Christine Jetten
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Christine Jetten

Consultant from Cederstraat 42, s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

The raw materials for the ceramics designs are mainly clay and glaze. Sometimes combined with other materials. Important is catching the light and shadow which will give a playful interaction between material form and surface with light, addition and omission.

It is Christine Jetten's second nature to differentiate between levels of:
conscious and unconscious, reality and idea, form and meaning
This process often leads her to unexpected revelations that fuels enthusiasm for further investigation.

She is frequently commissioned by well-known architect's firms at (inter)national level and works in close co-operation with the ceramic industry and with the automotive industry (
She bridges the gap between the architect and the ceramic manufacturers (between art and technical possibilities).

Commissioned by architect's firms and executed in co-operation with the ceramic industry at home and abroad.

In a number of projects ceramic elements have been added in order to forge a connection with the historic ambience (AIG London, CNOOC Beijing, Davies Street, London), in others because it made it possible to impart to the façade a particular experiential value (Museum of Arts and Design New York, The Atlantic Center Fort Lauderdale in Florida, Huaneng headquarters in Beijing, Sky Tower Hotel in Amsterdam, Hyatt Hotel Frankfurt, Park Avenue Office in Madison NJ USA).
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