for penguins and development of penguin habitat.  The story of the Nature Parks and the new building has been featured in the New York Times. Peter Bennetts John Gollings The new Visitor Centre for the Penguin Parade carries the ambitions of this tourism and conservation program across iconographic, experiential and functional contexts.  The building sits at the nexus between 3 landscapes: dunes, headland and wetland, linkin... More

Project • By Modular Lighting InstrumentsRestaurants

Artis Amsterdam

Artis is the oldest zoo in the Netherlands and one of the oldest zoos of mainland Europe. The ancient zoo contains 27 monumental buildings, most of which are used as enclosures for the animals, making Artis a unique cultural heritage of the 19th century. Modular Lighting Instruments was part of the renovation of dining room which was originally from 1838. We've used pendant lighting to make the dining room look bigger and recessed spotlighting to brighten the sanitary rooms and hallway.   Products used: 2FLAT2C Hipy Lotis Multiple Trimless   Photography: Matthijs van Roon Architect: Vens Architecten   Location: De Plantage More

Project • By Kuth Ranieri ArchitectsZoos

Shishan Park - Rollercoaster Aviary

The Aviary Project is sited in Suzhou’s Lion Mountain Park at the foot of the mountain and on the edge of the lake. A new circular park promenade, 2 kilometers in length connects the Aviary with a variety of existing features and new social and poetic programs. Inspired by traditional Chinese ink paintings, the new form of the aviary, with Lion Mountain behind it, evokes the feeling of layered misty mountain range.A part of a larger master plan and revitalization for Lion Mountain Park in Suzhou China, this Aviary Project repurposes an abandoned rollercoaster into a 160,000 square-foot aviary. The existing rollercoaster structure is used as an armature to drape a new stainless-steel net enclosure to protect the curated wildlife. A series of... More

Project • By Arc2 architectenZoos

Amazonica Dome Rotterdam Zoo

Diergaarde Blijdorp is about to gain a new attraction in a new South-America themed zone of the zoo. The structure will enclose a complete biotope of flora and fauna: a tropical rain forest with a river, reptiles, turtles and butterflies. The roof is built as a timber-framed geodesic dome with an infill of transparent, air-filled dual layer foil. Amazonica Dome Rotterdam Zoo, the Netherlands by Arc2 architecten and Adviesbureau Lüning, GeoDomeDesign. More